The WWW Church

Watch this video and then do these 4 things:

  1. Post a comment sharing your thoughts on the WWW church
  2. Download the YouVersion Bible Appon your phone.
  3. Check out some of these churches w/ Internet Campuses:, Flamingo Road Church, Seacoast, Newspring, Northpoint   There are many more churches, you can check out Leadership Network’s running list here
  4. Think about how you can use your social media presence to make a difference.
  • I have been attending Christ Fellowship’s online campus for over a year now, firstly because I was thinking about moving out there and then after my accident it was really difficult for me to physically get to church here and I didn’t cope with noise and crowds very much. It was literally a God-send.

    The best thing about it though? The online chat and community. That’s what is the difference between just watching a message online and actually feeling like part of a church.

    I was lucky enough to get to go there in person in March this year and it was so great to feel like part of the family. Pastor David there does an amazing job.

    People looked down on me when I said I was mainly doing church online after my brain injury, but I truly believe God used that media to help me.

  • Your video blog is what my heart is about dude! That is what we are trying to stir up here in Lower Alabama… a community. Period. Whether it’s online or in person. Thanks for your ministry and dedication to the online presence!

    #fistbump x 2

  • Yo, good word for what is running
    after, stay out of the box, ahead of the curve,
    beyond the horizon. Many of these modern tools
    like anything CAN be used for good, use it
    to positively impact the world around you.
    The world is messed up, we have hope in Christ,
    together we can share that hope any way

  • Hey Scott…
    Great post my friend. Needless to say I agree with every point…
    I’ve actually stopped trying to prove to people that online community really exists, works, is Biblical, etc. It is happening. God is changing lives through the Internet, chat rooms, online book studies, and the like. I loved Pr. Craig’s point that today’s controversy will become tomorrow’s M.O.

    Thanks for the link love, the support, and for being a leader in a church that will do anything short of sin to reach the world. I feel blessed to be a part of what God is doing online.

  • Yo Scott!
    FistBump to you, sir. That was an awesome video, bro!

    I’ve been watching these conversations on Twitter for a while, and observing real relationships develop in my own life that were cultivated thru facebook and twitter. So yes! Let’s do whatever it takes (short of sinning) to reach out to people.

    It takes all types of churches to reach all types of people. Keep on!

    Side note: I was thinking, he better have that camera duct taped to the steering wheel and then you turned the corner. That was FUNNY!

  • how did you make that video while driving?


  • Scott Williams

    @sheriyates- I have a mini cam with a bendable gripper tripod.

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