Monday March Madness

monday-madnessIn the spirit of March Madness, I’m going to share 7 random, rambling Monday March Madness thoughts that are in my head:

  1. My Sooners won this weekend and I’m picking them to win the NCAA National Championship; especially w/ the play of Superman Big Blake Griffin.  Blake’s parents attend my campus and I talked with his dad at church this weekend about how Blake is able to stay so cool and calm through all of the flagrant fouls.  His dad said he taught Blake and Taylor early on to never retaliate or let people get you out of your game.  That’s good advice, “Don’t let people get you out of your game.”
  2. Followed up with a lady this weekend who had been a stripper for many years; however she is now free from that lifestyle/world.   She now has a great job and according to her, God is really moving in her life.  You can totally feel the weight lifted from this woman’s life!
  3. The Dave Ramsey Life.Money.Hope Series has people excited to run from debt with Gazelle Intensity.  There is a married couple who are successful business owners that volunteer at my campus who came up to me and said they are selling their Escalade!  They are ecstatic and serious about living debt free!
  4. My wife and I taught Prep For Marriage this weekend (Fri. & Sat.)…  I Really Love My Wife and God is truly blessing our current season of marriage (It’s Fun).  I enjoy seeing couples excited about making the commitment to join their hearts together in God’s love.
  5. I’m getting excited about “One Prayer” 2009, you and your church should be getting excited as well; click here for more information.
  6. There is a chance for Severe weather and tornadoes today…  When meteorologists say severe weather in Oklahoma, they mean business.
  7. God created me to lead, learn and make a difference.

What has God created you to do?  How was your weekend?  What random Monday March Madness’s are going through your mind?

  • I’m actually pulling for your Sooners. It’s a miracle! See, God is doing a new work in me 🙂

  • Go Sooners! Maybe the basketball team can erase the pain of football season.

  • My husband was born on April 1st so that makes him a fool. Usually on his birthday all his friends try to play tricks on him. But he usually ends up getting them. So it alot of fun with lots of laughs. So I like have some fun once a year!!

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