BIG Pimpin' (Vol. 1)

think1Over the years I have done several versions of BIG Pimpin’; however I think I am going to formalize it and make it an every other week type of deal.  The concept is simple, you get the opportunity to do some BIG “As in BigIsTheNewSmall” Pimpin’.

Remember, we only pimp positive and wholesome stuff, so pimp your blog, business, website, music site, book site, friend’s site, pastor’s site… (you get the picture).  This handy dandy linking software will add the links to this post for others to easily check them out.  The bonus is that nice people can connect with nice people while promoting their business, product or site all free of charge.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Fill out your info. in this format- Your Name: Scott Williams – BigIsTheNewSmall                                                                                                    Your URL:
  2. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us about yourself or what you’re Pimpin’
  3. Share BIG Pimpin’ concept w/ others via Twitter & Facebook use hashtag #BIGPimpin  (we will bring some positive to the world of Pimpin’)

We’ll roll this through the weekend, so be sure to check back and find some new peeps to connect with.  Go ahead, get your pimp on!  I’ll go first!

  • just me and my blog. of awesomeness.

  • The “Light-a-Lamp” blog chronicles the metamorphosis of a young writer whose sole purpose is to radiate light through her writing style. “Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.”-Michael Strassfield. The inspiration is from Matthew 5: 14-16, “You are the light of the world.”

  • Thanks for the opportunity, Scott…

  • Pimpin’ the spot where I write stuff daily… if I feel like it.

  • Compassion 365 is a daily podcast devoted to raising funds and awareness for Compassion International.

  • Wow – love this and you’re forcing me to prioritize my pimpin’

    SO – I am pimping a movement I plan to lead to open up a dialogue on how to have people around the globe take ownership of and pro-actively care for their relationships – whether they be casual, business or intimate.

    I am competing (albeit lightly this month but BIG TIME in May) for a Pepsi Refresh Grant to get it going – you can check out more on

    Thanks Pastor Scott for the opportunity!

    Be blessed

  • I’m pimpin’ my blog… I want it to be an on-going resource for church video and media people. You’ll find video examples and techniques, links to free resources, and encouragement. Stop on by!

  • Open Source Church advocates the use of open source culture to help your church or non-profit in many ways.


  • If you need some financial wisdom visit me over at Oh and I love to pimp my blog. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • the Ramen Noodle is a weekly podcast about the funny things (many of them being life-amateur mistakes) in life. “Seasoning packets of comedy to flavor your day.”

  • Write about Scripture, life, and stuff…so check it if you get bored.

  • Jay

    Awesome! Thanks.

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  • In my blog I share about what God is teaching me and whatever else is on my mind. 🙂

    Here is one of my recent posts: Do you struggle to ask others for help?

  • I just started a 2-hour radio show that is broadcast on the Internet every Monday from 5-7 p.m. (central) at Fishbowl Radio Network ( – click on the Green Studio). I also keep my blog pumping with all sorts of stuff, but also use it as a tool for healing after losing my brother last October.

  • love the idea of some link love and site pimpin scott. Not to be a complainer, but the downside is your links all have a rel=”nofollow”. So no SEO link juice shared 🙁

  • Awesome idea, and thinks for doing this!

  • PoetikSoul

    This is a really cool idea. If you like poetry, come check me out over at the SPJ. Orignal poetry and oe woman’s words and thoughts.

  • I want to say “I’m pimping Jesus” but I’m not sure that that comes out right…

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for all of the comments, keep em’ comin’

  • Pimpin cause it’s Friday and we ain’t got nothing better to do. Thx Scott!

  • Pimpin’ my blog…keep rockin’ it bro!!!!!

  • Thanks Scott for the free advertising! I just started my business and I’ve been trying to get the word out so this is very much appreciated. I also sent you a page invite to The Elation Station on Facebook…help support a sista! :o)

  • Thanks for the opportunity Scott – I’ve linked one of my blogs (Scripture in Pictures –, but you can also see me at Delving Into the Scriptures ( and Abducted Light (

    Busy huh 😀

  • I’m just a guy navigating through every day life, with a heart for missional ministry and a quest to see to see the church become more of a multi-cultural community (not just racial diversity, but cultural celebration). Peace.

  • A little twist to #BIGpimpin with a plug for the blog of our company that is a medical system that helps diabetic dialysis patients with lower limb problems. Never hurts to get it out in as many places as possible.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Pimpin’ the whole site! Blog, chord charts, setlists, randomness, etc.

  • I’ve very recently fallen body and soul into the right side of my brain. Join me in my passion.

    See you there.

  • Pimpin – Jericho Ministry Solutions, knocking down the walls that keep us from being the church that God intends.

    The first 10 churches to sign an agreement before September 1, 2010 will get a 75% discount.

    Let us help you knock down the walls at your church.

  • For my blog novel, I post a new chapter each week. Tonight chapter 11 will be up.

  • Thank you Scott! My blog shares some of the adventures I encounter while living as a human on planet earth while loving God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength!

  • Thanks for “Big Pimpin”…cool idea. Cherry Unleashed is my attempt to create discussions that are real to our world, the pain and hurt, and how we as Christ-Followers can bring healing with the help of God.

