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Top 5 Twitter Tools, Apps & Links (#2)

twitter-appsQuick Top 5 list of Twitter Links, Apps & Tools that I have ran across this week.

  1. Twittas- Great compilation of some handy, fun and useful apps. that don’t require your password. A+
  2. Twitter Athletics- A Top 10 listing and info. of athlete and coaches that Twitter. B
  3. 10 Ways To Share Music On Twitter- Compilation of tools and info. about sharing using  Twitter. A
  4. TwitMapr-Find tweeps by location and put yourself on the map. B+
  5. TwitVid-  Share videos via Twitter. B+

Share any useful Twitter Apps that you have recently ran across!

5 Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers

blog-subscribersToday’s post will answer the question: “How Do I Get More People To Subscribe to My Blog’s RSS Feed?”  Here are 5 Ways to Get More Blog RSS Subscribers: 

  1. Quality Consistent Content-There is no better way to get people to subscribe to your blog than writing quality consistent content.  Above anything else… quality, helpful, entertaining and consistent content trumps anything else.  If you had had a newspaper subscription and they didn’t deliver it consistently, wouldn’t you cancel it… Well a blog is no different, except for the fact that there are a lot to choose from and they are all free.  Consistent Quality Content!
  2. Continuation Posts-Write blog posts that run in a continual manner or a series.  This creates anticipation and also provides a reason to want daily material.  Many times bloggers (Including Myself) waste a good series of posts in one post.  Writing series will help you with content and entice people to subscribe.
  3. Visible RSS Button-Make sure your click to subscribe button is in a highly visible place.  Don’t have your subscription button in some obscure place at the bottom.  Have an option to subscribe by e-mail and RSS, my current site does not have an e-mail subscription option, but I’m adding this to my new one that’s being designed.
  4. Pimp Your RSS Feed-Promote your RSS Feed in any of your social media platforms.  Let people know about your feed anytime and every time you can… Get Your Pimp On!  Like this: You can subscribe to by clicking here or that button over there to the top right of your screen.
  5. Write A Blog Post About How To Get More Blog Subscribers. 🙂

What are some things that you have done to increase your blog subscribers?  Share your overall thoughts!

Thanks for reading and remember you can subscribe to by clicking here.

10 Signs They Are Not A Good Leader

not-a-leaderMost of us have worked for leaders that are for all intents and purposes are not very good.  I actually learned a lot in my early days of leadership from some really bad leaders.  Not only were they bad leaders, they were oblivious to the negative affects of their poor leadership.   There are many signs that a leader is not a good leader and I have identified 10 Signs below. 

The reason I attribute these signs to not being a “Good Leader” is because a leader has to at least reach the mantle of being a “Good Leader” before they can be a “Great Leader”  Here are 10 Signs They Are Not A Good Leader… Remember “They” could be you! 

  1. they are not willing to fail.
  2. they only talk and never listen.
  3. they don’t develop and produce other leaders.
  4. they micro-manage; that’s management not leadership.
  5. they are insecure or threatened by someone that they lead.
  6. they are not willing to follow and learn from those that they lead.
  7. they are more focused on what people think about the results, than the results themselves.
  8. they don’t truly care about the people they lead and have difficulty getting people to follow.
  9. they are willing to make the wrong decision, because of the fear of  fall-out from making the right decision.
  10. they only dream about being like so and so, instead of {humbly} dreaming about a bunch of so and so’s dreaming about being like them.  Go Lead…Transcend The Isms 

They either “don’t do” or “are not working towards” the 5 Things Next-Level Leaders Alaways Do!

Share your thoughts on any of these “10 Signs” and add to the list!

5 Things Next-Level Leaders Always Do

next-levelThis post will take a look at the process of being or becoming a Next-Level Leader.  There are probably a dozen different concepts of what a Next-Level Leader is or what that word-pairing actually means; however in this post I will provide my personal definition of what a Next-Level Leader is.  I will also identify the 5 Things That Next-Level Leaders Do.

