7 Things Twitter Is Not

Twitter is not…:

  • 1. Email– Stop thinking that you you have to answer every tweet, read every tweet; and when you miss some tweets, stop feeling like your twitter inbox is full.  Imagine Twitter as a River and Not as a Lake… Twitter is not email!
  • 2. A Chat-room– Don’t think you and your friends can have an open stream of conversations that last 15-20 tweets, take that stuff to DM… Twitter is not a chat-room!
  • 3. A Porn Site– Take your soft porn and bikini profile pics somewhere else, everyone knows that you just cropped the pics from the web and you really aren’t impressing anyone and don’t get me started on the vulgar spam pics popping up on tweeps follwing list… Twitter is not a porn site!
  • 4. Your Personal Address Book– If you think that you have to personally know everyone that you follow or follows you, you are missing the point of Twitter.  You don’t have to personally know all of your tweeps; however you can make some great friendships and connections…  Twitter is not your personal address book!
  • 5. The Barney Show– Don’t feel like you have to sing the “Barney Song”  with everyone in the Twitterworld: “I follow you, you follow me… we are one big happy twamily, with a great big follow from me to you, won’t you say I’ll follow you to.”  You can reciprocate follows if you want to, especially if they seem interesting, seem like someone you want to connect with, a celebrity you like, add value to the conversation, have similar interests/backgrounds, are not spammers etc.  Don’t feel obligated to follow-back anybody and everybody, keyword “Obligated”… Twitter is not The Barney Show!
  • 6. A Courtroom: Just because you have a contrarian opinion about something someone tweeted, doesn’t mean they are going get into a courtroom debate with you in the Twitterworld.  They tweet and you comment, or you tweet and they comment and it stops there.  Don’t try to round up all of your @ buddies to get your back in some kind of debate.  Twitter Is not A Courtroom!
  • 7. Facebook: There are many similarities between Twitter and Facebook and many people even have Facebook and Twitter linked together; however they are different they are not one in the same.  They do different things, and  people are divided about which one they prefer.  Twitter is simple and easy and Facebook is not.  Facebook is making a bunch of cha’ ching and Twitter is not… Yet!  Although they both may be from Arkansas and are kissing cousins.  Twitter is not Facebook!

There are so many things that Twitter Is… and even more things that Twitter Is Not! Share your thoughts on any of these 7 Things Twitter Is Not and add some additional things to the Twitter Is Not list.

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  • Great points! I’d like to see you expand upon the differences in #7

  • adambhewitt

    great post thanks. I really like coing back here every so often for some real, no nonsense wisdom. Good stuff.

  • You funny!! Excellent points – all well-taken. I’ve gone through some cycles and some maturing but have come to agree with you.

  • Awesome stuff…Here’s a feew I’ve learned so far in addition to all the ones i totally agree with in your post.

    Twitter isn’t
    1. A Report: I’m at work or It’s nice outside or I’m having lunch…BORING!! Give me details if you want me to follow you ya know? I’m eating steak with green beans or It’s raining outside and the streets are flooded, frogs jumping everywhere 🙂

    2. Faceless: PUT a PIC on your profile! What is the deal with a pic-less profile? Amazing..no face but wants to have convo’s

  • One interesting thing on #5. With the beauty of using tweetdeck I can follow back all those who follow me, but make sure that I REALLY keep up with those I’m interested in. Is that disingenuous, or would it be better not to follow back in that case?

  • I agree with all seven…although what Twitter is and is not is still in the making.

  • Jenna

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon!

  • Me too! Well-stated.

  • @ #2: Twitter is not a chat room. I know it’s not but a lot of the time I follow people I still can’t send them direct messages! I don’t seem to be able to comment on posts, I can just send @ replies and sometimes direct message friends. 🙁 It’s a shame because I would like to see comments on my tweets too. But I guess that’s more of a Facebook thing.

  • Twanica

    Thank you! Straight to the point and “real talk.” I must re-tweet this!

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  • Great post…
    It seems there are many people in Twitterland who do not follow your ideas…too bad.

  • Not that I disagree with all 7, but this is my thoughts I’ve posted before…

    Who wrote the rules of Twitter…you, you, or you? | Nicole Yeary http://ht.ly/1NHYt

  • Fatos

    I really like this article. It can just give some ideas to whole tweeps . I personally liked the manner of explaining things. Really very true.


  • Jal

    Hah.. brilliant! I loved your tone and the fact that ‘you dont have to follow everyone who follows u’

  • hahaha, fun facts..

  • Ariel

    Do whatever you want on Twitter… Have fun 😛

  • Ginger

    I think a better phrasing for number 7 is Facebook is not Twitter. I can’t stand when people use hashtags on Facebook, using a hashtag on Facebook is as useful as me using a hastag in this comment #notworthadamn

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