10 Leadership Lessons From a Panhandler

ph3I pulled up to the stoplight as usual and there he was… that he that I’m referring to was the panhandler!  There is a different panhandler at this intersection every morning; however it was something about this panhandler that took me to school.  In other-words this panhandler began to dish out some really valuable leadership/life lessons.  Here are 10 Leadership Lessons From a Panhandler that I learned during a 2 minute stoplight: (He’s not the one pictured in this post)

  1. You never get a second chance to make a first impression (Why should I give to you right now)
  2. Your message needs to be clear and concise (Hungry, Broke, Homeless…)
  3. Respect your clients (Don’t be over bearing)
  4. Persistence Pays (Don’t be to proud to beg and ask… and beg and ask)
  5. Make eye contact (When you look someone in the eyes, you might just see their heart)
  6. Location and Timing (Location and timing are critical, good intersection and during a stoplight)
  7. People follow those with a following (Once one person gives, so will others)
  8. Be Genuine (People can read a phony from a mile away… or even a stoplight away)
  9. Dress for Success (Look the part, dress the part… attire/look does matter)
  10. Be Appreciative and Thank God (“Hungry anything will help, God Bless”)

Share your thoughts on this post?  What lessons have panhandlers taught you?

  • I have definitely experienced the domino effect of giving and watching other cars behind me follow suit. I bet it works in life, too.

  • I think they make more $ than I do 🙂

  • You cannot let pride stop you from doing what you need to do!

  • Mike

    Be responsible for where your money goes. Don’t give a panhandler cash that they can use to feed a drug or alcohol adiction (that’s what most of them are out there for). Offer food, information on where to find a job, or–most importantly–the gospel.

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comments!

  • I’m not going to lie… I have had a hard time with this one (on many levels).

    My lesson: Desperation = Life

  • OK 2 things. First, I love the effect panhandlers have on you aliens. (grin)
    Second, I hope that poor guy can’t read yer blog. It’s people like you that make being homeless hard work! Yer not supposed to have to think! (grin)

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