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Is Twitter & Blogging Creating iPhony's?

big phonyThere is a lot of discussion about Twitter, Blogs and Social Media in general creating Illegitimate Experts, Gurus, Leaders… or iPhony’s. Lets’ look at the definition of Illegitimate– not in accordance with the principles of valid inference. By this definition Twitter, Blogs and social media may be creating illegitimate experts.  The beauty of the Internet and online community is the fact a person does not have to be “in accordance with a valid inference” to be successful.  No one is forced to follow or listen to anyone online, it’s a game of personal choice.

In the online world each individual is responsible for creating their own validation (whatever that means).  My personal opinion is this, “If a person has an audience, voice, knowledge, experience, personality, talent, information, the ability to influence and people are listening, They have been legitimized.”  If the above things are happening, the people are confirming that John Q. Twitterer or Suzy Q. Blogger aren’t iPhony’s.

There have been some very real and very legitimate online leaders that have risen out of the ranks of Twitter, Blogging and Social Media.  If people buy into what you are selling it’s only a matter of time before some degree of success and influence happens.

Traditional would-be experts are no longer the source of legitimization.  The market, the consumers, followers and the online community dictate whether or not a person is the “Real Deal.”  It doesn’t matter what I think or what you think, the only thing that matters is what the people think.  Let’s take a look at a relatively recent product that in my mind was not legitimate, The Snuggie.  Seriously a backwards robe is not a legitimate product.  The Snuggie has sold well over 4 million of their backwards robes; therefore the market and the people legitimized the product.  “Who am I and what do I know?”

Is Twitter & Blogging Creating iPhony’s?  Share your thoughts!

Are You Listening: A Love Song For Haiti by Kirk Franklin & Some Gospel Friends

Let us not forget what is still going on in Haiti… Haiti needs our prayers, they need our help and they need Jesus. Share this video with others and Let us not forget what is still going on in Haiti!

If You Want It… Go Get It!

yes i canI don’t want to be over-simplistic; however I want to get straight to the point with this post.  Life is all about what you make of it.  God already believes in you, you have to learn to believe in yourself.  If You Want It… Go Get It! It’s never to late to be what you wanted to be or what you thought you might have been.

Life is all about perspective and the greatest mistake that a person can make is fear making a mistake.  It’s inevitable that you will make some mistakes, just remember If You Want It… Go Get It!

It’s time that you begin to create success and the road to success starts today, not tomorrow.  Success doesn’t start with the win, it starts with what is going on between the ears.  Stop being fearful, stop making excuses…  If You Want It… Go Get It!

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” ~Michael Jordan

If You Want It… Go Get It!

Is it that simple?  Share your thoughts!

It's OK To Be Misunderstood!

misunderstoodWe live in a microwave society where everything travels extremely fast.  Not only does information travel by the mili-second, but opinions and thoughts travel by the speed of light.  All of this rapid movement of information and the ability to share information very quickly affects all facets of our lives.  This unadulterated bold sharing of opinions in the on-line world, can create a culture of misunderstanding.

Being misunderstood doesn’t just happen in the on-line world, it’s common in every facet of a society that encourages people to speak their mind, exercise free speech and have an opinion about everything.  Being misunderstood is a two-way street; if you have strong opinions, you will likely be misunderstood and will likely misunderstand others.

I’ve come to realize that being misunderstood is not a bad thing, it comes with the territory.  It’s important to have thick skin, stay true to who God has called you to be, stand for something, be bold and be courageous.   Chuck Swindoll says it best, “Courage is not limited to the battlefield or the Indianapolis 500 or bravely catching a thief in your house. The real tests of courage are much quieter. They are the inner tests, like remaining faithful when nobody’s looking, like enduring pain when the room is empty, like standing alone when you’re misunderstood.”

With the proper attitude, it’s through the seasons of being misunderstood that you build a heart of understanding.  Don’t worry so much about being misunderstood, instead focus on having a heart of understanding.

It’s OK To Be Misunderstood!

What do you think about being misunderstood?  Have you won the Miss Understood pageant before? 🙂 Share your experiences.

