This Adultery Madness Has Got To Stop!

South Carolina Governor admits to an affair!  Let’s call it what it is, “It’s not an affair… It’s Adultery and It’s Sin!”  The Governor did make a few of good statements in his press conference: “There are moral absolutes, God’s law is there to protect you from yourself and there are consequences if you breech those laws.”

I just blogged about this a week ago in a post entitled: “Pastors, Players, Pimps… Stop Cheating!”

Gentlemen, Men, Fathers, Leaders… This Adultery Madness Has Got To Stop!  That’s all I have to say!

If you have something to say, feel free to share your thoughts!

  • Let this be a call loud and strong for all men to do whatever it takes to keep your marriages healthy – emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and sexually.

    And wives – you need to be cognizant of the space that is between you and your husband – take responsibility and fight for your relationship.

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  • Des

    Gentlemen, Men, Fathers, Leaders…

    Wait a minute; are these men having sex with each other?

  • fanuvdaman

    yes i agree all the illicit affairs and the corruption the infighting it all should stop but we know there is yet more to come because weeds grow more weeds

  • Scott – I agree…the madness has to stop.

    Since the news of Ensign, Sanford (and now McNair), I have been writing about marriage, and have taught on it the last two weeks at church. Using Proverbs 7, I put together three messages called, “The Anatomy of an Affair.” I will write about and teach part three this weekend. Based on what I’ve been teaching, I put together an assessment to help married folks measure their current success in keeping their marriage affair-proof. It’s all online at

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