70 Reasons People Follow You On Twitter!

followSince #FollowFriday is dying a slow death and can barely make the Trending topics anymore, I thought I would capture the essence of what makes people follow others on Twitter.  I sent out a tweet asking this simple question:   What makes you want to follow someone on twitter? Your @replies will be a blogpost! Ready, Set, Go!

The Tribe Had Spoken and the bottom line according to Twitterers is:  People want to follow Tweeps that are interesting, like minded, provide useful information, good content, authentic, tweet about God, responsive, real, humorous, interesting profile…  The overwhelming response is that people want to follow interesting people!  Check out these 70 Reasons People Follow You On Twitter! Remember, your overall best bet to get followers is not to follow some get rich follower scheme; instead reciprocate and interesting in some shape, form or fashion!

Note:  This post is almost a year old and still seems to resonate.  I think Follow Friday may be making a comeback since this post was written. 5-21-01

  1. @ScottWilliams  I follow all types of tweeps; however I prefer those who are real, interesting, enlightening, inspiring, humorous & those who @reply & folow me!
  2. @dustytakle  Some people are just entertaining
  3. @vinceparker  I like to follow people who have interesting tweets.
  4. @LifeChurchNW  I you are a staff member of the NW Oklahoma City Campus of LifeChurch.tv
  5. @StephyBarlow   The tweeter must have challenging or humorous tweets. Love deep thinking and a good laugh!
  6. @msfbpuddin  if their tweets are retweetable or I know them and so I can’t ignore them…
  7. @StefLeppard  I follow on Twitter ppl I know, who have similar interests, ppl or orgs who want to make world or community better…
  8. @chuckdennie  a positive approach to life, lessons on leadeship, and people who don’t take themselves too seriously get a follow from me
  9. @rebeccagood  what @chuckdennie said. if you aint got nothing inteesting to say, you don’t get a follow from me.
  10. @find_ch  a fun bio is my first hook (people, BIO!) then an occupation or hobby I like + plus good/fun tweets w/out doing 50 a min 24/7
  11. @mnphysicist  engaging folks, RT’s, interesting tweets, links, & bio = follow. no follow if get rich quick, porn, spam, or fake expert
  12. @coffeechicka  content of their timeline..how oftn they post.I dnt exclude them if they dnt tweet bout #jesus, but dnt tolerate profanity.
  13. @rogerbain  What makes me what to follow someone on twitter? People who tweet significant or applicable info. get followed.
  14. @Kimmlee   If they have something interesting, entertaining, or inspirational to say then I’ll follow them.
  15. @marjae  If we have common interests, live in a nearby geographic vicinity, or I feel they can teach me something I want to learn
  16. @MarjyMeechan  Interesting tweets, interesting website and interaction with followers, some kind of avatar and no promises of followers.
  17. @speli  I follow those that engage in kind interaction with interesting information and those in fields where I would like to be.
  18. @doglvr4evr  relevance to me/my life, inspiration, knowledge, exchange opinions
  19. @aldrineperez  Either they’re a celebrity or a frequent blogger.
  20. @DakmansGiggidy  for you brother wisdom!
  21. @awaketoday  Nice avatar+fun bio+ONE interesting tweet = follow
  22. @Rick_Smith  If they are actually saying something! (most people on twitter aren’t saying anything!) oh yah, and your not a SEO “expert”
  23. @DannyBDaniels  I look for encouragers on Twitter.
  24. @jimbotts People who remind me that Jesus is King, and help me fulfill His mission better!
  25. @joshchapman content, content, content
  26. @nadia_alexis I follow interesting people. What matters most to me is if I can learn from them or hold conversations with them on Twitter.
  27. @Andrew_Martin  do I know them, r they friends, I’m not much for following coaches, marketing etc, it’s a tool to connect with friends
  28. @Poetwriter  People who are interesting and one step beyond the normal feed. People who stand out with clarity.
  29. @QualityFrog  Interesting discussion w others I know leads me to follow. (Too bad twitter no longer shows @replies to those I don’t follow)
  30. @MissSaraMarie  I’m a little late but I follow people because they are funny, smart, savvy and give me something to think about.
  31. @kylepanter I follow ppl I know & those I want 2 get 2 know. I also follow a few pro golfers 2 learn from the best.
  32. @marvinlwilliams  I like to follow ppl who add value to my life and ministry, ppl who r thinkers, ppl who are funny, and ppl who r transparent.