Are Leaders Born Or Made?

born or madeI have always appreciated the responsibility and opportunity to be a part of developing leaders. Not only do I get the opportunity to raise my boys to be leaders, but I’ve had the opportunity to have leadership responsibility for many, many people in my seemingly short lifetime. When thinking about leadership, I’ve always pondered this difficultly-simple question: “Are Leaders Born or Made?”

I know that God has uniquely wired each of us with specific DNA and for some people that includes the spiritual gift of leadership.  With this in mind, I still find myself instilling things into my sons that will prepare them to be that next generation of leaders and world changers of the future. At the same time, I will reflect on my life and be reminded of those God moments that sculpted me into who I am today.

If we take a look at the lives of Jesus’ 12 disciples and ask the question: “Were they born leaders?” I would say, probably not! A better question is: “Were they born for leadership?” Absolutely, but not without being molded and shaped into the instruments that Jesus had in mind.

There is a lot of empirical research that supports several answers to this question; those answers conclude that leaders are: Born, Made and Both. I don’t know if it’s that obvious; but I do know that I like molding and shaping, in addition to being molded and shaped.

I read a quote in an article that stated: “Some people are born to move and shake the world. Their blessings include: high energy, exceptional intelligence, self confidence and a yearning to influence others.”

I think, “Leaders are born to be made!”

What do you think?  Are leaders born or made? Discuss!

111 Twitter Tools

twitter tool box

I don’t need to do any fancy writing on this post, so let me get straight to the point.  This is a fairly comprehensive list of Twitter Tools and Apps.  These are great for both the beginning Twitter user and the Twitter aficionado.

Add to the list and share this list with others.  I will be updating and sharing a new list soon.

Twitter Analysis

  1. Twitter Grader: Learn your Twitter grade, your local Twitter Elite, and find new people to follow through Twitter Grader.
  2. Twitterholic: Check out the top Twitter users and find out your Twitter stats on Twitterholic.
  3. TweetStats: TweetStats offers a graphical analysis of your Twitter stats.
  4. Twitter Friends: Carefully measure your Twitter conversations using Twitter Friends.
  5. Twinfluence: Twinfluence will measure your Twitter influence based on reach, velocity, and social capital.
  6. Tweetwasters: Find out how much time you and other users waste on Twitter.
  7. Tweet-Rank: Learn about the quality of your tweets by finding out which ones won or lost followers.
  8. Mr. Milestone: Get a tweet when you reach various milestones using this Twitter tool.
  9. Retweetrank: Find out how many retweets you and other Twitter users have through this service.

Information Gathering

  1. Tweetbeep: With Tweetbeep, you can set up alerts that will help you keep track of keywords on Twitter.
  2. @myflightinfo: Helps you stay updated on your flight’s status.
  3. Twitterverse: Check out archived timelines and tweets through Twitterverse.
  4. Twitscoop: Twitscoop shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment.
  5. Twitbuzz: Twitbuzz tracks the latest conversations as well as popular Twitter links.
  6. StrawPoll: Use StrawPoll to make sharing your opinion as easy as sending an @reply.
  7. Retweetist: This service ranks the hottest links being retweeted on Twitter.
  8. Monitter: Get real time keyword monitoring on Twitter from Monitter.
  9. TweetNews: TweetNews ranks stories based on the amount of related tweets.
  10. TwitterBuzz: TwitterBuzz will tell you what’s being linked to the most on Twitter.
  11. Tweetscan: Set up Tweetscan to make sure you don’t miss any @replies, and to get alerted of your search queries.
  12. Twitturly: Track URL’s as people are talking about them.
  13. Twitter Archives: Allows you to search archived tweets from up to a year or more.

