Hole In The Wall…

hole-in-the-wallWhat comes to mind when you hear the phrase Hole In The Wall…  I’m sure that we all have a relatively similar thoughts; however Hole In The Wall is defined as: A small, very modest, often out-of-the-way place.

In this post, I’m referring to Hole In The Wall Restaurants.  Yesterday, myself and a fairly large group of people had the opportunity to hit several Hole In The Wall restaurants for lunch.  First of all we hit Tim’s Indian Tacos and then our next stop was a little spot called Fried Pies… by the name I’m sure that you can imagine what the sell.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love finding these little hidden jewels we have come to know as Hole In The Wall’s; let me tell you, they have some of the best food.  When I travel I always try to find those Hole In The Wall’s that could literally be the billboard for Campbell’s Soup, if you know what I mean…  “M’m! M’m! Good!  Especially the little soul food restaurants like Florence’s on N.E. 23rd street in Oklahoma City, OK; or burger spots like Dairy Mart in Union City, OK…  I could go on and on with my list both locally and around the country, but that’s the purpose of this post; the purpose is for you to go on and on about your favorite Hole In The Wall’s

Do you like Hole In The Wall Restaurants?  If so, what are some of your favorites (Name, City, Type, Favorite Item…)?

BTW- I will be in Dallas for a couple of days next week for the Innovation 3 Conference; please share your favorite spots in Dallas.

  • My favorite true hole-in-the-wall in Detroit:
    Duly’s Place – simultaneously the world’s best coney dogs and most narrow eating space. The best!

  • Oh, the best hole in the wall I know about is Catfish Corner in Ardmore, OK. Incredible catfish and then El Palacio mexican food as well. It’s fantastic.

  • rebecca

    There is a place in Nashville,TN called Arnold’s. This place has the best home cookin & sweet potato pie in the south!

  • “Los Dos Amigos”
    Pauls Valley, Okla.
    (405) 238-2614


    My wife and I eat there often; it’s the closest thing to authentic Mexican food in this area.

    The tamales are good (minus chili sauce), the ultimate quesadilla (with vegetables), the entomado (with chicken), and/or the bistek.

    The red salsa is spicy, but flavorful.

  • rebecca

    One of my favorite places is Arnold’s Country Kitchen in Nashville,TN. They have the best meat & three in the south and no one, and I mean no one, can touch their sweet potato pie or their collard greens. You gotta get there early or you can’t find a table and you better leave when you get done eating or you will get the evil eye from those walking around with their food.

  • Papa Angelo’s Pizza in Bethany, OK has the best pizza in the world. No joke. Hideaway ins’t even a close second. If you like cheese pizza ask the owner for a Steve Special. They have a lunch special 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $4 and you leave stuffed!

  • If you are in Dallas I cannot more highly recommend Gloria’s. It’s Salvadorian food. Think Latino food with an emphasis on a more island/tropical theme. There are 3 or 4 in Dallas, with the original one south of Downtown being the best.

  • I’ve been to Tim’s several times, and I agree it’s the definition of “hole in the wall”. But it’s good! My husband and I are big fans of VZD’s (on Western in OKC) for a really great burger. And we also love Eischen’s in Okarche, OK. It’s totally worth the 25 minute drive to eat some of the best fried chicken around. Oh and at Eischen’s, there’s no plates or silverware. Just a big roll of paper towels, a basket of chicken and some friend okra. Ignore your diet when you go there!

  • Fried okra. Not friend okra. Just correcting myself. =)

  • Wib’s in Jackson MO, about 2 hours south of St. Louis. It’s a BBQ spot, which sells these really interesting sandwiches, and I guarrantee that you’ve never had anything like it. It’s so popular, that it’s a very lucrative business, being single handedly kepy afloat 6 days a week by local customers. I know people in their 40’s who have childhood memories of Wib’s.

    Then there’s The Flying Fish in Little Rock AR. Not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but they have totally mastered the art of fried catfish, along with many other types of fish. Truly a wonderful place that I hope to visit again.

  • I was introduced to my first Indian taco from the “Hole-In-The-Wall” lunch card. And my first fried pie! I don’t usually try food from places that I don’t already know about, but after this delicious lunch, I think I just might have to try!

  • rebecca

    A Hole In the Wall Update…. last night I ate chinese from the hole in the wall 2 doors down from Tim’s. Pai Wei. It’s cheap, it’s good, and it’s fast!

  • michele

    Rebecca, I wouldnt exactly consider Pei Wei Asian Diner a hole in the wall. Its great cheap and fast but its owned by PF Chang’s and nothing hole in the wall or cheap about that. When I think of HOle in the Wall I think of b recent trip to New Orleans and all that great gumbo comin outa the oldest kitchens in town or when in OK (which my famil is from) and going down to the little spot at the end of town near base for some Korean BBQ.. BTW when are ou going to make another guest appearance at FRC Cooper Cit Pastor Scott? your teaching was great!

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