#FistBump in Ecuador "Golpe Bomba Explota"

We are having a great time in Ecuador and getting a lot of work done for the local people in Otavalo Ecuador.  We did some major construction and knocked out some classrooms for a local church.  These people have been such a blessing to us.

I have taken the #FistBump to a whole nutha’ level with my Ecuadorian friends.  Here is a short video of the new and improved “Golpe Bomba Explota!”  We took the #FistBump and blew it up.

Today is the last day as we will do “The Day In The Life” of a few families.  Compassion International is a first rate organization and is doing great work in the next generation of world changers.

  • The #FistBump is no Bilingual, LOVE IT

  • jajajaja Scott tu español esta muy bien… jajaja GOLPE BOMBA!

    Tienes que visitarnos a Peru, estas muy cerca… espero que algun dia.

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