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Is This What People Think About The Church? If so, it’s sad…

hypocritesQuite awhile ago I shared a poem that I had written entitled “I Don’t Want To Go To Your Church.” My intent with the poem was to share some observations and feelings from the perspective of a first time attender in a church environment.  The post was well received for the most part and then out of nowhere I received a lengthy passion-filled comment from a somewhat anonymous person named “Hulk.”  Maybe they decided to go by Hulk because they were angry, muscular or maybe even green; nonetheless their comment is below.

If you want to read the post in it’s entirety and get some perspective on Hulk’s original comment and response to other commenters, you can click here.

Here is Hulk’s response to my post titled: “I Don’t Want To Go To Your Church.”

“What a true post! I relate 100% with that!
I’m really tired of hearing stuff like what rencal said “God does say ‘come as you are,’ however He does not say ’stay where you are at!’”

God accepts and loves where you are at 100% of the time. The problem is that in the walls of the church, in the middle of all the numb, like-minded, judgmental people, you will find that they hurl stuff like ‘He doesn’t say stay where you’re at’.

There’s no compassion or understanding with where people often find themselves stuck! Be honest, life is hard, problems are hard. Problems are not overcome in 5 seconds, they can take years to work through in your life, and sometimes after making progress you still stuff up!

The church needs people to be honest with where they’re at. The church needs to know how to hear honesty without launching the judgement rocket.

The church, as it is, does not know how to live honestly. It takes people who are searching for truth and engulfs them in a culture of talk. A culture of people that are mask wearers and fakers.

Imagine if somebody in “leadership” were to be honest and talk about where they’re at! Do YOU think the church would accept that? If they were truly honest with the problems that plague their life, they would be stood down from leadership.

So instead of embracing truth and honesty, they are locked away in a lonely closet. They want to change, they want to be accepted for who THEY REALLY ARE, but that can’t be found in the church! They are too busy pretending and judging.

Faye, your church is just like that. You may be welcoming (an evangelistic technique), but what about being real? Church by definition is like that. There is no escape. Churches are filled with modern day Pharisees. The Pharisees today just litter their talk with WORDS like, grace, forgiveness, Jesus, acceptance, but it is all based on performance, position and recognition.

I detest this man-made construct. It is hollow. It is the same as any other group out there. There is no difference in your lives; only denial!

God is nothing like this hell-hole we call church. That’s why I don’t go anymore. Tired of the talk. Couldn’t see any walk.”

Is this what people think about The Church?  If so, It’s sad…  I’m not saying that some things aren’t true, it’s just dissapointing and sad!

6 Reasons Pastors Should Twitter

To Twitter or Not To Twitter… that is the question.  This is the question that continues to be asked amongst various age groups, business entities, politicians, government agencies and religious communities.  There was a lively discussion on whether or not you should Twitter in church in a post that I shared a couple of weeks ago entitled 5 Reasons To Twittter During Church.

Today we are going to tackle a different topic and address the 6 Reasons Pastors Should Twitter. As a Twittering Pastor myself, I’m obviously a little biased; however I clearly understand the benefits.  There are many high profile pastors that Twitter, including: @RickWarren, @CraigGroeschel, @StevenFurtick, @AndyStanley  and many more.  Other high profile pastors that have chosen to stay out of the Twitter-World.  Although Pastor Steven Furtick is what would be described as a late adopter of Twitter, he blogged about the positive impact that Twitter had on him in his post How Twitter Is Helping Me.

Here are the 6 Reasons Pastors Should Twitter:

  • 1. Relational Community With Other Pastors- Twittering allows pastors to be a tweet away from what their pastor brethren from around the globe are thinking and doing.  In other-words pastors can actively communicate with, gain wisdom from and glean morsels of insight from pastors around the world; without going to a conference, making a phone call or spending money in the friendly skies.
  • 2. Relational Community With Their Congregation– Pastors have the opportunity to share random daily tidbits of their life with their brick and mortar congregants; in addition to a potentially new realm of digital congregants.  I just made up the term digital congregants, if for some reason that becomes popular, remember you heard it first from me.  Often times congregations only get a glimpse into their pastor’s lives on Sunday morning when they are bringing their preacher A-Game.  Twitter allows congregants to know when and what their pastor is thinking, what they’re reading, what God is showing them and what his or her family is doing at all times. It allows opportunity for an authentic relational closeness that wouldn’t otherwise exist.  Novel Concept: The communication can actually be two-way. 🙂
  • 3. To Fulfill The Great Commission: When Jesus said: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel… “All The World” applies to the Internet-World, as well as the Twitter-World.  A pastor can go into all the world physically and digitally one tweet at a time.
  • 4. To Unleash The Power Of Prayer: A pastor can unleash prayer warriors from around the world at the drop of a tweet.  I know of a real life miracle of a guy who had died several times, heart was not beating for well over an hour and too many other details to describe.  Bottom line is, it did not look good for him to make it according to the nurses and doctors.  Countless people in the Twitterverse were praying for a miracle and it happened.  He’s alive and kicking, against all odds.  This is real, it’s viral and it works!
  • 5. To Reach Those Who Are Lost: I personally connect with many people on Twitter daily who are really far from God.  I’m always receiving questions, words of encouragement, and Thank You’s for reaching out to people in a lost and broken world.   For example, I posted this tweet earlier this morning: Jesus loves you, He knows you by name… Do you know Him? One of the responses was: @PlanetStark  @ScottWilliams Who the F%$# is Jesus? And why does he love me? (His tweet was more explicit than my %$# signs)   I had the opportunity to be a witness and I responded with:  RT @PlanetStark: @ScottWilliams Who the @#$% is Jesus? And why does he love me? // The Son of God, It’s His nature to luv us! Pastors can do what they are called to do… Reach The Lost!
  • 6. WWJD: Jesus Would Twitter; the message doesn’t change, but the methods must change!

