How To Unleash What's Inside Your Head!

inside my headI generally have a list of bullet points about things I want to write about and sometimes the things on the list are not inspiring me at the time I sit down to write, so I just don’t write about them and if you have made it this far in this blogpost then you realize that this post is going to be a long run-on ranting sentence and somewhat of a mind dump of what’s going on going on inside my head and as the title suggests this is a method of How To Unleash What’s Inside Your Head, I’m typing this from my hotel room in Austin, where I’m here for a national juvenile justice training for the Governor’s Board that I’m a member of, I like and don’t like traveling at the same time, I miss my family when I leave, I love traveling when I’m with my family, SportCenter generally runs continuous when Im in a hotel room, I will not even spell-check or re-read this so it will be very random, I am always reading, thinking and dreaming, leaders should be less worried about trying to prove themselves to their boss and more time trying to produce results, do the right thing and prove to their followers that they are worthy of following, my son has a football game tomorrow that was originally scheduled for Thurs. and I’m gonna miss it, change is not always good; however it’s inevitable; only in the dictionary does success come before work, Mondays are always a great day to push the reset button, reset and go, I am not sure why you shouldn’t get to big for your britches, I personally think you should outgrow your britches, If I put everything that I think on paper you would think that I was either crazy or you would be tired, sigh, I will probably tweet about some juvenile justice topics this week, one of the breakout sessions is about the updates, trends and statuses of prison rapes, That took me back to my old days as a prison warden, I appreciate everyone of you that read Big Is The New Small, the readers and subscribers are growing daily and the new look is being developed on the back end as we speak, the new logo, brand, tag line are done and I think it’s awesome, if you have not subscribed to this blog please do so, I have not done a random post like this in awhile it feels good to unleash what’s inside your head, I have a really great staff and the n-dub (our campus) is on fire right now, thank you God, sometimes in life you just have to sit back and realize that you are marvelously made and stop caring about what people think, they are just people and put their pants on every day just like you, you have got what it takes go do it, God does give an ear to your words, so seek him; I have alot more to say; however I need to go downstairs and register for this conference, #FistBump, Peace, I’m Out, Later and breathe. ahhh

Share your thoughts on my randomness or share what’s inside your head this Monday morning? ¬†Go ahead unleash it!

  • I feel like I just plugged a brain USB cable to your brain bro, wow that was a rush but hey I’m on the same wave length, you feeling this? I’m just letting it flow right now, may mispell some words but heck it’s just flowin’ right now. Glad your campus is rockin, glad to hear it, I’m constantly trying to remind myself to CHECK myself before i start looking at other situations I feel tempted to try and make suggestions for, leading myself is the hardest thing but the greatest thing I can do for my church, I need to be spedning time with God, my family and finding stillness to HE can unleash his power and have it flow smooth and thru without any delay…ok, drink of water, sip, sip, breath, I’m out, tweet ya later, your turn. peace.

  • Hey Scott I actualy enjoyed the ramblings. Thanks for sharing.

  • I should try this some time. Thanks for the inspiration!

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