Confessions Of A Twitterer

Those of you that follow my blog and Twitter stream know that I’m a huge proponent of twitter.  A Couple of days ago I shared a post entitled “70 Reasons People Follow You On Twitter” and it received alot of views and retweets…  how many is alot; well like my son used to say, “A whole big bunch.”  There were a couple of primary reasons that people follow you, #1 was being interesting and another at the top of the list was authenticity.  I thought I would take a stab at authenticity and give you the opportunity to be authentic as well, by adding to this Confessions Of A Twitterer Post. 

Here We Go:

  • I think some Twitter profile pics are weird!
  • The Porn people on Twitter really irritate me.
  • I have an auto Welcome DM response on my account that reads: #FistBump to ya’ Thanks For Following My Random Tweets/Random Life. FYI-My random blog is
  • I’m encouraged when people send DM’s and @replies  saying my tweets positively impact their life.
  • I have met people on Twitter and as a result we have met in real life.
  • I think it’s ridiculous and laughable when someone that has 19k less followers than me sends me a DM telling me how to get more followers.  I don’t like silly DM’s.
  • I have a search column on Tweetdeck for ScottWilliams.
  • Most of my tweets are 120 characters or less to leave room to be re-tweeted.
  • I view Twitter as part of my ministry.
  • Many people ask me where I come up with my quotes… I wish I had a profound answer; however 9 times out of 10 I make em’ up in a few seconds.
  • I set up Twitter accounts over a year ago for my wife @Lakendria  and my two sons ages 6 and 10.  My wife uses hers and the boys don’t… Yet!
  • I’ve gotten caught stretching the truth on my exact location… “I’ll tell @LaKendria  I’m almost in the neighborhood and forget that I just tweeted: Just leaving the office.”
  • I consider retweets to be one of the biggest forms of a Twitter compliment. 
  • I don’t digg the fake This Is God & This Is Jesus Tweeps; however I do know that God is Omnipresent and that includes Twitter!
  • I believe the Twitter community is as legitimate as any or maybe even the most legitimate social media community.
  • I don’t follow many people that don’t follow me…  Sorry Celebrity Tweeps!
  • I pray for people on Twitter.
  • Several people have stated that me following them makes them nervous, because I’m a Pastor.
  • I might be a Twitteraholic!
  • I’m not a robot…  I’ve been asked that question; now you understand what I mean by silly DM!

I could go on and on; however I want you to share your confessions!  I’ll add some more to the comment section or I’m sure I’ll agree with some of yours!

  • Love it. You are my Twitter inspiration!

  • I MISS Twitter and will SOON return guns blazin!!
    (August baby yeah)
    YOU are one of the very best I know of out there bro, Twitter can GET a person in trouble, it IS a powerful tool and should be used for the Good of mankind(I sound like I’m winning an award) AND…
    Twitter is probably the FASTEST place to learn and hear info, I hear about MJ before it hit the News circuit, how a bout Iran Etc,..

  • Mrs. T Clark

    You inspire and encourage people (myself included) with your positive and thought provoking tweets on twitter. I am glad that you are using twitter as a ministry to teach people about the love of Jesus! That’s awesome! I will continue to follow you on twitter as you follow Christ.

  • Hi my name is Cyndi and I am a twitterholic!

  • You just about answered every reason I need when someone walks up to me and says whats so great about Twitter anyway? There are peeps I would not have gotten to know as well as I have if I had not been on Twitter. People tend to be a bit more transparent on twitter than an intial meet and greet in person. This allows you both to be more honest and real with each other. There have been a number of times I have talked to people who dont twitter but read my twitters and are impacted, its definitely an awesome ministry opportunity…. Hi, My name is Jeff and I am a twitterholic.

  • I have twittered in church. I also sent a tweet once while driving. I am tweeting right now from a hospital room. I have met some great people on twitter. I use twitter to learn from others. I try to be strategic when I tweet.

  • I am obsessed over twitter. I deleted my myspace page and joined the twitter bandwagon. I love it. In less than 140 character, you find out a lot about someone.

  • I found twitter to be a great way to get closer to God!

  • Good stuff! I like it..

    You were just prayed for.

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