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7 Simple Ways To Get Re-Tweeted

retweetThis post will get straight to the point… If you want to get Re-Tweeted Follow These 7 Simple Ways:

  1. Leave 18-20 characters available in your tweet… allows enough room for your name @ sign and RT.
  2. Tweet content that provides value to a broad audience… quote, humor, questions, compelling thought, breaking news, tips…
  3. Make sure your tweets are consistent… like a newspaper subscription, followers learn to trust and grow to expect a particular type of content.
  4. Don’t consistently ask your tweeps to Re-Tweet your stuff… every once and awhile is okay, if you ask to often it will fall on deaf ears.
  5. Re-tweet other’s tweets if you find their information of value…don’t be a Re-Tweetaholic or again it will fall on deaf ears.
  6. Develop a twitter brand, presence, notoriety worthy of being Re-Tweeted…some tweeps have earned the right for their content to be Re-Tweeted, no matter if the content is good, bad or ugly.
  7. Write a simple blogpost about How To Get Re-Tweeted or get tweeted by @ Twitter_Tips  🙂

Share your thoughts on these 7 Simple Ways To Get Re-Tweeted.  Do you have any additional ways to add to the list?

God, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Joe Montana… Get Motivated!


This was the Line-up at Get Motivated: Rudy Giuliani, Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, Tamara Lowe, Steve Forbes, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Robert Schuller, Phil Town & a guy with a very common name Jim Smith.

Have you heard any of these above speakers Live? Have you been to a Get Motivated Seminar? Share Your Thoughts!

Two Is Better Than One!

2It has been 2 years since I launched this random blog that you have come to know as  The blog name and overall thought of blogging was inspired by Mr. Blogger himself Seth Godin and his book Small Is the New Big; I wonder if Seth will stop by and say Happy Birthday?  I have shared some e-mail conversation w/ Seth and I love all of his books; especially his newest book Tribes

I want to acknowledge that there would not be a BigIsTheNewSmall without you guys/gals reading… Thanks for reading!

Some Year Two Randomness:

We are expecting Big Things for during this upcoming year.  My site is being re-designed from scratch as we speak, in addition to en entire logo/brand makeover… It’s going to be off the chizzain! 

Thanks again to the ridiculous number of new readers, the regulars, the silent readers and especially those who subscribe.  Thanks to all my co-bloggers; which are those of you who jump in the conversation via comments, that’s what truly makes a blogging community.  I would like to ask each of you to do me a small favor: Subscribe to my blog here and If you are on Twitter let your tweeps know about BigIsTheNewSmall.   

Thanks a million for reading… I’ve truly enjoyed these 2 years.  Remember: Two Is Better Than One!

A few questions:

  • What type of posts do you enjoy reading most at BigIsTheNewSmall?
  • What tagline would you create for BigIsTheNewSmall?
  • Share any other thoughts, memories, favorite posts or ideas to make this year even better. 

Important Leadership Lesson For All Leaders

do nothingLeadership is one of those constantly fluid moving pieces of work.  Great Leadership happens in motion, it happens in movement, it happens in action it happens in planning, it happens with thinking, it happens with vision… and it doesn’t happen by accident.  This premise creates a problem for some leaders, because they always feel the need to do something, to control something and to make something happen.

In my opinion, an Important Leadership Lesson For All Leaders is to realize the fact that it’s important to “Do Nothing!”  I know that sounds crazy; however it’s imperative as a leader to find seasons when you sit back and “Do Nothing!”  Not only do you sit back and “Do Nothing!” you must find contentment with that season.  This doesn’t mean be a dead-beat, lazy bum of a leader; it means you have developed systems, developed leaders, created margin, experienced success… and you are in a season where your “Do Nothing!”   Embracing the “Do Nothing!” seasons allows you to be fully prepared and energized for the upcoming seasons of “Make It Happen!”

Leaders have to embrace the fact that they are like a team in a row boat:  They have plotted the destination, they are rowing hard, they experience momentum, they catch a tail-wind and they must embrace that brief season and “Do Nothing!”  The destination of success is a long ways out and if the leader and the team keeps rowing and rowing and rowing in the season where the momentum and and tail-wind will carry them… they will prematurely tire out.

Don’t unnecessarily exasperate your leadership or your team, embrace the seasons of “Do Nothing!”

Can you or your leader embrace the “Do Nothing!” seasons?  Are “Do Nothing!” seasons necessary?  Share your thoughts!

