Twitter Is Not A Lake… It's A River!

riverMany Tweople; including avid users, new adopters and those who really haven’t grasped the systems to manage Twitter, don’t view Twitter as a river but rather as a big lake of activity.  They feel the need to jump in their Twitter boat and float around in all the busy waters of Twitter.  Many Tweople discount Twitter and don’t want to follow a bunch of Tweeps because they feel like they can’t keep up with the all off the happenings in the Twitter lake.

It’s important not to view Twitter as a lake, but rather understand that Twitter Is Not A Lake… It’s A River!  It’s a river of constant flowing information that allows you to simply walk up to the river and watch it flow at your convenience.  Will you miss some streams of information? Absolutely you will!  The great thing about Twitter is that if you miss something, you can guarantee that something else will be flowing shortly after.

When some asks me how do I keep up with all of my followers, my answer is “I Don’t!”  My advice is for Twitter users to find some great apps like: @Twitterfon  @Tweetdeck  @Tweetie… to help manage your Twitter waters and remember: “Twitter Not A Lake… It’s A River!” 

How do you manage Twitter?  Do you view Twitter as a lake or river? Share your thoughts!

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