Two Is Better Than One!

2It has been 2 years since I launched this random blog that you have come to know as  The blog name and overall thought of blogging was inspired by Mr. Blogger himself Seth Godin and his book Small Is the New Big; I wonder if Seth will stop by and say Happy Birthday?  I have shared some e-mail conversation w/ Seth and I love all of his books; especially his newest book Tribes

I want to acknowledge that there would not be a BigIsTheNewSmall without you guys/gals reading… Thanks for reading!

Some Year Two Randomness:

We are expecting Big Things for during this upcoming year.  My site is being re-designed from scratch as we speak, in addition to en entire logo/brand makeover… It’s going to be off the chizzain! 

Thanks again to the ridiculous number of new readers, the regulars, the silent readers and especially those who subscribe.  Thanks to all my co-bloggers; which are those of you who jump in the conversation via comments, that’s what truly makes a blogging community.  I would like to ask each of you to do me a small favor: Subscribe to my blog here and If you are on Twitter let your tweeps know about BigIsTheNewSmall.   

Thanks a million for reading… I’ve truly enjoyed these 2 years.  Remember: Two Is Better Than One!

A few questions:

  • What type of posts do you enjoy reading most at BigIsTheNewSmall?
  • What tagline would you create for BigIsTheNewSmall?
  • Share any other thoughts, memories, favorite posts or ideas to make this year even better. 
  • good job sir! i pray you the best and look forward to the new site design.

  • Happy Anniversary and can’t wait to see the new look.

  • Happy 2 Years! Glad you blog 🙂

  • OK Scott. I don’t like getting “fed”. I prefer to just surf to the blog and read it myself. BUT, just for you, I subscribed to yer blog, and I’ll try to use that new fangled feedme thingy. (grin)
    Happy anniversary! I prefer the controversial stuff to all that leadership stuff, cause, not a leader. (grin) I’m not real fond of the tagline stuff, still learning it. How about tagline: beam me up Scotty? (grin) Here’s a thought for next year. I don’t get enough videos from you, so how about the next time you do the drink thing, you draw somebody who comments from a hat and meet with them to share the drink and thoughts. And you video it so you can post highlights of it. Like, you know, you accidentally snorting soda out yer nose or something. Now that would be good blog video! (grin)

  • Happy Anniversary bro. I enjoy the debatable biblical topics and the leadership stuff, anyone who says they are NOT a leader is “avoiding” a calling to lead (grin), I know because I used to say it all the time until God slapped me upside the head.
    Tagline- “Expect the unexpected” “Big things come in small randomnesses” “It’s ALL about what’s INSIDE”..(grin)

  • Applause for great thoughts, topics and most of all sharing with the world in order to bring it closer or bring a sparkle in someone’s day. Blessings and Props #fb as well!

  • Traci

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • thanks … wondered how you came up with your blog title and what it meant.

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