Top 10 Tweets Michael Jackson Might Have Tweeted!

mj top 10If Michael Jackson Tweeted this list might have been some of his Top 10 Tweets:

  1. I’m Gonna Make A Change, 4 Once In My Life, It’s Gonna Feel Real Good, Gonna Make A Difference, Gonna Make It right. . .
  2. @LisaPresley  Do U Remember The Time, When We Fell In luv, Do U Remember The Time, When We 1st Met
  3. I know  you’re probably wondering why my tweets have been so bad lately… let me tell you it’s Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad-Come On!
  4. Its gr8 2 C all the green prof. pics. The world must come 2gthr as 1 there R ppl dying & its time 2 lend a hand, life the greatest gift of all.
  5. Twitter is simple, it’s only 140 characters. ABC, it’s as easy as 123. It’s like counting up to 3 or as simple as Do re mi, tweet a melody!
  6. RT @iamdiddy  MJ showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!
  7. We are the world,  We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day, So let’s start giving!
  8. Don’t Tell Me You Agree With Me, When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye… Seriously Tweeps it don’t matter if you’re Black or White.
  9. Don’t ever say what you can’t do, you can do anything: Barack Obama became  President and I walked on the moon… MOONWALK
  10. #BET Awards… Thanks for trying with the tribute; but you just don’t stop until you get enough.

Share your thoughts on these tweets or add your own MJ tweets to the list! {Positive Only}

Don't Stop Until You Get Enough!

Share any random thoughts on my random thoughts or share your own random thoughts. 

Weekend Movie Reviews

movie reviewDid you watch a Movie at the Theater this weekend?  Do you have an opinion or thoughts about the movie?  Please Share!  You can share any information that you would like; however the only information that we need is: The Name of The Movie,  your Star Rating out of 5 Stars and any additional comments.  You are  now officially a Movie Reviewer… GO!

Top 10 Things All Women Need To Know About Men

top 10 listMy wife and I had the opportunity to teach a Prep For Marriage class this weekend.  We get the opportunity to do this about once a quarter and it’s always a great time to help couples begin the conversation, understand the importance of communication and most importantly learning to put God first in their relationship.

One of the exercises that we always do, is separate the couples by gender and engage in them in a conversation.  Their assignment is simple for the ladies: Come up with a Top 10 List of the Top 10 Things All Men Need To Know About Women and then for the men: Come up up with a Top 10 list of the Top 10 Things All Women Need To Know About Men.  Today I’m going to share the Top 10 List The Guys Came up with.  I will share the  Ladies’ List tomorrow. 

Top 10 Things All Women Need To Know About Men:

  1. We enjoy sports and need time to watch our sports.
  2. We are not mind readers, say what’s really on your mind.
  3. We need our time alone: guys night out, man cave…
  4. We need and desire sex.
  5. We want to be the leader and the protector… let us lead.
  6. When we say nothing is wrong, “Nothing is wrong” nothing means nothing!
  7. We don’t like shopping/looking with you… we like in-and-out shopping.
  8. We want to be respected and appreciated.
  9. We don’t remember many dates, maybe even special dates.
  10. We don’t like chick flix.

Share your thoughts on this list and add any additional things Women Need To Know About Men.

Share Your Favorite Michael Jackson Songs Or Memories!

mike 2Share your favorite Michael Jackson Songs or Memories! 

Don't Be An iPhony

big phonyThere is a lot of discussion about the Internet and social media and whether or not they are creating Illegitimate Experts, Gurus, Leaders… or iPhony’s.  Lets’ look at the definition of Illegitimatenot in accordance with the principles of valid inference.  By this definition the Internet and social media may be creating illegitimate experts, but that’s the beauty of the Internet; a person does not have to be in accordance with a “valid inference.” 

In the www. world you have to create your validity and my thought is “If people are listening and if you have an audience, influence, a voice, knowledge, experience, personality, talent, information… that people want to hear, you have just been legitimized” and therefore are not an iPhony

Let’s take a look at a recent product that in my mind was not legitimate and it’s a product that everyone has seen, The Snuggie.  Seriously a backwards robe is not a legitimate product and doesn’t serve a legitimate need.  The Snuggie has sold over 4 million backwards robes; therefore legitimizing them.  “So who am I and what do I know?”

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…  One woman’s phony is another woman’s expert.

Do you think the Internet and Social Media is Creating Illegitimate Experts, Gurus, Leaders… or iPhony’s?   Share Your Thoughts!

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