How To Become A Twitter Trending Topic #YesWeCan

yes we canWhen Twitter had originally launched there wasn’t much buzz about the Trending Topics.   It wasn’t until search twitter came along, that finding the Trending Topics became a popular thing to do.  Now you had a place where people could search almost anything, in addition to finding the popular things people were tweeting about from around the world.

Fast forward many months and the Trending Topic mastermind came along a.k.a #FollowFriday.  For a couple of months this was guaranteed to be the Top Trending topic and it would start late Thursday evening.   #FollowFriday has recently been dying a slow death and I forecasted this several months ago.  Don’t get me wrong, people are still making #FollowFriday recommendations; but the popularity rating has decreased.

Twitter Trending Topics overall became even more popular and gained more attention when Twitter put the top 10 trending topics on the front page of everyone’s Twitter account.  It seems as though the only topics that make it to the trending status as of late are topics like: Michael Jackson, Names of Popular TV Shows, iPhone, Conference Hashtags, Sports Teams, Hollywood Stars, Iran or something to do with Twitter.  As I type this post the top trending topics include: Tweets Are Pointless, Send It On, #BRAZILwants BSB, UberTwitter, WipeOut, #WeLoveyouMiley, Kourtney Kardashian, Twitter Analysis, America’s Got Talent and Cubs.

It’s amazing how quickly a topic can start trending because people in the Twitterverse see a topics name, begin searching that topic, start tweeting about that topic and the rest is viral history.  Not long ago Wal-Mart was the top trending topic and it remained at the top because everyone kept tweeting the following question “Why is Wal-Mart a trending topic?”

I’ve always wondered could someone intentionally start a Trending Topic without being a mega influential name or situation.  If the answer is  “Yes” that a group of people can make a topic start trending; then the focussed power of twitter is exponentially more influential.  A person or group can change an election, influence legislation, advance the gospel, boycott products, promote a cause… in a major way.

Let’s see if we can address the statement of: How To Become A Twitter Trending Topic #YesWeCan:

  1. Write about How To Become A Twitter Trending Topic
  2. Use a catchy hashtag like #YesWeCan (Nothing To Do w/ President Obama)
  3. Get a group of people that will start the re-tweeting process
  4. The rest is up to the Twitterverse

So here we go, let’s begin the process of Re-Tweeting… Tweet: How To Become A Twitter Trending Topic #YesWeCan

Note:  This won’t actually work, I have yet to see someone set out to make something a trending topic and it succeed.  Trending Topics happen in a very organic nature; however atleast there is now a blogpost that outlines the ways to become a Twitter Trending Topic. #YesWeCan be a Trend Setter! actually #NoWeCan’t

Do you pay attention to Twitter Trending Topics?  Do you try to find out why they are trending?   Share your thoughts?

  • I wondered how this worked. Thanks for sharing.

  • #onlyYou 🙂

    – @Heredes

    gonna go RT now

  • I whole heatedly agree…it is a pure organic thing and I think the harder you try to make it happen it doesn’t…plus it also depends on how much other “news” worthy things are happening at the same time.

    I started #PraiseReport one Sunday cause of a situation that was happening online involving me and it caught on that night and trended…never set out to do it though.

    I’ve tried to get other things to trend and the more I tried they didn’t. I tried #BBQ one Friday afternoon and it didn’t.

  • It must be hard working running around finding out what the latest trend is. Yawn!!
    Not really in the spirit of what Twitter was set up for!

  • Scott Williams

    Heady- It’s a weird deal altogether
    Heredes- LOL… What’s happening at the FRC
    Jason- I know, I have seen several campaigns to get God and Jesus as a trend and all have been unsuccessful.
    Lancsreporter- Yawn

  • It’s like placing an anchor.

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