Network Building & Management

  1. Twitter Local: With this service, you can see tweets from Twitter users in a specific location.
  2. Twubble: Twubble will expand your Twitter bubble, picking out people you may like to follow.
  3. MyCleenr: Sort your friends by their last tweets, and you can get rid of the inactive and useless accounts you’re following.
  4. Digsby: It’s a combination application that supports IM, e-mail and Social media apps like Twitter.
  5. Follow Cost: This tool will tell you how much effort it takes to follow someone.
  6. Tweepler: Use Tweepler to organize your tweeps based on whether you’re following them or not.
  7. Just Tweet It: Find Tweeple, tools, Twitter bots and more through this directory.
  8. TweetWheel: TweetWheel will help you discover which of your Twitter friends know each other.
  9. SocialToo: SocialToo will help you keep track of all of the people who have followed or unfollowed you.
  10. Twitoria: Reduce your clutter on Twitter by finding your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time.
  11. TwitDir: With TwitDir, you’ll be able to search for people, and exploring categories including top followers and updaters.
  12. Who Should I Follow?: Using this site, you can get good recommendations for Tweeps to follow.
  13. Nearbytweets: Learn about all of the Twitter users in a specific area with the help of Nearbytweets.
  14. Twellow: Find Twitter users in a specific industry using this service.
  15. Mr. Tweet: Mr. Tweet is a personal networking assistant for Twitter, helping you find relevant followers.
  16. Qwitter: Qwitter will help you manage your network by sending an alert when a person unfollows you.
  17. Tweepz: The best way to search and find people on Twitter by searching their name.

Twitter Management

  1. Twitter Search: Retrieve information on Twitter quickly to search Twitter in real time.
  2. Tweet O’Clock: Trying to reach someone? Tweet O’Clock will help you find the best time to get their attention.
  3. Just Signal: Set up a filter using Just Signal to get only the tweets that discuss the keywords you’d like to read about.
  4. TweepSearch: Put your Twitter network to good use and search your followers for specific parameters.
  5. Wefollow: A categorical user powered Twitter directory.
  6. Friend or Follow: Manage your Twitter contacts and find out who’s not following you back through Friend or Follow.
  7. TwitResponse: TwitResponse makes it easy for you to schedule the delivery of your tweets ahead of time.
  8. TwitterSnooze: Put the pause button on a particular user for a while with Twitter Snooze.
  9. Twitterless: Get notified when someone stops following you with Twitterless.
  10. Twilert: Track specific keywords to receive alerts for using Twilert.
  11. Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck has a groups function that will help you more efficiently follow the people you really want to listen to.
  12. Twalala: Put the mute button on certain people and topics for a while if you are receiving lots of updates you’re not really interested in.
  13. Untweeps: Unfollow tweeps who have not tweeted in awhile.
  14. Tweetbuddy: A Twitter follower management/pruning tool.
  15. SocialOomph:  Overall Twitter automation and productivity tool.
  16. EchoFon: This is my iPhone App of Choice.

Sharing Tools

  1. Tweetburner: Use Tweetburner to share links, and you can track their usage.
  2. Twitpic: Twitpic makes it easy to take mobile phone photos and share them using your Twitter account.
  3. TwitterHawk: Get targeted marketing on Twitter through TwitterHawk.
  4. Acamin: Acamin makes it easy to share files on Twitter with your followers.
  5. Glue: Post links to books, movies, restaurants and more on Twitter through Glue.
  6. This service will update all of your social networks at once.
  7. TweeTube: TweeTube makes it easy to share videos on Twitter.
  8. twiggit: Use this automated service to share the articles you digg on Twitter.
  9. Share what you’re listening to on Twitter through
  10. TwitVid: Quick and easy way to share videos on Twitter.

Organization & Productivity

  1. Twittercal: Link your Twitter account and Google Calendar to easily keep up with your events and appointments.
  2. Timer: Use Timer to get reminders about tasks through your Twitter account.
  3. TwitterNotes: Organize your notes using Twitter with TwitterNotes.
  4. Remember the Milk: Use Remember the Milk on Twitter to update your to do list.
  5. Tweetake: Tweetake will back up your Twitter timeline for archiving and more.
  6. Nozbe: Nozbe makes it easy to add and update your to do list on Twitter.
  7. Toodledo: This popular to do list app integrates nicely with Twitter.
  8. TrackThis: Send TrackThis your tracking number, and you’ll get Twitter messages every time there’s a change in location.
  9. Joint Contact: Get project management productivity on Twitter using Joint Contact.
  10. Tempo: This time tracking tool allows you to send in updates from Twitter.
  11. Tweet Later: Tweet Later offers a great way to set up alerts, schedule tweets, send thank you DMs, and more.
  12. OutTwit: OutTwit will make it easy for you to use Twitter inside of Outlook.
  13. Jott: Jott makes it easy for you to tweet without ever having to type, transcribing your voice message to Twitter.