    Should pastors Twitter? Why or Why Not?  Does your pastor Twitter?  Share any stories about the impacts of a Twittering pastor.  To Twitter or Not To Twitter… That is The Question!

    All Bloggers & Twitterers Should Do More Of This…

    thxFor those that Blog, Twitter & Facebook it’s always nice to receive e-mails, messages or notes like the random one’s below.  I appreciate both the critical e-mails/comments/messages, as well as the encouraging ones…  although, the encouraging ones are always nice to receive.  Below are a few random notes that some of you have sent me over the last month.  I want to personally say Thank You for reading BigIsTheNewSmall, following my tweets and for the kind notes.  Maybe in the not so near future I will do a post outlining the not so kind e-mails.  Actually, I don’t know that I have even saved them, they probably go directly to the I Don’t Care Folder. 🙂 

    Here are a few of the e-mails/messages: (Disclaimer- I omitted names and location to protect the innocent.)

    • Good Morning Scott, I wanted to send you a Thank You for all you do and the ways you have reached out to the world through Twitter and FaceBook. I am following you on twitter and have your updates sent to my phone. I am so encouraged when I see an update come from you. I look forward to your good morning hello’s, it’s a great way to start the day off on a positive note. Your blog posts allow me to break away from the daily grind and refocus on what’s important. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know they are doing the same for others as they are for me.  Have a great day.
    • Discovered you on Twitter. Luv BigIsTheNewSmall. You’re an inspiration as I just starting my business, website, blogging, etc. It is always great to connect with people who can add to my level of understanding, especially from a Christian perspective.
    • Just wanted to drop you a line and say I love your heart, your tweets, and your blog! Great website, by the way! I’m a pastor/web developer type and agree with your thoughts on social media being a GREAT tool for Kingdom work. Keep it up, brother! Blessings

    As I’m reading back through these notes, I’m reminded that All Bloggers & Twitterers Should Do More Of This.  Just think of how much better the Social Media World and The World in general would be if we took the time to encourage people daily.   I personally try to send encouraging notes to individuals who inspire or challenge me in the world of Social Media; however I need to do more.  There is something subtly powerful about taking the time to simply say Thank You.

    Do you send encouraging notes or Thank You’s to those that encourage, challenge or inspire you in the realm of Social Media?  Can we all do better… Do these notes matter? Share your thoughts!

    On-line Conferences Are STUPID!

    theninesI really don’t think on-line conferences are stupid; however I do think they are S-T-U-P-I-D: Smart, Time-Saving, Universal, Practical, Innovative & Dynamic… STUPID.   In my opinion, this was a much better blog title then something like “Check Out This Conference!”

    The Conference Season is officially here and there are a bunch of them to choose from, my girl Anne Jackson blogged about some upcoming conferences here and my boy Bobby Gruenwald blogged about some upcoming conferences here.  I’m blogging about one conference only (at-least for today) and that conference is THE NINES.

    Some of you might be reading this and saying What Is THE NINES and Who Is THE NINES For?

    The Nines is a Free On-Line Leadership Conference for You… that you includes you and you and you and you.  The Nines answers this question: What if you could sit down across your desk with some of the best church leaders from around the world and hear what they would say to you? That’s the idea behind THE NINES.  THE NINES is a free one-day event that will take place totally on-line. It is designed for church staff, volunteers, members and anyone who wants to be motivated and stretched in their leadership.

    Here is the question for those church leaders Presenting: If you had nine minutes to talk one-on-one with thousands of church leaders, what is the one thing that you would tell them? The result is a series of passionate and personal 9 minute video messages that will help you and your church navigate into the future.

    This conference kicks off on 9/9/09 at 9:09 am central time and it will roll all day long.  You can actually view the conference right here at as we are one of the selected simulcast sites hosting the conference and I am one of the speakers producing a nine minute message.  So block out your day, plan on having lunch at your computer and log on to on 9/9/09 at 9:09.  For a full list of #TheNines simulcast sites check out my buddy Bruce Reyes-Chow’s blog here for the entire list.

