Important Leadership Lesson For All Leaders

do nothingLeadership is one of those constantly fluid moving pieces of work.  Great Leadership happens in motion, it happens in movement, it happens in action it happens in planning, it happens with thinking, it happens with vision… and it doesn’t happen by accident.  This premise creates a problem for some leaders, because they always feel the need to do something, to control something and to make something happen.

In my opinion, an Important Leadership Lesson For All Leaders is to realize the fact that it’s important to “Do Nothing!”  I know that sounds crazy; however it’s imperative as a leader to find seasons when you sit back and “Do Nothing!”  Not only do you sit back and “Do Nothing!” you must find contentment with that season.  This doesn’t mean be a dead-beat, lazy bum of a leader; it means you have developed systems, developed leaders, created margin, experienced success… and you are in a season where your “Do Nothing!”   Embracing the “Do Nothing!” seasons allows you to be fully prepared and energized for the upcoming seasons of “Make It Happen!”

Leaders have to embrace the fact that they are like a team in a row boat:  They have plotted the destination, they are rowing hard, they experience momentum, they catch a tail-wind and they must embrace that brief season and “Do Nothing!”  The destination of success is a long ways out and if the leader and the team keeps rowing and rowing and rowing in the season where the momentum and and tail-wind will carry them… they will prematurely tire out.

Don’t unnecessarily exasperate your leadership or your team, embrace the seasons of “Do Nothing!”

Can you or your leader embrace the “Do Nothing!” seasons?  Are “Do Nothing!” seasons necessary?  Share your thoughts!

  • Great post Scott, as a Youth Minister I find it tough to develop quality leaders that allow me to sit back and, as you put it, “Do nothing” but I feel blessed to be at a place right now that has great leaders ready and willing to dive in wherever and whenver needed. What I hear you saying is, to be a great leader we need to develop great leaders that allow us to “Do nothing.”

  • You referring to dreaming, thinking, refreshing it would appear. In that case it’s a MUST for any leader! It also let’s you SEE how well you lead when you step away..”Does the ship start to sink? Does everyone know what to do without You around?
    Great verse for your note pad picture ready?
    “Be still and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10

  • Scott I like your thoughts here. One of the strangest times I have found in ministry is when I have been so quiet. I have no urgent work to do, but it has been one of the most fruitful seasons. The problem is, most of us think that if we are sinking deep in a pile of tasks we aren’t doing enough for the kingdom of God!

  • I think it’s important to remember that we are fellow labourers TOGETHER with God and that when we are actively endeavoring to do our part, there is a time to step back and watch what God will do. We need to take time for ourselves, and time with Him so that we may remain strong, then we can achieve the exploits

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  • Wow, lots of different views on this topic of “Do Nothing” and I dig the boldness of how you put it.

    I don’t believe what you’re saying is to build people, JUST to sit back and “do nothing”, but to build people (pour into them) as a form of 1. replacing yourself & 2. in order for the ship to sail smotthly (as Marc put it) when you [us as leader] are “out/do nothing”.

    I totally agree and have personally experienced the value of that. And I’m looking forward to experiencing that value come this fall………….as I prepare today for tomorrow.

  • Back in November I traveled to meet with my mentor and planned an extra day for just white space. Nothing but solitude and a notebook. So much fruitfulness came from that time. (I spent it hanging out on a gorgeous day at the MLK historic site the Saturday after the election. Incredibly inspirational.) I am still going back to that notebook for more stuff to execute from those ideas.

    Then, earlier this month, I was blessed with two whole weeks of nothing. After six years of a dead sprint in ministry, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. But it was a sweet time. It’s gone now though. Back to the race. I’m rested and ready for it.

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