Next-Level Leader– A leader that not only elevates their personal leadership to that Next-Level, but elevates the leadership of their team members, peers and competition to the Next-Level. 

Here are the 5 Things That Next-Level Leaders Always Do:

  1. Challenge Everything-They challenge things because they are supposed to be challenged.  They not only challenge the thoughts/methods of their leaders but they challenge their own personal methodology.  They realize that their boss puts their pants on just like they do and embrace the fact that just because a person is supervising doesn’t mean they are necessarily smarter or better leaders.  Challenging things is not about being combative, but rather raising every-one’s leadership game to the Next-Level.
  2. Ask The Right Questions- They always ask the right questions… They begin sentences with “What If?, Have You Ever Thought About?, This Might Sound Crazy, but do you think we can…”  Anytime they have the opportunity to sit down with a Next-Level Leader they desire to learn from, they have a list of questions and not a list of answers.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by asking the right questions.
  3. Dream- They are always dreaming and imagining.  Some of these dreams may seem to be a fairy-tale to some, but not to a Next-Level Leader.  A Next-Level Leader will schedule an appointment to dream, they go to Starbucks and Dream, they close their office door and dream, they take a vacation alone to do nothing but dream.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by dreaming,  encouraging those around them to dream, writing their dreams down and making those dreams a reality.
  4. Learn-  They are always learning from: books, blogs, their industry, history, other industries, culture, failures, their followers, other Next-Level Leaders…   They have a mantra something like Will Rogers’ Mantra (I never met a man I didn’t like) The Next-Level “I Never Met a Man, Woman or Situation that I didn’t learn from.”  They elevate their leadership game to the next level by realizing that learning is fundamental.
  5. Make Next-Level Leaders- Next-Level Leaders make Next-Level Leaders.  Next-Level Leaders contribute to the world of leadership by truly caring about those that they lead and always developing Next-Level Leaders.  They never confuse Management with Leadership.  Managers manage people and things… Next-Level Leaders make other Next-Level Leaders.  Simply put: “If You Are Not Developing and Making Next-Level Leaders… You Are Not A Next Level Leader.”

Do you or have you worked for a Next-Level Leader that does these things well?  Thoughts on any of these 5 Things, or do you have anything additional to add to the list?  Chime In!

If You're Scared… Go To Church!

scaredI don’t know if you are familiar with the phrase “If You’re Scared… Go To Church” but I remember while growing up this being a common phrase that my peers would use to talk smack about being scared.  This phrase was used on the basketball court, used to challenge the fellas to ask a girl on a date or used in any context of fear or being scared.  In other-words if you showed some sort of fearful hesitation someone would spout off “If You’re Scared… Go To Church!”

I hadn’t thought of that phrase for as long as I can remember, until just the other day for some reason it popped into my head.  The other night me and my two sons Wesley (10) and Jayden (6) decided to go on a bike ride while my wife cleaned out their closets (we didn’t want any part of helping).  We actually rode a good ways to see some of our old neighbors in our previous neighborhood. 

We were all riding in somewhat of a single-file line; however there was one problem, every time we rode over one of those drainage-grates in the street, my 6yo. son Jayden would literally fall off of his bike and slide in the middle of the street.  He was petrified to ride across those drainage-gratess and wasn’t havong any part of it.  Although, he had a helmet on he didn’t have any protective knee or elbow gear and I was getting a little worried.  After several dad-to-son pep talks and through his big crocodile tears; I literally forced Jayden to ride across the drainage grate.  Through the tears, you could see the joy and now he rides across the drainage-grates like a “Big-Boy!”

I think I’ve come to understand maybe what the original intent/context was for the phrase “If You’re Scared… Go To Church!”  Scripture clearly says in 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear.  If you’re fearing something you might need to go to church and trust the God of the Heavens and The Earth.  Again, if you’re fearing something, no matter what it is… remember that fear is not from God because He has not given us the spirit of fear.

What drainage-grates in your life do you need to forced to ride over?  Share your thoughts on the paralyzing affects of fear? If You’re Scared… Go To Church!

