Think You Know The Future of Publishing, The iPad & The Next Generation… THINK AGAIN!

Do we have it all right or do we have it all wrong? Share your thoughts!

  • Ok, that video was so cool.

    I started watching it thinking, what the heck is this? As a writer and aspiring author is made me start to slunk over in my chair… then it stopped and started to reverse. What an amazingly cool strategy for a video. I’d love to try something like this for a viral campaign some day.

    Rock on,

  • What Dave said. I hope that watchers make it to 1:07.

  • This should open all our eyes. It is so important to listen to everyone.

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  • Excellent video! Well done!

    However…I believe that both perspectives are true…the question is: which version represents the majority of the Next Generation?

    Which group do I target?

  • Awesome video. As an author, it was amazing. But even apart from publishing/writing, the creativity and technology and detail was so cool. Thanks for posting it. Bob

  • This is cool! Another way to look at it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, excellently produced video and an even better message; also I’m extremely impressed with the writing and level of detail.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • DougO

    Thanks for posting this Pastor Scott! From a media professional’s viewpoint, this is so cool and very true! If we provide this world what it really needs – HOPE and LOVE through Jesus, we can truly change the world.

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  • Great video — glad I kept going to the end. It makes me wonder if Dorling Kindersley is going to rethink its logo, though.

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