The Friday Five


  1. lost, it sucks to loose, Stoops is still a great coach, Gresham and Bradford should both go to the NFL, my Sooners are ranked #6 in B-ball…  Defeat should never be a source of discouragement but rather a fresh stimulus.”
  2. If you are not signed up on Twitter or TokBox, you should be.  Follow me on Twitter here!
  3. If you have linked BigIsTheNewSmall to your blog; let me know so I can add you to my blogroll.
  4. Looking forward to B-ball kicking back off for my sons this weekend… little league b-ball is comical.
  5. This is the 2nd. week of the “I love My Church” series; I will be hanging out at the Internet Campus this weekend for a bit, you should stop by.

Share your random Friday thoughts!  Don’t forget to let me know if I need to show you some LinkLuv and add you to my blogroll!

Thanks for reading & Have a blessed weekend!  Transcend The Isms…

  • Making sure comments were not jacked up… testing!

  • Scott, Just started following your blog great stuff man… Keep it coming! some LinkLuv would be great also.

  • Did I mention that aliens among us is showing renewed signs of life? Then again, you never took me off yer blogroll, so I guess I'm just pimpin. (grin) Sorry about yer football team. My wife follows that stuff. You football geeks are weird. (grin)

  • Congratulations on a great football year. You guys came to win, and it was obvious. Honestly, I'm impressed with your team's tenacity and how well they played. I had no idea they would score like they did and hang in there with Florida. Impressive. Tebow, and possibly some others, are coming back for another shot at the BCS title.

  • Jim

    I read your blog off Bloglines. My blog is I like what you have going on here. Let's keep it going.

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