"Church Diversity Sucks!" #TheNines

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  • I’m right HERE for #theNines! Bring it Scott!

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  • Our campus staff is hanging here with you Scott for #TheNINES

  • Reporting for duty Sir!

  • Zane

    lovin’ this! you have any idea when you’ll be on? askin’ cuz I work this afternoon…

  • Appreciate being able to watch The Nines on BigIsTheNewSmall.com!

  • Scott Williams

    Welcome everyone, I’m thinking that I will be rolling around 1:30ish

  • Enjoying #thenines Scott! Thanks!

  • Great start so far to #theNINES

  • Keep sneaking in during work to hang at BigIsTheNewSmall to watch the theNines!!

  • this is a great concept, not sure about some of the content. liked Stacy Spencer a lot.

  • All this awesomesauce coming from #theNines is gonna make my head explode!

  • enjoying hanging out at your blog, Scott, watching and learning and soaking up THE NINES. Thanks for sharing…….

  • Thanks for hosting #TheNines!

  • WillJenkins

    Hey, Scott! I’m here for #thenines man!!! Great stuff so far!

  • It’s Geoff Surratt!

  • It is Greg Surrat?

  • AlexSantxo

    Hello Scott, great conference. Thanks for providing another site to tune into! Looking forward to your preso.

  • to reach people no one is reaching, do things no one is doing – Craig Groeschel. WOOT

  • czgregory

    Haha very nice loving the post Scott

  • do ministry out of the overflow of God

  • kathryn

    When you delegate tasks, you get followers. When you delegate authority, you develop leaders.~Craig Groeschel

  • Scott Williams

    Anylie & DisneyCyndi you have both won… we’ll be giving some more away!

  • When you delegate tasks, you get followers. When you delegate authority, you develop leaders.~Craig Groeschel

  • A big fistbump for hosting #thenines today! Many of us would be happy to meet with just one of these blessed speakers, but we’re being overwhelmed by God’s Grace and the messages we are hearing today!

  • Thanks for puttin me on this, Scott!! Been watchin it since 9am(missed some around 11am tho….but its a feast….Leonard Sweet reminded me of Gandolf(Lord of the Rings)

  • czgregory

    I could use a book, im in college and Master’s Commission, so money is a no go… Free books rock!

  • This is my #thenines entry for “sum books”

  • Geoff!

  • Gregg Hampton

    yo… is that a masonic lodge logo on your vest?

  • Zane

    bro, so proud of you for that message – it’s not popular because some probably feel it’s too hard to talk about or even that it’s not relevant but man, it’s at the core of leadership, your heart for all people, not just the people that make you feel comfortable – get this wrong and where is Christ, really?!?!

  • You rocked it Pastor Scott!!!

  • Great job hosting #thenines today on your Blog bro and great job speaking with great passion on Diversity in Church. You really shined today.

  • “When you delegate tasks, you get followers. When you delegate authority, you develop leaders” ~Craig Groeschel

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the kind words and it was not a Masonic logo… It’s a clothing line called Monarchy!

  • So far for me I have loved the constant feed of leadership teachings and mentoring. Secondly the things God has showed me so far today I am needing to work on and listen more to from Him.

  • Scott, been checking out your site today bro. #theNines has been awesome.

    –Terrace Crawford

  • Oh snap, just saw this. Woohoo! Gee, that sounded like a dork! LOL Thanks Scott.

  • saw you on the nines today – great talk! one of the best of the day!
    rss’ing now

  • Some of the best stuff I heard today came from your mouth.

    I’m currently living in a rural area north of Pittsburgh, PA and while the opportunity for diversity certainly presents itself, our church has yet to embrace the open door policy. What you spoke on truly resinated in my life and is at work in my youth ministry here.

    I think a lot of people are worried about crossing racial barriers, but to go along with something else I heard today, “Worry is temporary atheism.” And when we choose to live in this fear or worry, it truly keeps us from embracing God’s plan for our ministry.

    Great stuff from the Nines.

  • cjhennessey

    What an amazing day with The Nines conference! Every speaker has had some great points. Not only have their words been inspiration to get out and REALLY do His work, but thought provoking to take a look at our own lives, ministries and relationship and see what we do each day to glorify God. We’re called to do God’s work! If we aren’t willing to do it as church leaders, then we need to GET OUT!

  • Just wanted to tell you that your video was great bro…excellent job.