    This is my intro: “Too often we try to be something we are not and too seldom we try to be who we were made to be. I am a coward, I am a fake, I am a messed up follower of Christ. This is me unleashed, untamed and not quite dangerous…yet!”

    “And now Lord, with your help, I shall become myself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

  • I began this blog to connect with people who are concerned about the gap that exists between the youth of the day and us old guys who have been doing this for a while.

    This gap doesn’t exist in every situation. Where it does I would like to help any way that i could.

    I am fascinated with the drive of the under 40 groups who are making lasting impressions for Christ on the lives of people around the world.

    It is the time for revival, and the time for healing. I would love to hear from anyone who has thoughts about the current state of the church

  • I blog about independent media, music and fashion. I’m an aspiring publicist and a mogul in the making. They call me “the jack of all trades”.

    This site’s an awesome idea! Thanks for starting it up!

  • Hey I am Jody May and my blog is called Your Next Steps.


    It’s about taking another step closer to God from wherever you are at.

    I like to talk about your identity in Christ (I am an ex therapist)

    Specialty – I love to write for people that are recovering traditional evangelical church goers that are caught up in the gospel of works.

  • adding some value into the valuestream

  • Make Mine Happen: TODAY is the day we can make something happen. How can we improve our world, further our faith, and make our dreams happen? We can find out… together.

    Now with the sister site, Make Mine Happen: Marriage Edition at (Still small, but mighty!)

  • CJ

    The RAOK Experiment is simply that… An experiment in what happens when you are randomly kind to someone. Can a few extra words or a quick deed impact someone’s life? We’ll find out.

    If you or someone you know has either committed a Random Act of Kindness or has been the recipient of one, please let us know. These acts just make the world a better place to be.

  • My blog, over at is my online getaway, where I share thoughts, tutorials, jokes, videos, design, photography and music.

    I’m in the process of making so that my wife can get involved too. Add me on twitter at


  • Thanks for this great opportunity for exposure, its really appreciated.

  • Thanks for the opportunity. We specialize in group and vacation travel. I enjoy sharing how non profit organizations can raise funds through travel.
    Follow me on
    Become a Fan on Facebook at Eva Jordan Johnson’s Travel with Eva

  • Hi, I’m Rocco, and I am pimpin’ God’s Love.

  • A place for common people to be encouraged and challenged as they try to make a difference in their world. Thanks for letting me do this!

  • My blog is just a place where I can give my take on leadership & ministry issues along with some personal stuff every once in a while & hopefully a place to have some dialogue with some other folks. Stop by & check it out.


  • I absolutely love the fact that you can find encouragement,challenges and awesome testimonies about what God is doing, Can do and HAS done. It really lifts not just me up but I am sure tons of others. Hopefully some of you check out my blog whether you know me or not to find just that. E-C-A !! is my life…I am passionate about ministry and my family. Read On !

  • Thanks Scott. Found many new blogs to add to my list of must reads. Grateful for the opportunity to gain from what others are learning.

    My most recent post:

  • If you’re ready to Take This Life And CHUNK It, check out my blog on everything life management, leadership, and Chunks of Faith. I’m a life management consultant, coach, and trainer teaching people how to live the life they want with the time, talent, gifts, and resources they’ve been given! Good stuff ’cause people DO get burned out in life and in ministries! But no longer do you have to chunk the life you have! Get goin’…time’s a tickin’!

  • Thanks, Scott! My blog is in preparation for a book that I’m writing. God has me being very transparent with the trials that I am facing, and He has me writing about them along with a message using bible verses, etc. I also post inspirational emails that I get from Joseph Prince, Calvary Grace Mail (Calvary, PHX)…

  • I’m pimping program elements for youth ministry. I have a steady stream of field tested group, upfront, and mixer games. Along with each there is a graphic for those who are in the “programming details.” I’ve also got some Minute to Win It goodies and talk shorts.

  • Great use of your blog with high traffic to help pimp others. Thanks Scott! #fistbump

  • Andrew Edwards – My Authentic Life

    My attempt to live an authentic life chronicled online. Currently on a “Tithe Journey” where we’ve felt called by God to give more than we have been in order to free ourselves of things that are keeping us from growing in Him.

  • I love your blog. It’s been a while since I’ve visited, but you’ve always got somethin’ good goin’ on, Scott. TY!

    I just gave my blogger blog a mini-makeover and could use some honest feedback.

    Check it out and leave a comment.

    Thanks in advance. 8)

  • thanks for this opportunity. can’t pass up a chance to be pimped.

    grace and peace

  • Thanks for the invite..

  • The Gospel Blog is where I talk about family, church, ministry, music and many different aspects of Christian life.

  • Kidmin360’s goal is to collaborate to equip & connect children’s ministry leaders. We’re all about helping Kidmin leaders grow themselves and their ministry.

