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followfriday1Taking #FollowFriday to a Whole Nuva Level! (Week 3)

#FollowFriday is currently one of the most popular trends on Twitter.  The concept is basically showing TwitterLuv by recommending Tweeps to follow each and every Friday; using the hashtag #FollowFriday.  You basically go to searchtwitter use the keyword FollowFriday and watch the stream of FollowFriday lists come through by the second.  Because of the popularity of FollowFriday, it’s hard to keep up with all the lists or get any detailed information on the followers.

We are about to take #FollowFriday to a whole nuva level.  BigIsTheNewSmall.com is going to dedicate Friday’s blog post to the #FollowFriday community.  In other-words you can pimp your #FollowFriday lists right here.  The whole nuva level part is that in addition to the regular #FollowFriday concept, you will be able to: look at the stream of #FollowFriday lists in one place, get more detailed information, get aggregate lists before you tweet them, recommend yourself, copy and paste from lists…

I’ll go first: #FollowFriday  that would be me! :-) If you like the concept re-tweet this post!@scottwilliams

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