Life Tools

  1. MyMileMarker: Keep track of your mileage with info sent via Twitter every time you fill up.
  2. 21Tweets: 21Tweets offers personal coaching on Twitter.
  3. TwtTRIP: Organize your travel plans and find other Twitter travelers on your way with TwtTRIP.
  4. Tweet Answers: Twitter Answers makes it easy to ask questions and get answers on Twitter.
  5. Twtvite: Twtvite is a simple event organizer that will help you create a tweetup.
  6. Vacatweet: Set up an autoresponder for your Twitter account with Vacatweet.
  7. plusplusbot: Share when someone goes out of their way to help you, or otherwise make your feelings known using plusplusbot.
  8. TrackDailyGoals: Use this site and the #dailygoals hashtag to keep track of your goals every day.
  9. ConnectTweet: Put the voices of your group or business together through ConnectTweet.
  10. Tweeteorology: Find tweets about the weather in any location through Tweeteorology.
  11. DreamTweet: Keep a reminder of your dreams and nightmares, and follow the dreams of others through DreamTweet.

Business & Finance

  1. Chipin: If you’re raising funds on Twitter, make use of Chipin to set a goal and let your supporters track the progress of the campaign.
  2. Xpenser: You can Twitter your expenses to Xpenser and they will be recorded for you.
  3. Twittertise: Schedule your tweets and track their clickthroughs with this app designed for Twitter advertising.
  4. TwtQpon: Create simple Twitter coupons for your business with TwtQpon.
  5. CheapTweet: Get all of the deals, sales, coupons and more being discussed on Twitter through CheapTweet.
  6. Tipjoy: Like Chipin, Tipjoy offers a way to create social payments for your cause, content, or people.
  7. SalesTwit: Get contact management for Twitter with the help of SalesTwit.
  8. Tweet What You Spend: Track your cash in a really effective way using Tweet What You Spend.
  9. StockTwits: StockTwits shares the investment discussions on Twitter in real time.
  10. TwitPay: Send Payments via twitter.


  1. Qwitter: Update Qwitter to shame yourself into quitting smoking.
  2. TweetPlot: Use TweetPlot to chart your food and fitness statistics.
  3. Tweetwhatyoueat: Keep a food diary to track what you’re eating every day using Tweetwhatyoueat.
  4. gtFtr: Use the gtFtr tool to record your exercise activity on Twittr.
  5. SugarStats: Track, monitor, and share your blood sugar through Twitter with SugarStats.
  6. FoodFeed: This Twitter-based food log makes it easy for you to track what you’re eating.


  1. Add to Any: Get your posts shared on Twitter by using Add to Any on your WordPress blog.
  2. TwitThis: Make use of this plugin to send Twitter messages about your blog post.
  3. MyTwitter: Use the MyTwitter plugin to display your Twitter status on WordPress.
  4. Twitpress: Twitpress will send out a Tweet every time you post a new blog entry.
  5. TwitterCounter: With this plugin, you can display the number of followers you have on Twitter.
  6. TwitterFeed: Announce your blog post on Twitter with a customized message using TwitterFeed.

Are any of these tools your favorites?  Again, please add to the list and share this list with others.

I will be updating and sharing a new list with revisions soon.

Friday 5 (Top 5 Twitter Links 1-22) #F5

5I run across some amazing re-tweets and Twitter links throughout the week.  I thought it would be a great idea to compile a simple Top 5 List.  The list will consist of  the Top 5 Twitter Links that I have ran across.  Feel free to @reply  or DM me links to be featured throughout the week, simply use hashtag #F5.

There are many amazing links out there in the Twitterworld.  This will be a place to check my Friday 5, in addition to sharing your favorite Twitter links of the week (No more than 5).

Friday 5 (Top 5 Twitter Links 1-22)

  1. Most Retweeted users of all timeA comprehensive list of the most retweeted twitter users of all time.
  2. 20 Retweetable Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes #MLK– A nice compiled list of #MLK Quotes all in 120 Characters or less.
  3. Twitter Archives– Simple tool that allows you to access your old tweets from a year ago or longer depending on how much you tweet. Great Tool!
  4. Twitter: 5 Key Business Studies–  This post takes a look at the impact and interaction of Twitter with 5 different companies.
  5. Bill Gates Surpasses 100K Twitter Followers in 8 hours– This link is self-explanatory.  New Record, Good Story!

