The Definition Of A Great Leader!

leader definitionIt’s always fun to read leadership quotes and hear the varying opinions on the definition of a great leader.  It’s one of those concepts, in which everyone seems to have an opinion about.  If you go to webster and see how they define these two words separately, here is what you get:

  • Leader– A Person or thing that leads
  • Great– Notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding:

If you combine the two you get something like: Great LeaderA noteable person or thing that is remarkle, exceptional or outstanding at leading.  Although that is a “definition of a great leader” it doesn’t necessarilly communicate my definition or your definition of a great leader.

If I were to ask you to give me a definition of a great leader, we could come up with some amazing quotes, thoughts and definitions.  Instead of asking for a definition, I am wanting you the BigIsTheNewSmall thinkers to define a great leader in one word.  Just like there is power in a quote, there is power in one word.  These words will be unique to you, how you think, who you are, what you’ve expereiced…

The Rules: Define a “Great Leader” in one word.  (You can use the same word that someone else used)

I’ll go fist…  Everyone please join in and who knows, you may see these words pop up in another post or somewhere else at a later date. 

BigIsTheNewSmall: Think Big… Think Small!

  • Scott Williams


  • Encourager (to give courage)

  • cathi


  • “Motivational”

  • Redirector

    I don’t want people to follow me. I want them to follow Him. To redirect their path and lead them toward Him.

  • Connected and following where He leads them

  • Jesus

  • Chiny

    Vision (staying focused on it)

  • Inspiservational – The leader serves and inspires others to do the same.

  • Apostle

  • Charismatic

  • Surrendered

  • I have to agree with Cathi, the word I try to remember as I lead my teams is Servant. Of course, each reply could be interwoven to be related with every other reply. 🙂

    Nice job picking a discussion topic!

  • toddruth


  • rob


  • Visionary

  • Pointman

  • zimman


  • humble

  • AymeeFarris


    I believe a true leader is a joyful servant…kind of like how Jesus served those He loved. It’s that quality that makes me follow Him!

  • I believe a great leader is “Humble”. If you have to flex your authoritive position, then you lack humility. Great leaders never have to enforce their position; it’s always understood. I also feel that “secure(ity)” is a great leadership quality. When we are secure in God, secure in yourself, and your position, you carry yourself with a positive energy that easily absorbs and changes the atmosphere around you!!!!!

  • amooyoung


  • Follower

  • soonergal9


  • Secure

  • transparent (grin)

  • I like Winston Churchill as a great leader, especially giving Britian a backbone with his “Finest Hour” speech.

  • Jim Meldrim


  • @lookupward


  • Jen


  • Mindimahon


  • One word? Ok. A great leader is: anyone who can answer a question like this in one word. Oops. I just disqualified myself! Can I start over? Servant!

  • james


  • kari4ou


  • “it”

    i know. i cheated but it’s so true.

  • kimme741


  • Obedient.

  • Michele


  • Inspiring

  • memorable

  • Influencer

  • Rebecca Good


  • compassionate I really enjoy your site so keep up the great work.

  • TonyH


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  • Tareq Hasan

    Meaningfully accountable for others performance.

  • Cindi Mayeux


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