People Google The Darndest Things

google-bannerRemember that old television show “Kids Say The Darndest Things…”  well I think Google should come up with their own show entitled: People Google The Darndest Things.  I will periodically check my referrals from sitemeter, in order to see how blog visitors arrive at   Let me tell you, people find my blog from searching the most hilarious, ridiculous, sad, normal, scary, stupid… things.  I’m not sure if it’s because of my blog title, controversial post titles or whether some people just randomly google the darndest things. 

Below are 10 random searches that I found in just the last 100 search referrals:   

  1. i wonder if she thinks about
  2. do Bob Stoops’ kids go to church
  3. advice for pastors what to do when someone confesses sex crimes
  4. tithe off gross or net
  5. Madagascar porn
  6. attracted to my pastor
  7. madagascar 2 quotes moto moto
  8. christians make me sick
  9. small porn
  10. why pastoring sucks

Any of these searches get you attention, make you laugh, cry, say hmm…?   Share some of the darndest things that people have searched to find your blog. 

  • Ya kinda feel sorry for the majority of those people. Most of them were definitely searching for answers beyond a Google search. Really sad in a lot of ways. As a pastor it is really revealing to the needs of the church body.

  • I like the one I got yesterday: “aliens living in your head”. It sounds like a search I might do.

  • Ann Somrah

    don’t know how i ended up on your blog but sitemeter is an interesting website. i work in advertising so it’s a neat tool for me to learn about. thanks for the info.

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comments and finding my blog!

  • I sure wish I was cool enough to know how to find what people search to get to my blog. Maybe there is someone I work with that could show me…

  • Ryan Seacrest has someone give him this report every morning. We could learn a lot from Ryan…lol!

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