5 Things Next-Level Leaders Always Do

next-levelThis post will take a look at the process of being or becoming a Next-Level Leader.  There are probably a dozen different concepts of what a Next-Level Leader is or what that word-pairing actually means; however in this post I will provide my personal definition of what a Next-Level Leader is.  I will also identify the 5 Things That Next-Level Leaders Do.

Next-Level Leader– A leader that not only elevates their personal leadership to that Next-Level, but elevates the leadership of their team members, peers and competition to the Next-Level. 

Here are the 5 Things That Next-Level Leaders Always Do:

  1. Challenge Everything-They challenge things because they are supposed to be challenged.  They not only challenge the thoughts/methods of their leaders but they challenge their own personal methodology.  They realize that their boss puts their pants on just like they do and embrace the fact that just because a person is supervising doesn’t mean they are necessarily smarter or better leaders.  Challenging things is not about being combative, but rather raising every-one’s leadership game to the Next-Level.
  2. Ask The Right Questions- They always ask the right questions… They begin sentences with “What If?, Have You Ever Thought About?, This Might Sound Crazy, but do you think we can…”  Anytime they have the opportunity to sit down with a Next-Level Leader they desire to learn from, they have a list of questions and not a list of answers.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by asking the right questions.
  3. Dream- They are always dreaming and imagining.  Some of these dreams may seem to be a fairy-tale to some, but not to a Next-Level Leader.  A Next-Level Leader will schedule an appointment to dream, they go to Starbucks and Dream, they close their office door and dream, they take a vacation alone to do nothing but dream.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by dreaming,  encouraging those around them to dream, writing their dreams down and making those dreams a reality.
  4. Learn-  They are always learning from: books, blogs, their industry, history, other industries, culture, failures, their followers, other Next-Level Leaders…   They have a mantra something like Will Rogers’ Mantra (I never met a man I didn’t like) The Next-Level “I Never Met a Man, Woman or Situation that I didn’t learn from.”  They elevate their leadership game to the next level by realizing that learning is fundamental.
  5. Make Next-Level Leaders- Next-Level Leaders make Next-Level Leaders.  Next-Level Leaders contribute to the world of leadership by truly caring about those that they lead and always developing Next-Level Leaders.  They never confuse Management with Leadership.  Managers manage people and things… Next-Level Leaders make other Next-Level Leaders.  Simply put: “If You Are Not Developing and Making Next-Level Leaders… You Are Not A Next Level Leader.”

Do you or have you worked for a Next-Level Leader that does these things well?  Thoughts on any of these 5 Things, or do you have anything additional to add to the list?  Chime In!

  • forrest

    boom! explosion! thats pretty epic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Once again….thanks Scott.

  • Scott,

    Some great thoughts in this post! I especially love the 5th point.

    The one thing I might add is that great leaders act in the best interest of others. It’s impossible to build the right culture and level of commitment in an organization without acting in the best interest of the people who work there. It’s not possible to always make decisions that are beneficial to everyone but it has to be part of the decision making process. People have to know that before they will fully commit to the goals of the business.



  • Good stuff. Thanks, again. I can’t find anything to disagree with even if I wanted to. 🙂

  • Awesome Post Pastor Scott! I love ALL OF THE ABOVE & actually thrive in an environment of relentless Leaders at Flamingo. Pastor Troy instills all those in us from day 1 & constantly reminds us there is NO leadership without dreaming, reading & growing!! Continued blessings to ya & the fam. Love following ya on twitter 🙂

  • well said.

  • Scott Williams

    Forrest- Epic… I like Epic!
    Scott- #FistBump Thanks!
    TC- Thanks for the feedback
    LiliBeth- Troy does a great job of this… Keeps ondreaming and leading. I checked out your blog!
    Heady- #FistBump We need to hook up bro. When is the next Poetry Night?

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  • Zane

    Not to be superspiritual here and it may be a “given” but I believe it’s very important to emphasize and not forget… Humility and Dependence. A Next-Level Leader is totally sold on the understanding that nothing he or she does that’s worth anything is from their own efforts – God is the power source and if you aren’t wired in, you may look like you’re on fire but you’re really just a battery that’s destined to suddenly quit, leaving everyone, including yourself to wonder why. This happened to me and we see this happen all the time. A Next-Level Leader realizes that you have to become a Next-Level Follower first and that’s only by being passionate about being with THE Leader of our very souls, making every effort to spend time with Him, just like we do on our job or doing whatever interests us – we have our priorities and a Next-Level Leader makes this one his or her first, period.

  • Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  • be a leader must have fruits a leader too..

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