Jesus Was A Self-Promoter

tebowThe art of self-promotion is more important than you think.  When it comes to self-promotion, often times you will hear people make comments like: “I don’t want to be a self-promoter or He/She is just a self-promoter.”  Self-promotion is seen as some negative or derogatory thing.  If I ask you to think of some self-promoters, you will come up with names like Chuck Norris, Donald Trump, P. Diddy. I would argue that we are all self-promoters, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Self-promoter and even Jesus Was A Self-Promoter.  Check these definitions of self-promotion:

Self-promotion: A message issued by or on behalf of a person.  Encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of a person.

Every time you have an interaction with anyone whether be online or in person, you are promoting yourself.  You are promoting a message online, at church, at work, in your business, at your kids school, at Starbucks, in your commercials, on your business cards, your life, your handshake, your swag, your non-verbal communication, your vibe, interaction with others…  The bottom line is that you’re issuing a message about yourself, by yourself in everything that you do. 

The sky is not falling Chicken Little, Everything Is Not Doom and Gloom and Self-promotion does not have to be viewed as pejorativeYou’re A Self Promoter… Like It Or Not!  Jesus Was A Self-Promoter and today He is still in the business of promoting grace, mercy and redemption. 

The question is not whether you’re a self-promoter, but rather “What are you promoting?”  Are you promoting the good stuff?   Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow has been called a Self-promoter, take a look at his picture at the top of this blog post and look at his highly promoted eyeblack; he’s definitely promoting something (John 3:16) and it’s the good stuff.  Are you promoting the good stuff? 

Was Jesus a Self-Promoter?  Why is Self-Promotion viewed negatively?   Share your thoughts on Self-promotion!

  • I think I understand where you are going with this and to a degree I agree with you, but I think what Jesus was doing was promoting the Father. It wasn’t follow me because I am awesome, it was follow me because I will take you to the Father. It was not about Him, it was about The Father. If this is one of those “well Jesus and God the Father are the same”, then yes you are right. It’s just like people who are intentionally offensive then say, “Well Jesus offended people”, no you are just a jerk who doesn’t know how to talk to people. He offended people because the message He had to share causes us to lose our life to gain Him. Now the Devil, he is a definite self-promoter. Jesus, I think was more about telling people about his Father. Am I going to get kicked off the blogroll because of this?

  • This is good stuff! I’ve always thought negatively about self-promotion. Thanks for these thoughts, some great things to chew on…

  • i’m a scott williams fan and i hear what you’re saying.

    people have an impression of us every time they interact with us.


    Jesus is God.

    Of course he’s going to say he is the way, truth, and life.

    Everything is about him.

    i know you agree.

    but i think it’s a slippery slop of self-worship that’s the issue.

    it’s a question of the heart.

    why do i want to promote myself?

    for my fame or for his alone?

    it can’t be both.

    most self-promoters i know want people to think well of them.

    i should know.

    i struggle with that too.

    it’s not about making people think well of us.

    it’s about us being fearless ambassadors of the gospel.

    loving God and people in all we do.

    everything else is just hogwash.

    thanks for making me think today.

  • Scott Williams

    Joshua- You are free to share whatever without ever getting kicked off of the blogroll. He was definitely promoting the father; however HE was issuing his message.
    Anna- We all think it’s negative, the reality is thats what we do.
    Jason- great bullet points and thoughts… this could be a blogpost. You ar promoting yourself whether people think well of you or not!

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Ryan

    This is pathetic. Tebow isn’t promoting the ‘good stuff,’ as

    you call it, he is promoting himself, plain and simple. Ever

    since his college days, Tebow has been intent on one thing at

    least: growing his own brand. Simultaneously he has championed

    christian ideals and created an army of mindless idolizers, all

    too eager to buy his books/other merchandise. Again: Pathetic.

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