Weekend Movie Reviews

movie reviewDid you watch a Movie at the Theater this weekend?  Do you have an opinion or thoughts about the movie?  Please Share!  You can share any information that you would like; however the only information that we need is: The Name of The Movie,  your Star Rating out of 5 Stars and any additional comments.  You are  now officially a Movie Reviewer… GO!

  • Transformers 2 ~ 3 stars ~ awesome special effects, painfully lame script and story line

  • The proposal: 5 stars…and it’s not only because i’m a chic. It was truly a funny movie all around 🙂

    Tranformers 2: man…I love action flicks and I had HIGH hopes for this one, but I hate that it had SO much profanity and too much sexual innuendos (not that any amount would be “sufficent or enough”). So, I would give it a 2.3

  • Chiny

    I saw Pelham 1-2-3 with Denzel Washington and John Travolta. It was a good movie, the ending was OK, could’ve ended a little better. I just find it hard now-a-days to see a movie and find something to write home about. A lot of movies I see are just OK. It’s as if movies today are not of the same quality they used to be. Either that or I’m getting old LOL.

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