5 Things #FollowFriday Has Become

followfriday1#FollowFriday is currently one of the most popular trends on Twitter.  The concept is basically showing TwitterLuv by recommending Tweeps to follow each and every Friday; using the hashtag #FollowFriday.  You simply search #FollowFriday by using the Twitter search tool on the Twitter homepage and follow stream of people using the #FollowFriday hashtag and follow folks as they come in.  The other is option is to watch your personal Twitter stream and follow those that are recommended.

That is what #FollowFriday was and these are the 5 Things #FollowFriday Has Become: 

  1. …so saturated that it’s like a Lake instead of a River.   Not that you can’t find some some good stuff in a lake, a river is just more focused.
  2. …a tool to say “What’s Up”, Give a Head Nod, Shake a Hand, Give a #FistBump, Say Thanks… to Tweeps that you have: connected with, make you laugh or add value to your Tworld.
  3. …a great way to receive a recipricol shout-out… I shout out to you, you shout out to me!
  4. …a Twideo game… almost like Pac Man; you avoid some things in the maze and eat some things in the maze.  As each level Friday goes by the harder and harder the game becomes.  As the weeks go by and more and more people continue to join Twitter, the less and less meaningful #FollowFriday will become.  Not sure the time-frame of the effectiveness shelf-life, just know the buzz is not the same this Friday as it was 4 Friday’s ago.
  5. …Twitter’s version of Pimp My Ride… you can pimp yourself on #FollowFriday as much as you can those you’re recommending. 

The bottom line is #FollowFriday is free, so go ahead and use it up, play the game, share the love.  Embrace The 5 Things #FollowFriday Has Become and understand that recommendations don’t always equate to more followers. I personally appreciate each and every recommendation that I receive, I always try to say Thank You by at-least giving a #FollowFriday #FistBump to those that recommend me.  Feel free to follow and recommend me @scottwilliams  Just Trying To Pimp My Ride!

Do you use #FollowFriday?  Share your thoughts on the 5 Things #FollowFriday Has Become, add to the list, rant…

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