    There are over 75 great speakers5,000 7,000 people pre-registered, thousands more will register in the next 12 days, you must be pre-registered and its totally FREE so register here, spread the word and if you’re on Twitter use hastag #TheNines.

    There will be a wide range of great, challenging, controversial, inspiring… topics.  The title/topic of each speakers talk have not yet been released.  I’m curious as to who you are excited to hear from and what topics are you interested in hearing about?

    It's Hard Being An Original

    It’s Hard Being An Original

    It’s hard being an original in a society that’s all about keeping up with the Jones’; Who are the Jones’ anyway?

    It’s much easier to be a copycat, fake, wannabe; than simply being who God created me to be.

    It’s hard being original because people might not understand the real me; Don’t I need to be understood?

    It’s much easier to just follow in the footprints of others, because being an orginal requires me to make footprints of my own.

    It’s hard to be like those great ones that came before me; they were originals.

    It shouldn’t be that hard to be an original because God uniquely made me to be me and not to be them.

    The more comfortable I become looking in the mirror at me and really liking what I see; the more discontent I become with settling for being a wannabe.

    I am who HE says I AM… I’m An Original.

    Shhh God Is Talking!

    shhhI think some of the best advice that we can take as adults is a derivative of advice that we used to get as a child.  If you have young kids you know this statement all to well, if not remember when your parents or adults would utter these words “Shhh (so and so) is talking!”  There are various translations of this saying: don’t talk while grown folks are talking, be quiet and listen, if you don’t pay attention you are gonna miss something, it’s rude to talk while others are talking…

    Shhh God Is Talking!

    If we would just take the time to Shhh, just for a moment and realize that God is always talking; however often times we can’t be still enough or quiet enough to listen.  Shhh God Is Talking!  Stop all of the hustle and bustle of life just for a moment and listen to God’s Whispers.

    Just like your teacher or parents told you growing up, if you don’t Shhh, listen and pay attention… you’re gonna miss something.  If you don’t Shhh and listen to God you’re gonna miss something; that something your gonna miss might just be the life changing words that you need.

    Shhh God Is Talking!  Take the time today to listen…

    Don't Criticize… Be Realized!

    realizedI have been reading Steven Pressfield’s book the War of Art which is a great little read with some great quotes.  As I was reading back through some of my highlights; here is one of the many quotes that stuck out to me:

    Individuals who are realized in their own lives almost never criticize others.  If they speak at all, it is to offer encouragement.

    Please re-read that quote again and allow it to marinate around in your head for just a bit.  Some of the best leaders that I’ve worked for encouraged 10 times more than they criticized.  If you’re confident and realized in your own life, there is no need to beat down others.  I don’t read this quote to say that we can’t find faults or shouldn’t offer constructive criticism…  I process it to say don’t be critical for critical sake.

    I hope this is my life motto; to have enough confidence and be realized because of Christ in me, that I don’t have to be overly critical of others.  As leaders, we are responsible to see the best in people, to encourage them, to develop them and to believe in them.  You find me someone who is a great leader, athlete, educator, artist, pastor, musician… and I’ll you a great life coach along their journey, that was realized enough in their own lives to encourage that person to greatness.

    Don’t Criticize… Be Realized!

    Are You Realized or Do You Just Criticize?  Share your thoughts on this post or Pressfield’s quote.

    Neutrality Is Not Leadership

    neutralNeutrality is defined as: the state of being neutral; refusal to take part in a war between other powers; the policy or status of a nation that does not participate in a war between other nations.  Often times “supposed leaders” will take the position of neutrality rather than taking the position of leadership.  Leadership could care less about neutrality and even thrives on the ability to engage in war with other parties, policies, people, practices, direction, rules… if the engagement can result in moving their team closer to the goal.

    There is nothing weaker than a “supposed leader” that sits in a room and waits to see the direction that the wind is blowing before they make a decision.  A true leader must have a mind of their own and not simply take the position of neutrality because it’s comfortable, feels good or won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.   Neutrality and insecurity are kissing cousins; they go hand-in-hand “Hi my name is name is Bob and I want to be a leader, but deep down I’m insecure; so instead of embracing leadership, I settle for neutrality.”

    A leader should always be wise, discerning and take all things into consideration when making decisions; however they should never make decisions for the sake of being a neutralist.  All of us have either worked for or around a neutralist, or maybe we’re the nuetralist ourselves.  Neutrality Is Not Leadership, because leadership requires movement, engagement, action, war… and neutrality is simply the state of being neutral.

    Remember: Your car doesn’t move while in neutral.  Neutrality embraces status quo, while leadership yearns to grow! 

    Have you worked for or around a nuetralist?  Are you a struggling neutralist?  Share your thoughts on Neutrality vs. Leadership!

    You're A Minister!

    You’re A Minister whether you like it or not! Share your thoughts on this video or your weekend at church!

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