Fire Up The Grill… 10 Either/Or Grillin' Questions

grillMemorial Day is one of the official grillin’ holidays.  It’s one of those great Mondays that we not only get to reflect and pay respect to those who have served and are currently serving to protect our freedom… but we get to fire up the grill and have left-overs for days. 

Everyone has their own philosophy when it comes to grillin’ or smokin’ meats, what to cook, how to season the meat, the type of grill etc… so I figured we would talk grillin’ this Memorial Day Monday.  Here are 10  Either/or  Grillin’ Questions:  Share your thoughts on any of the questions below or add additional answers, if your personal choice is not provided.

  1. Beef Hotdogs / All-Meat Hotdogs / No Hotdogs at all  (Me: Beef Hotdogs)
  2. Steaks / Brisket / Pork Ribs / Beef Ribs / Pork Chops / Other (Me: I don’t eat pork, I’m down w/ Steaks, Brisket & beef Ribs)
  3. Bratwurst / Polish Sausage / Hotlinks / Other (Me: Hotlinks)
  4. Kabobs / Fresh Corn / Other (Me: Fresh Corn)
  5. Turkey / Chicken / Deer / Hamburgers / Buffalo Burgers / Other (Me: Hamburgers)
  6. Gas Grill / Smoker / Charcoal / Charcoal & Woodchips / Other (Me: Charcoal & hardwood coals added)
  7. Deviled Eggs / Potato Salad / Cole Slaw / Green Beans / Other (Me: Deviled Eggs & Potatoe Salad)
  8. Baked Beans with Brisket / Baked Beans with Ground Beef / Baked Beans Plain (Me: Baked Beans w/ Brisket or Ground Beef)
  9. Marinade / Rub / Just Sprinkle (Me: Marinade and Sprinkle)
  10. Well-Done / Medium-Well / Medium / Rare… I mean bloody (Me: Well-Done I Don’t Mess Around)
  11. Bonus: Go to Someones House / Do It Yourself (Me: Do it myself & I eat mayo. on everything: burgers, dogs, links…)

Share your thoughts on any of these grillin’ questions.  Share any recipes, secrets, thoughts or grillin’ philosophies. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Top 5 Twitter Apps For This Week

twitter-appsHere is a quick Top 5 list of Twitter Apps that I have ran across this week.

  1. CheckRetweet– Allows you find any Twitter user’s retweets & lists the top 10 retweeted users.
  2. TweetMic – iPhone app that allows you to post audio tweets. Really easy and slick interface.
  3. TwitIQ – Overall enhanced Twitter interface.
  4. Repeets – List of Hot Tweets.
  5. TweetPhoto – A better way to share photos on Twitter.

Share any useful Twitter Apps that you have recently ran across!

Voicemail Is Dying & Google Voice Will Change The World!

google-voiceI’m not sure that I’m writing this post because it’s true or because I want it to be true.  Over the years and especially in this text message day and age I’m feeling that e-mail is dying.  Personally, I’m horrible about checking my voicemail and sometimes I can go a week or longer without checking them.  Before you say ‘That’s Crazy” or “You’re a pastor, how can you do that?”  My answer is, just because I don’t check my voicemail doesn’t mean I don’t respond to those leaving a message.

I actually have my voicemail message say something like “This is Scott sorry that you missed me, either try back in a few or send me a text message.”   As far as I know, every cell-phone has a missed call ledger and what I do is call back every single missed call.  I have returned some calls and received a random person answering the phone from a restaurant or business, but they are few and far between.  It’s pretty much that simple: if I miss your call, I will call you back, if you text me, I will call you back and by the time I listen to your voicemail there is a high probability that we have already talked.  I’m not going to address the fact that you can connect with me via e-mail or Twitter… that’s a whole nutha story.

I am waiting for Google Voice to go public with their application, which will totally change the world.  It may not change the world; however it will change the world of cell-phone call management.  Currently Google Voice is only open to Grand Central users and I have some friends that use it and it’s amazing… everything from persoanl call screening to translation of voicemail messages to text messages. Voicemail Is Dying and Google Voice Will Change The World.  Click here to learn more about Google Voice.

