7 Ways To Be Quick To Listen and Slow To Speak

listen2I’m gonna get straight to the point…  “I like to talk and I like to think!”  Now that we have laid the groundwork, let’s see what God’s word says abut this.

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

Although I like to talk and I like to think, Over the years and on a daily basis, God has been revealing to me the process of how to do this within my gifts and personality type.  This takes effort and below are some of the things that I do:  7 Ways To Be Quick To Listen and Slow To Speak

  1. Think before I talk– Process internally first, then externally.
  2. Talk to the necessary audiences– Do these people need to hear this message? Does what I’m saying really matter?
  3. Care about what people are saying– If I don’t care about what people say, I’m not listening…  Like it or not, Listening=Caring!
  4. Ask clarifying questions– Ask follow-up and clarifying questions to ensure that I’m not just hearing what’s being said.  There is a difference between hearing and listening.
  5. Follow-up with yourself–  I process meetings, messages and conversations that I have had with others and evaluate what I said, how they received it etc.
  6. Slow to get angry– This should be a no to get angry; I try to never loose my cool.  If I loose my cool, I loose my audience.  You can get upset, but in my opinion “If you show it, you blow it!”  This is really important!
  7. Ask someone- Ask a friend, spouse, co-worker or family member “Am I quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry?”  Depending upon their answer, ask them how you can get better in the area they identify.   Seek God, Learn from situations and Apply it daily.  SEEK, LEARN, APPLY!

My dear brothers and sisters take note of this:  Although I am not all the way there, I am becoming quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.  How about you?  Share your thoughts!

  • Nice! Especially the Listening = Caring. Gives me great food for thought.

  • Bro this IS leadership gold for me and hopefully for those of you stopping by.
    I especially learned today from these.
    •”Talk to the necessary audiences” This is so important, so many times I find myself saying things in front of several ppl who do not need to be hearing the matters discussed in THAT leadership meeting.
    •”Ask clarifying questions” •”Slow to get angry”
    These two are HUGE also, IF your listening you should be able to ask a clarifying questions, make sure you heard things right and blowing your lid is always destructive in a team environment.
    Thanks for these, they are going in my Leadership journal now..

  • Dre Baba

    I love the message due to my situation at home now, I talk alot and slow to listening but by the grace of God all things will be in order in Jesus name Amen!

  • pastorpetty

    Thank u brother I needed that even being a vessel of God a pastor I can learn from these wise words. spirit of the lord says unto u brother the move to television is him move beyond the wall of doubter and continual moving as God has give u the vision. Your brother crying from wilderness of Chicago!!

  • chrissy

    I am late to this lesson but I think that everything wtitten was done very well! I need these tips in my life. Sometimes I let my emotion influence what I say. I listen but I wait for a moment to put in my two cents…even when it is not needed (point number 2). I have been doing 5 and 7. Pray with me as I work on 1-4, and 6. Thanks.

  • Jussi

    this i thought about some time ago…however when i internalized i begin to hear through my feeling…and my feelings expressed Eye want you to feel what Eye am expressing…so not only am i listening to the external, but i am feeling the internal expression and flow of the Divine within…that subtle sweet and gentle voice of feeling…. thanks for sharing

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