  • Loved listening in today. Loved the diversity message Scott, and especially loved the presentation. Great work everyone who worked on this. See you next year?

  • cjhennessey

    Amazing conference! I had to stop listening at about 6pm and go be with our students for the first youth group of the year, but from 9 to 6, everyone was great. I hope that everyone got as much out of it for their ministry, as well as personally today. I’m fired up to go do God’s work and see past all the excuses.

  • Jim

    Scott…good words…just watched the video and awestruck by the MLK references…wow…

  • Scott, of the messages I saw today, yours was undoubtedly (to me) the most powerful and convicting message. Granted, I only watched from 9am until about 5p….but I feel that’s a fairly good sampling.

    I live in Springfield, Missouri. Our city is 92% white. Springfield is part of the ‘ozarks’….which collectively is even whiter. There is a long history of race driven hate crime, from lynchings that occurred even in the 1900’s to contemporary crimes. Our community is not a place that non-whites as a general rule want to live in. I can’t blame them…

    To say that there is a lack of diversity in my church would be an understatement, despite running 4k-ish each weekend. Everyone looks the same.

    I hope that we can find ways to deliberately diversify our church. I just don’t think it is something we have seriously considered as an issue….and that is to our shame. We really do want to be welcoming to all, but your talk helped to reopen my eyes to one of the ways where we do not seem to be living up to our desires.

    It can be sobering to face, but it has to be addressed. So thank you.

  • Scott,
    Thanks for the link to your message. I had to step out of the nines in the afternoon for a few meetings and I was bummed to miss your message. You completely rocked it! Your message is so true and so critically important for the church today. For all too long the the body of Christ hasn’t looked like the body of Christ. Christ prayed that we would be one, and that will only happen when we intentionally break down walls and really live out “Everyone Welcome.” Thank you!

  • I watch The Nines from start to finish last night. Two videos stood out. First, Rick Warren’s was great and I thought he was the wise old leader that we should listen to. The other was Scott’s. I’m a church planter in urban Cincinnati and I was blown away that Scott had the courage and insight to tell it like it is and tell us the way it should be.

    Awesome, Scott. Thanks be to God for you!


  • Dude!

    LN9’s YouTube page yanked 50 of the 9’s videos. Yours is now set to private.


  • “when people walk through the doors of a church, they look around to see if there’s someone there that looks like they do”
    LOL, you are so close.

    “Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same.
    There’s a green one and a pink one
    And a blue one and a yellow one,
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.”

    They would gather at the church and then go out to challenge the evil in their time. I wonder if they were clothed in the armor and obedient to the Will. Nah, they most likely were just doing good works. Church is for sheep to gather together and bray to God. I mean, why else would there be so many of them? How did that baseball movie put it? If you teach it they will go. (grin)

  • GREAT video bro, with the tie in historically to Martin Luther King, you knocked it out the park. I grew up in NYC, Diversity everywhere, just never looked at people differently cuz they weren’t like you cuz it was a melting pot of culture!
    In South Florida it was similar but I’ve visited churches around the area, even in other states to learn the hard truth that some don’t VALUE being Diverse.
    Thanks for speaking up on it, I’m right behind ya on it. PREACH ON brotha, PREACH ON!!

  • Scott, thanks for being a simulcast site for #thenines!

    Please follow @leadnet on twitter to be the first to know when #thenines videos are online for on-demand viewing. Our team is aiming to make them all available next week.

  • Powerful words Bishop!

  • GeorgeWestlake

    Scott…..Truth ! Heavy Truth! In many ways, the more we change, the more we stay the same. Thank you for bringing it in a real, inspiring way.
    I am privileged to lead a church that breaks almost all of the “Sunday Rules”… We are a mega-church that is very diverse and in “the hood”. Here’s the ugly on it…many of our African American attenders take heat for going to a “white church” (I, the Pastor, am white…beige). Many of our Caucasian Americans take heat for going to a “black church” (our music, our platform personnel, our overall look/feel is more black church/Gospel driven). Our Hispanic American attenders take heat for not supporting “their own community” and for going to a “black and white” church.
    I must say….IT’S THE BEST. It’s a piece of heaven seeing people blend together makeing a beautiful shade of love, worship, service and pursuit. There’s nothing like true diversity.
    Thank you for the Diversity Sucks message…and, yes..it does.

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