National #FistBump Day

fist-bump-obamaFor those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I am the guy who invented the #FistBump on Twitter, I’ve used it daily on twitter for over 2yrs, made it into a hashtag and trademarked it.  You may be laughing out loud at the trademark; however when dealing with an intellectual property like a logo, symbol, phrase… individuals and entities have rights to common law trademark use.  Enough of that funny legal mumbo jumbo and me trying to sound important; let’s get to defining a #FistBump and Talking about National #FistBump Day

Each and every day on Twitter I have someone send me a message asking me what the #FistBump is… and I have to define it for them.

My definition of a #FistBump- Similar to a high-five, it’s a hand-gesture or hand-shake involving two people bumping their knuckles or fists together in some fashion.  There are many variations of this hand-gesture and a variety of names ie. knuckles, dap, pound…

On June 3rd. 2008, President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama exchanged what has been known as “The #FistBump that was heard around the world”  as seen in the picture above.  President Obama was obviously not the first person to give a #FistBump as black folks have been #FistBumping for as long as I can remember;  I grew up calling it dap. 

In honor of President Obama’s #FistBump, my friends over at National #FistBump Day are making June 3rd. National #FistBump Day.  They have been getting some national media attention from outlets like the Huffington Post, MSNBC, Mother Jones and others.  Go check out the National #FistBump Day Website, spread the word and more importantly be sure and share some #FistBump love tomorrow June 3rd. in honor of National #FistBump Day.

Follow me on Twitter via @scottwilliams  and you will be sure to receive a Twitter #FistBump.

Do you use the #FistBump as a form of handshake?  What other names do you use besides #Fistbump?

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