That’s my Friday 5…  Share your thoughts on any of these links or share your own links below.  (5 or Less)

7 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

blog subscribers

Today’s post will answer the question: “How Do I Get More People To Subscribe?”  There are a number of tangible ways to increase the number of people who subscribe to your blog via e-mail or RSS.  I have identified some basic strategies that myself and others have found to be effective.

7 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers:

  1. Quality Consistent Content- There is no better way to get people to subscribe to your blog than writing quality consistent content.  Above anything else… quality, helpful, entertaining and consistent content trumps everything.  If you had a newspaper subscription and they didn’t deliver it consistently, wouldn’t you cancel it?   A blog is no different, except for the fact that there are thousands to choose from and they’re  free; therefore making Consistent Quality Content of high importance!
  2. Continuation Posts- Write blog posts that run in a continual manner or a series.  This creates anticipation and also provides a reason to want daily material.  Many times bloggers (Including Myself) waste a good series of posts in one post.  Writing series will help you with content and entice people to subscribe.  Check Back Tomorrow, I might have 7 more reasons.
  3. Visible RSS Button- Make sure your click to subscribe button is in a highly visible place.  Don’t have your subscription button in some obscure place at the bottom.  Have an option to subscribe by e-mail and RSS, my current site does not have an e-mail subscription option, but I’m adding this to my new blog that’s being designed as we speak.
  4. Pimp Your RSS Feed-Promote your RSS Feed in any of your social media platforms.  Let people know about your feed anytime and every time you can… Get Your Pimp On!  Like this: You can subscribe to by clicking here or that button over there to the top right of your screen.
  5. Promotional Give-a-way– There are a number of promotions that work, such as giving away tickets to events within your niche, giving away iPhones, Gift Cards, Computers etc.  These promotions can increase your comments and subscribers; however if #1 on this list doesn’t happen, people will unsubscribe as quick as they subscribed.  The bottom line is that subscribers added from these type of promotions have low retention numbers.
  6. TwitterblogologyThe Science Of Leveraging Twitter For Your Blog.
  7. Write A Blog Post About How To Get More Blog Subscribers. 🙂

What are some things that you have done to increase your blog subscribers?  Share your overall thoughts!

Thanks for reading and remember you can subscribe to by clicking here.

The 2 Things Leaders Can Control

attitudeAny time I take my two son’s Jayden (6yo) and Wesley (10yo) to a sporting game or practice, I like to give them a pep talk before they get started.   The pep talk generally ends with me asking them one simple question, that question is “Son, what are the two things that you can control?” and they respond “Attitude and Effort!”  That’s Right… Now Go Get em’!

This question got me to thinking about how it applies to leadership.  What are the 2 Things Leaders Can Control? Leaders can control their Attitude and their Effort.

  1. Attitude- A leader’s attitude is one of the most important factors when evaluating the health of a team.  If a leader has a “Can-Do” attitude, that attitude will generally rub off on those that follow.  If a leader has a crappy/negative attitude, then you can expect to have a bunch of crappy/negative employees.  Leaders have a choice every single day as to how their attitude will be and that choice will inevitably affect their team…  So if you’re a leader, Choose Wisely!   Quote: I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ.
  2. Effort- The bottom line is that you get out what you put in.  The amount of effort that a leader spends dreaming, thinking, plotting, planning, directing, planning, training, developing, believing, thinking, trying, utting forth effort directly impact the results.  This doesn’t mean do all the work and burn the midnight-oil, it means if you want to be a successful leader you have got to put some effort into having a successful team and put forth the effort in all areas to be successful. Quote: We are responsible for the effort, not the outcome.

NBA coaching legend Pat Riley says it best, as he sums up the two of these principles in one great quote: Great effort springs naturally from great attitude.~Pat Riley

What do you think?  How have you seen Attitude & Effort positively or negatively impact a team?

Banned 7-Up Commercial (A Metaphor of How Satan Works)

Watch this video and tell me if you see the metaphor.   Share your thoughts on the commercial in general or metaphorically speaking.

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