5 Most Irritating Things About Twitter

5 thingsIf you follow me on Twitter or read this little blog BigIsTheNewSmall.com then you probably know by now that I am a big fan of Twitter.  I have shared Twitter posts about Why You Should Twitter In Church, Why Pastors Should Twitter, The Science Of Leveraging Twitter For Your Blog and countless others.

Although I’m a big fan of Twitter there are also a number of things about Twitter that irritate me and probably irritate everyone reading this post that actively participates in the Twitter community.  Here is a list of the 5 Most Irritating Things about Twitter:

  1. Pornographic, Sleazy, Inappropriate Profile Pics and Tweets–  This is one of the most irritating things in all of Twitter, seriously no one wants to see your soft porn profile pics. and the vulgar XXX stuff is just ridiculous.
  2. Stupid, Spammy Direct Messages- There is nothing more irritating than to look in your direct message inbox and see a message with someone encouraging you to join their mafia, tell you how to get more followers than Ashton Kutcher in 30 days, how to get rich on Twitter, something about a goofy gift and anything with the words affiliate and marketing in it.
  3. Trending Topic Foolishness–  Twitter trending topics are a great way to find out not only what’s popular in the Twitter Community, but what’s trending around the globe.  The problem is that the spammers and pornography folks have made this their home.  They have become great at weaving their negative message in with the trending topics.  Another foolish aspect of the trending topics is when someone will basically make a tweet with all of the trending topics in one.  According to the trending topics right now, it would be something like: Good Morning TGIF cuz I can do Follow Friday & Jay-Z was seen in Iran doing some Paranormal Activity and caught H1N1. Grey’s Anatomy G20. That’s just foolish and irritating!
  4. Negative Nancy–  It could actually be Negative Nancy or Negative Norman if you get my drift.  Negative people are not only irritating face-to-face and in the “Real World” they are just as irritating in the TwitterWorld.  Please save the always complaining and negative drama for your mama!
  5. Over-Inflated Bios.–  Spare us the fact that you are a billionaire, guru, expert, coach!  Yea Right!

There are definitely more than 5 Irritating Things About Twitter…  Share your thoughts on any of the 5 listed above and join the conversation by adding to the list.

  • For me the jury is still out on twitter. It’s really effective for networking and leading large groups, but since I don’t do those as much as I follow, I am usually more at home on Facebook. I follow more on Twitter than follow me. Check out this post, called, “Twitter is a Size 5 Pair of Jeans” you might see my idea:


  • Definitely agree on #2. Direct messages, with rare exceptions, have become almost useless to me.

  • I’m a bit confused about the DM complaint. You can only get DM’s from people you choose to follow (right?). Do you follow everyone who follows you? I’ve got lots of “spam” followers, but I only follow those whom I think will have useful tweets — ??

  • Yes! My evil plan is working! Die Twitter Die!
    What? Too much? (grin)

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  • Yep! #1 and #2 bug me the most on that list!

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