Am I the only one that thinks Voicemail is Dying?  Do you check your voicemail’s regularly? Share your thoughts on my process or voicemail in general.  If you’re a Google Voice user, please share your experience!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading  Think Big… Think Small!

Church Diversity Sucks (Reason #3)

ignoranceReason #3 Ignorance

There are some ignorant people in this world and many of those ignorant people are leading churches around the country.  Before you get all bent out of shape and begin to say things in your head like “Who you callin’ ignorant Willis or My pastor is not ignorant” let’s look at the definition of ignorance.  I have actually copied the entire chunk of definitions, in order to provide more context.


  1. The condition of being ignorant; the want of knowledge in general, or in relation to a particular subject; the state of being uneducated or uninformed.
  2. Ignorance is the curse of God, Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. –Shak.
  3. (Theol.) A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge which one may acquire and it is his duty to have. –Book of Common Prayer.

By looking at these definitions of ignorance, each and every one of us are ignorant about some things; although just because I am ignorant doesn’t mean I have to stay ignorant.  There are so many pastors, church leaders and congregations that lack the knowledge of this particular subject called Church Diversity.  They don’t know what to say in fear of offending someone, they don’t know where to start because they are uneducated in this area, they assume things that aren’t true because they are uninformed and the list goes on and on.

Let’s take another look at the 3rd. definition of ignorance (above) from the book of common prayer.   “A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge which one may acquire and it is his duty to have.”   I personally feel that pastors and church leaders have a duty and responsibility to at least be knowledgeable about Church Diversity; this knowledge is the beginning of understanding.  If our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ, we have to understand that sometimes that “People” will not always be the box of people that look like us or those currently attending our church.

I will close with definition #2 from above: Ignorance is the curse of God, Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.  If pastors and church leaders at least make an effort to be knowledgeable and educated on what it means to embrace diversity it will change their minds, heart and perspective.  Does this mean they will have a diverse church tomorrow?  Absolutely not!  Again, if church leaders and pastors at least open their minds and hearts to learn… God will do the rest in context of their church and their community.  Be Open and Don’t Be Ignorant!  

Are You Ignorant?  Is Your Church Ignorant? Is Your Pastor Ignorant? Do We Have To Stay Ignorant? Thoughts!

Church Diversity Sucks (Reason #2)

excusesReason #2  Excuses

It seems like yesterday when I was in college pledging to become a member of a fraternity.  The whole process of pledging was quite a memorable series of events and one of the things that I vividly remember was quoting this short phrase that we called excuses.  The phrase read as follows: “Excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness… those that specialize in using them, never amount to anything.” 

One of the reasons Church Diversity Sucks is because of Excuses.  There are a plethora of excuses that pastors, ministry leaders and congregants use as justification to not address the issue of Church Diversity.  Here are a few common excuses:

  • It’s about culture, so diversity is not necessary
  • There is no ethnic diversity represented in the communities near our church
  • Race is not an issue, we look beyond race… we’re color-blind
  • Talking about race is divisive
  • Nobody cares, it’s a non-issue

This list of Excuses could keep going like the Energizer Bunny.  Again, as we are talking about Excuses; let’s make some wording adjustments to that Excuses saying that I recited while pledging my fraternity.  Here is a new version of that saying being directly related to the topic of Church Diversity: “Church Diversity excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build churches of diversity nothingness… those pastors, churches, leaders and congregations that specialize in using them,  will never be diverse.” 

The bottom line is that if a pastor or ministry leader chooses to be serious and intentional about addressing the issue of Church Diversity, they will have some positive impact.  I you try and fail, that’s fine… but stop making Excuses about why you can’t.  Start with the baby step number one: Have a conversation about diversity and you will be one step closer to the ol’ “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Do you feel that pastors, leaders, churches… make too many excuses relative to this topic.  Are any of these excuses valid?  Share your thoughts or additional excuses!

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