Sunday Seven

linksI’m trying something new for a late Sunday night blog post, called the Sunday Seven.  Earlier, I Tweeted for people to send me a link of any of their favorite blog posts they have written or read this week.  Below are some of the blog posts that were forwarded to me; as well as some of my personal selections from this week.  This is the Sunday Seven:

  1. Blogs Books & The Irony Of Short~Seth Godin
  2. 5 Reasons Being Normal Sucks ~Scott Williams
  3. 5 Steps To Quit Being A Jerk ~Zen Habits
  4. Insane Small Groups~Alan Danielson
  5. 10 Things :: Lifehacks ~Lists Galore
  6. I’ll Call You Back Tomorrow ~JC Riley
  7. 13 Twitter Tips and Tutorials For Beginners~Twitip

Share any other blog posts that you came across this week that caught your attention!  Be sure and shoot me a Twitter @Reply, DM or email with any of your favorites for next Sunday… Maybe they will be one of the Sunday Seven.  Make It A Great Monday!

  • Robin Meadows has an inspiring and moving post today.

    My blog friend, Sarah Markley ( also wrote a moving post today about her youngest daughter. She’s a fantastic writer. She paints pictures with her words. She doesn’t ask for input or your thoughts or ask you what your favorite things are. She just writes. Pure, unadulterated writing.

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