I Like To Doodle On Napkins…

boys at coffee shopRandom Thought: I Like To Doodle On Napkins...

Earlier this evening my boys and I had a fellas night.  My wife was running errands and making some returns to the mall, so we decided to go to my favorite little coffee shop Vintage Coffee.  My boys 6 & 10 years old had never hung out at the coffee shop before and have always wondered why it’s one of my home away from homes.

Their first coffee shop experience consisted of them splitting a Vanilla Chai Tea Latte in their own little coffee mugs, topped off with whip cream of course.  They were equipped with an  iPhone and Nintendo DSI to make sure they stayed entertained.  They loved every minute of their experience; not only did they love it, they were perfect angels.  The coffee shop owner even turned on Pirates of the Caribbean for them acknowledging how well behaved they were.  We all had a great time simply maxin’, relaxin’ and chillaxin’.  My 10yo said, “Dad, I see why you like to go to the coffee shop, it’s just peaceful… I had fun!”

I had fun too, I was able to do some thinking, writing and take some random notes.  One of my favorite random forms of note-taking outside of the yellow notepad in my iPhone is doodling.  I like to doodle random notes and thoughts on napkins.  Below are my random thoughts from earlier this evening.

Random Thought: I Like To Doodle On Napkins…  How about you?


  • My wife teases me that I grab tons of napkins…I’m a napkin waster! I probably need to doodle more and waste less. Have a great NEW YEAR!

  • I love to write on the backs of place mats, it sometimes is pretty embarrassing when I show up at meetings with coffee stained place mats, but some of my best work is on the backs of placemats!

  • That is one crazy Napkin bro. Actually I use the PAD on my iphone a LOT. It is the first thing I grab and if I can’t sit and write cus the thoughts are running too fast I just use the voice recorder to track my through process then listen later.

  • shanna

    My husband, Jerome and I were in the planning stages of startin a ministry called OASIS….every week we would go on our date night and write out our plans on the napkins at the restraunt we were eating at. It fits our personalities perfectly. We called it ‘disorganized religion’ 🙂

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