  33. @faceitgc I want to follow ppl that give me tips & resources as well as enlarge my online influence
  34. @cedarcreek_  I follow those who aren’t afraid to expose their human side. Quotations I can get from a bot. Solutions ++, Complaints-
  35. @offgridworship   It’s easy to unfollow, so I give peeps who follow me a chance unless they are obviously just promoting a product or service.
  36. @eddie_stephens  and following those who I just like staying connected with…everyones generally interesting if they can keep it to 140 char
  37. @offgridworship  It’s easier to tell you why I don’t follow. They are following a bunch of people & have like 1 update-a link to a website.
  38. @lisacolondelay  I follow creative, interesting, people of all stripes. usually enjoy a good attitude more. The more brains, the better.
  39. @eddie_stephens  I enjoy following those who inspire, help me think outside the lines, r occasionally random, and r real minus hype
  40. @CowboyJoey  ppl that I cn connect w/! R they just talking or do they have something 2 say! Also lk ppl who follow back. Sports stuf 2
  41. @shellyinGB   I know them irl, or a celeb I want 2 follow, or I’ve connected w/them thru online community or they seem interesting
  42. @iChilly  sexy profile pic (of course)! hmmm, well, maybe not. I follow people that have a point. I follow people who talk about God
  43. @derrickhenslee  like to follow people I’ve connected with or share similar challenges with. I also like people that challenge my thinking.
  44. @chriswhill  I like following peeps with common interests. There’s just something about a common bond.
  45. @Ninapilar  Mutual interest in varied issues = instant access to news I want to hear instead of limited info provided via mass media
  46. @1ANDONLYHEATHER  people that share your intrests, people you think are funny, or that you know…
  47. @Johnwsnyder  authenticity and originality.
  48. @melindadanielle  I know them personally, or have some common interest with them.. like church or sound or something
  49. @michaelharrison  I follow those who inspire me & r passionate about serving others n Jesus’ name. Encouragers r rare. Being real is so needed
  50. @mushymishy  > I follow those who share the same interest w/ mine and those posting helpful links about blogging and web design.
  51. @sojourner5  I follow people who have something in common with me, or have interesting or funny things to say + people I know.
  52. @adawk  I follow people with similiar interest, people who are near my locale, people who tweet thought provoking ideas
  53. @kenmillerjr  …to keep up-to-date with thoughts, opinions or what my friends are doing.
  54. @steveharrison  like 2 follow those I know, who I have commonality with, encouragers, & those who r real!!
  55. @kenmillerjr  …with that I would have never been able to connect without Twitter. That is just one reason. Another one is the ability…
  56. @pamfidler  I find those I follow most R inspiring, encourageing, enlightening, & tru compassionate friends or those who wld lk 2 B.
  57. @cGt2099  I check ratio of followers vs following. If they have more followers, they usually have something interesting to say
  58. @kenmillerjr  Interesting and relevant posts to what I do and things I enjoy. It is also great meeting new people that I can communicate…
  59. @steveb7  I only follow someone inspiring, interesting, or really funny.
  60. @joshbuckner  Thoughtful tweets and authenticity!
  61. @jdunham  I follow people who expand my knowledge and my mind. Not narcissistic tweets about navel gazing.
  62. @boobtubious  People that are funny and/or informative.
  63. @ThisisMo  If someone I respect is following them, then I will. I figure great leaders listen to other great leaders, so I eavesdrop
  64. @gidgey  frequent and interesting, uplifting posts
  65. @tcrobinson  Similar interests, whether religion, sports, politics, music, books, and so on…
  66. @bill_todd  solid content, Komedy Gold, helpful links, interesting people. I follow most who follow me.
  67. @mikedmerrill  Share valuable content, engage and RT your content, Positivity, full profile
  68. @alexsantxo  one who disseminates good content and one who is willing to engage every now & then. Humour is great also.
  69. @rickwhite   informs me, inspires me, or encourages me.
  70. @dodegaard   how they challenge my own thinking. Others because they make me laugh like I need at least once everyday. Enriches life.

Share your thoughts on any of these Reasons and add additional to the list!  RT

#FistBump to all my Tweeps that responded and Thx 4 Following Me!

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