Voicemail Is Dying & Google Voice Will Change The World!

google-voiceI’m not sure that I’m writing this post because it’s true or because I want it to be true.  Over the years and especially in this text message day and age I’m feeling that e-mail is dying.  Personally, I’m horrible about checking my voicemail and sometimes I can go a week or longer without checking them.  Before you say ‘That’s Crazy” or “You’re a pastor, how can you do that?”  My answer is, just because I don’t check my voicemail doesn’t mean I don’t respond to those leaving a message.

I actually have my voicemail message say something like “This is Scott sorry that you missed me, either try back in a few or send me a text message.”   As far as I know, every cell-phone has a missed call ledger and what I do is call back every single missed call.  I have returned some calls and received a random person answering the phone from a restaurant or business, but they are few and far between.  It’s pretty much that simple: if I miss your call, I will call you back, if you text me, I will call you back and by the time I listen to your voicemail there is a high probability that we have already talked.  I’m not going to address the fact that you can connect with me via e-mail or Twitter… that’s a whole nutha story.

I am waiting for Google Voice to go public with their application, which will totally change the world.  It may not change the world; however it will change the world of cell-phone call management.  Currently Google Voice is only open to Grand Central users and I have some friends that use it and it’s amazing… everything from persoanl call screening to translation of voicemail messages to text messages. Voicemail Is Dying and Google Voice Will Change The World.  Click here to learn more about Google Voice.

Am I the only one that thinks Voicemail is Dying?  Do you check your voicemail’s regularly? Share your thoughts on my process or voicemail in general.  If you’re a Google Voice user, please share your experience!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading BigIsTheNewSmall.com  Think Big… Think Small!

  • Ms.Momentum

    I hadn’t noticed this change, but over time I have started to do some of the same things as you. I returned missed calls and text messages much faster than voice mails. A lot of voice mail messages simply say “Call me back please”. I already do that because of the missed call. A lot of people have stopped leaving me messages because they now I will most likely call them back before I ever listen. If they happen to call me before I call them, instead of hearing “did you listen to my message” I hear more people say “did you see that I called” It will indeed be interesting to see how much Google Voice changes things.

  • Robert.Davis

    “Did you get my voicemail?” No usually not. If I don’t reach someone I will usually immediately send them a message. I am hearing more and more people on their voicemail have as their message, I’m not very good at this voicemail thing so shoot me a text or email.Looking fwd to checking out Google Voice. A little skeptical since the G phone hasn’t had the predicted impact.

  • Google Voice and the idea of unified communications on the cell phone will definitely be big. There are a lot of other UC providers/services on the market right now, but I have a feeling with Google getting into the game the rise of use will become much more heavy.

    I tried to score an account with Grand Central when I heard Google Voice was announced, but couldn’t get an account.

    I CANNOT STAND voicemail. Hate it. Hardly ever check it, but with clients I need to try and keep up with it. Even email is starting to go that route, but I prefer it so much more than voicemail. Tweet me or text me anytime over voice. Makes me wonder though about our society going “less personal”, but hey, that’s a whole other subject!

    Have a great day Scott.

  • I’m with you on Google Voice. In my opinion, and business needs aside, it comes down to the comfort we have in being able to CONTROL our communication. Technology has given us more control over choosing who, when, where, how, and why we communicate with people. Also, how LONG we’re engaged in those interactions. There are people in my life I could talk with all day, and others I’d prefer a 140 character tweet from instead. Inherently, we all have a desire to control as much as we can (or at least feel like we do) and a simple thing like the Googe Voice product will allow us to have a bit more perceived control over this aspect of our lives.

    Unlike Bill, I was able to jump aboard the Grand Central train before Google took over, but have yet to fully utilize it to it’s full potential. I’m getting there though.

  • Email isn’t dying, it’s simply going to text. I email my stepdaughter from my AIM name and she gets it as a text message on her LG Vue. And I get an IM back from her phone number.
    Dang you kids and yer new fangled technology! (grin)

  • amooyoung

    I’m all for Google Voice! I hate checking voicemail and that’s the same reason why I rarely leave one as well. The majority of people who need to reach me will probably do so by texting (their version of leaving a message). I do think it’s necessary in certain professional circumstances, so I think it’ll stick around for a little while longer ;o)

  • Please no voicemail. Text me or email me. I rarely check my voicemail on a daily basis. I do check it but like Scott I have already spoken with everyone that left the message. I will be checking out this Google Voice. I saw this somewhere but never really looked into it.

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