That Dirty Little Secret Will Ruin You!

dirty secretWith all of the discussion surrounding the death of retired Titans Quarterback Steve McNair; I thought it was important to make one thing clear… That Dirty Little Secret Will Ruin You!   Amidst his recent murder, people are raising questions about the married Quarterback’s off the field/personal life and adulterous dealings with his alleged 20 year old girlfriend.  The question is whether or not those off the field actions and Dirty Little Secrets should affect his or any other person in a similar situation’s philanthropy, good deeds, life-long career and good standing in the community.  

The answer is absolutely, positively Yes it should affect you, it will affect you and bottom line is: That Dirty Little Secret Will Ruin You!   If you don’t believe me look at the life of Christian Evangelist Ted Haggard and countless others… simply survey their lives before and after those Dirty Little Secrets Were Exposed.  You can read all of the latest news on the McNair Story here.

This is not about casting stones; as a matter of fact this applies to each and every one of us.  Those Dirty Little Secrets that stay in the dark will Ruin You if and when they come to light.  By God’s Grace, we can absolutely be forgiven for our actions and for our sins; however that doesn’t negate the fact that, That Dirty Little Secret Will Ruin You! 

Expose those Dirty Little Secrets and remember you can be forgiven and you can be restored; however you can still be ruined!  That Dirty Little Secret Will Ruin You!  Not only will it Ruin You… it will devastate, hurt, crush and at times even ruin those you closest to you.  Please continue to pray for Steve McNair’s wife, children, family and friends.

Can and should one Dirty Little Secret Ruin You?  Share Your Thoughts!

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  • It’s so true. I was just thinking tonight about how people think they can get away with things and you never can. Even if you never get caught (which you usually do) it always effects you.

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  • Character, integrity!. What was his legacy? If life was a Football game, he was great, Pro Bowl material, Top Notch. Life isn’t a game, he learned that in a tragic way. Listen people the BIBLE is clear about this:
    “but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”
    1 JOHN 1:7

  • I think the dirty little secrets prove that no matter how generous and caring our hearts are, we all fall short of perfection. There is probably something somewhere that we prefer to hide from others–it’s consequences big or little.

    I also think we can honor and lament at the same time. In this case, he did good deeds that helped others and perhaps those deeds will change lives. And we can mourn whatever it is that appears to have happened in his character–bearing in mind that one piece of accurate information can change the whole story.

    God bless his wife and kids who will bear the weight of all this attention and grief in public.

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  • Scott,

    I sent a tweet to you today about this, but wanted to respond in a little more detail. To begin, let me state that based on what I am hearing out of Nashville there is NO scenario in which Steve McNair comes out of this situation looking good. He did things wrong. However, his death was not a direct result of what he did wrong.

    My point earlier, most people would view the situation differently if McNair and his wife had agreed to separate and were each dating other people. I am not saying this would acceptable. However, it would wipe out the “dirty little secret” aspect here. That is what I disagree with – that is situation involves a secret.

    At this point, I don’t know and it doesn’t like you know if Steve McNair’s situation is comparable to Ted Haggard’s. Its not clear that McNair lied to anyone or concealed the relationship from his wife. We have all assumed (and probably rightly so) that McNair lied and covered up the fact he was seeing this 20 year old.

    I agree that sin, especially secret sin is destructive. The only that is relevant to me at this point is whether McNair had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

    I agree with the commenter above who said “God bless his wife and kids who will bear the weight of all this attention and grief in public.”

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  • I really don’t think there are any dirty little secrets because you can’t hide anything from God. On the news it said that McNair’s wife had no idea this was going on and yes that’s wrong. Should he have had to pay with his life? I don’t think so but God’s word says that the wages of sin is death. I can’t judge him because I know what God forgave me for and I’m thankful that his grace and mercy much more abound in my life.

  • This story also reminded me of the record in God’s word where a woman was caught in the act of adultery and they were going to stone her. Jesus Christ said to the people “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and soon there weren’t any people around. We all fall short. God’s word is profitable for doctrine (right beieving and actions) reproof (to tell us where we’re off) and correction back to the right way of beiieving.

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