20 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics.

twit picThe Twitter profile pic. has become an integral part of an overall Twitter profile.  These pics. take on many different shapes, looks, forms and fashions (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly).  I shared a post earlier this year entitled “6 Ways To Make Your Twitter Profile Work” which outlined how to effectively leverage your overall profile. The Twitter profile pic. can be broken down into 20 distinct looks; we’ll call them 20 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics.

{NEW INFORMATION} I am now adding example pics. to this post. If your Profile Pic. or someone else’s in the TwitterWorld that you are aware of has a profile pic. that fits one of these categories, please share it in the comment section below.  Be sure to leave the Twitter name and which one of the 20 categories the pic. falls under.  I will pic. one for each category, please share and RT this so we can get some good input from others.  Thx.

20 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics.

  1. Picture Me Rollin’- This is the person that uses their vehicle or maybe even a dream vehicle as their profile pic.
  2. All Up In Your Face- This is the person whose Twitter profile pic. is extra, extra tight shot.  This is the type of Twitter Profile Pic. that I use (@scottwilliams).  I personally think you need a tight shot because no matter the application you use, the pic. is going to be very small.
  3. The Rock Star- This is the person who has a microphone, stage, instrument, pulpit or podium somewhere in their profile pic.  This person is saying, watch me do my thang.
  4. The Bird– This is the person who either doesn’t know how or hasn’t taken the time to add a profile pic.  This person is perfectly content with the standard ugly Twitter Bird.
  5. Love Bird- This person is so in love that they cannot be separated from the love of their life.  They can’t even be separated in their profile pic., singing “Just the two of us, we can make it if we try just the two of us… you and I.”
  6. Too Cool For School- This person is so cool that they can get away with wearing their sunglasses at night.  Not only do they wear their sunglasses at night, they represent their sunglasses in their profile pic.
  7. Show Me The Money–  This is the person that has pics. of money or dollar $igns in their profile pic.  Many of the affiliate-network-guru-spammer type folks that claim you can make $5,000 a day roll with this pic.
  8. Fantasy Island- This is the person who would love to have the little guy named Tattoo from Fantasy Island be their spokesperson.  They are enamored with their ink and represent their tattoos in their profile pic.  If you are too young to know who Tattoo or Fantasy Island is, click here.
  9. I’m Too Sexy For My Twitter–  This is the person who takes the sexy strike-a-pose pic. for their Twitter profile.  This person’s pic. is not quite inappropriate, but it’s darn sure an attempt at being sexy.  Many are just that… an attempt!
  10. The Model– This is the person who looks off into space and has a side-shot photo.  The model means serious business when they pose, they will even bust out a glamour shot pic.
  11. The Porn Star- This is the inappropriate and many times down right vulgar spammer that we all wish would just go away.
  12. Peta Tweeta- This is the person that loves their pet so much, the pet is front and center on their profile pic.  It’s just kinda weird receiving a tweet, @reply, or DM from Scooby-Doo.
  13. Logo No-Go– This person represents their logo instead of a pic.  Often types this person has difficulty distinguishing between their personal brad and their logo brand.
  14. The Animator– This is the annoying moving motion graphic profile pics.  These profile pics. definitely stand out, although that’s not necessarily a good thing.
  15. The Cartoonist- This person represents a cartoon looking avatar version of themselves.
  16. The Little Guy– This person has used a full length pic. or one that is so far away that you can’t tell what or who they are.  This person should invest in a zoom and take some tips from “All Up In Your Face.
  17. The Kid- This person allows their children the opportunity to be front and center in the profile pic.  Sometimes the twitterer themselves are in the pic. with their kid(s) and other times it’s the kid(s) are all by themselves.
  18. Weirdo- Some Twitter profile pics. can only be summed up by calling them weird.  Everyone has some  weirdos on their list, just scroll through your followers and you will find a weirdo.  If you don’t find a weirdo by scrolling through your lit, take a look at your personal profile pic.  You may just be that weirdo.
  19. The Half-Face– This person is a kissing cousin to “All Up In your Face” but they are so cool that they will only show you half of their face.
  20. I’m Not On That List- The person that says “This list is funny, but I’m nowhere on the list.”  This ones for you!

Share your thoughts on any of the Types Of Twitter Profile Pics. above or add additional to the list.

  • TWillyG

    Yeah #11 “the prostitweets” are annoying, but to to Twitters credit, they seem to be getting the flood under control.

  • Ha! That’s funny. After analyzing my last two (and only two) profile pics I’m definitely a “The Half-Face.” Thanks for calling me cool Scott! 😉

  • I totally don’t fit anywhere in this list.

    Or is that a tight shot?

  • Uh Oh, I think I am the wierdo!

  • I’m either not listed, or I’m the weirdo. Not sure which I prefer there. (@mercutiom)

  • 🙂 I enjoyed that. Always fun to laugh at one’s self.

  • Sorry Scott — I’m the weirdo! My avatar is a morph of Taz with a tight shot of me staring off into space. It isn’t quite half a face, but not quite full either.

    I’ve got 7 different shots that vary the percentage of morphing that I rotate on a completely random interval (I’ve been stuck at 40% for about 3 months though — probably need to change again 8=).

  • I’m like some sort of cross over rock star wannabe with a tinge of close up tight shot high key’ness… not to blur the lines or anything! 🙂

  • I’m “all up in your face” for the same reasons. When I meet people in person, it’s just easier to recognize!

  • I think you missed the average joe with a decent headshot (not All up in your face, more like a bust; just a normal headshot, maybe down to the shoulders)

    I’m always a fan of these; not all up in your face, but also not the little guy.

  • Under “kids” you might want to include those people who like to use headshots of themselves from grammar school days.

  • Lillian

    I’m sitting here cracking up over TWillyG’s comment about the “prostitweets”….oh, and my profile pic is #2. All up in your face!!

  • Ugod

    Not to forget the “I’m shooting myself with a dslr in my face” type. But that applies to #20 i guess

  • intel_chris

    How’d I get in 2 slots (pata tweta and the little guy)? Maybe I should have cut off half my too small face, so I could have at least been cool in the process.

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  • @ryan_garcia

    I think i fall under “The Model”but my shrugging of the shoulders throws off the model pose. lol

  • I use the Love Bird for my twitter account @estreitta

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  • I am indeed half of a whole.. I am pretty much tweeting for two since my hubby doesn’t. So where does my pic fall?? Great articles on twitter brother!!

  • what about the keyboard ruiner?
    (see profile pic)

  • Mine’s really a quarter face shot. I guess it falls under the half face shot category.

  • Lol, love the list. Must have met all of them in Tweetville!

  • @HireGroundJobs is an example of M. the “Logo No-Go”, I think.

    My personal twitter, @kathrynleeid, is closer to the “All up in your face” – but not as much as yours, Mr. Williams 🙂

  • wqs

    like this list so much

  • I’m the cartoon. In my defense my cartoon looks like me. @sdvelosocial

  • chwee

    How about the ones with their pet on it. Hate those

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  • Anonymous

    Cartoon-character-that-looks-like-me. Yes, my hair is long & white.

  • Joy

    Dude, this post made me laugh. Laughter is good.
    Hmmmmm, I guess I’m the “All up in your face” pic?
    Although I will confess to having a FB pic where I am staring up instead of looking at the camera. Does that make me a wanna be model? I don’t know? That’s how I roll.
    What’s your take on frequently changing your profile pic? Is that bad? I get bored with the same one.

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