  • Thanks Scott! I appreciate the opportunity.
    I posted my blog (Sarcastic Xtian – where I yap about apologetics and other things that interest me. I also posted a link to my company (J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, inc. – We make renderings, virtual tours, etc. for all types of clients. We end up doing a lot of work with churches to help them maximize their facility design, as well as help them in their capital campaign efforts. (Sample here: )

  • Thanks Scott for the free pimpage and for the quality blogging you bring.

  • Now for a comment…

    I am Jonny King, is the blog where the mixed-up machinations and opinions of the man are creatively expressed on subjects from Words about God to Words about Rugby, and all other topics, hailing forth from his domiciled residence in New Zealand, relating all material throughout, to the Christian belief system, blogging to all, on this Planet Earth, in our Solar System.

    In other words, the goal of this blog is to put all things through the worldview of the Christian faith, seeing Jesus as the paradigm with which to live ones life through, and glory of God as the goal of a life lived well under the Son/ Sun.

    Come and Join the Par-tae!

  • My blog, Teaching on Mars, covers the odd life of a very smart, awkward, prim and proper, and quite Europeanish young teacher dealing with the mess of teaching in a rural minority school that is remarkably only a half-hour drive from where the author grew up. It initially referred only to the fact that I was teaching in a very different culture than the one I was raised in, but it’s grown into meaning that at times I feel like I am a foreigner in the culture in which I reside in.

    As a result, my blog has gone from just a memoir about teaching to my views on Education in general, Technology and education, my walk with Christ, and the process of my life completely falling to pieces, and how I’m dealing with it. I throw everything out there and put my name on it with the hope that someone out there can tell me I’m not the only person who comes up with the same conclusions that I come to, which is what happens most of the time when I try talking to people around me.

    Plus it’s good fun! I mean, how else could I manage to tick off my entire congregation in one fell swoop by admitting that I disagreed with the pastor in a blog post? ;^)

  • Thanks for the BIG PIMP! We need volunteers & donations for the OK foster grad party! Help spread the word! Next volunteer training is April 27th @ 7pm at The Spero Project, 4646 N. Santa Fe, OKC, OK. or contact for more info!
    We are trying to get 50 NEW suitcases to give to grads at the party! Let us know if you can help!

  • My name is Arrianna Coleman. I blog about Christianity and social justice [esp. environmental stewardship and modern- day- slavery [aka human trafficking]] Basically, my goal is to explore a biblical world-view as I learn more about global social (in)justices.

  • Thanks for this. I hope people will check out my blog and website. I am a psychotherapist with over 18 years of experience. I love to help people apply spiritual and psychological principles in practical and real ways that change their lives and relationships.


  • My goal is to add value to your life not more stuff. I blog about leadership, youth ministry and spiritual growth.

  • Thanks for the plug, Scott!

    Accountability Apps are a fun new way to hold yourself and others more accountable. Free for initial low volume.

    Commitment Keeper is the first app, but more to come. Check it out, and better yet, try it out with your friends, colleagues, team, club, class, clients, members, whatever.

    Improving our world, one commitment at at time.

  • Covered in Dust is my journey with Jesus and a spiritual formation blogsite. I started it as a means to keep investing in the friends and family that I left behind in Chi-town when I heeded God’s call to move 1,100 miles to Austin, Texas, to serve at Gateway Church. While it retains my journey with Jesus and it’s spiritual formation emphasis, the blogsite is no longer solely for my friends and family but an inclusive beacon to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable– provoking comfort, exploring “even if.”

  • thanks for this!

  • this is so great! thank you!!

  • We are a young company offering affordable website plans for churches needing a great looking and easy-to-use website! I’m just trying to get the word out to as many churches as possible. 🙂

  • Thanks for putting this together, Scott. My blog features thoughts on Jesus, culture and theology.

  • Illuminate Your World is all about practically finding and bringing God into your everyday situations. There are many helpful links for those interested in learning more about poverty and great ways to be a part of the solution. And, I feel a book giveaway soon!

  • hey,
    this is AWESOME, Scott…thanks for the opportunity (I always wanted to be PIMPED)!!!
    I’m the Family Pastor at a new church plant in downtown Atlanta (along w/ assisting my wife w/ an organization assisting families facing autism…I’ll add that site for “pimping” once I get her permission).
    I’m privileged to be doing what I love w/ people I love & every now & then I blog about my adventures…hence,!
    Thanks again & if you’re everin Atlanta, I’d love to connect. Give your family my love & have a GREAT one!!!

  • If your a Pastor/Ministry Wife come over and say hello

  • Ok, my wife gave me permission to add our site helping autistic families and like an IDIOT I put it under her name (MY BADD)! Is there any way I could change the link from Tina Dula to Myles-A-Part? The site is…THANKS A LOT!!!

  • Thanks Scott for doing this!!

  • thanks for doing this.

  • We have Soler Powered Solutions for you! Small Business & Creative Artist Consulting, Web Solutions, Product Brokerage, Internet Marketing, Independent Market America UnFranchise Owner. Market America – Built on Product, Powered by People. Check out our Facebook page too!

  • 77 Comments later and you can still find financial wisdom at or you can follow me at Input is what makes the world go round.

  • I pimped my wife and I’s site ( We are missionaries to Africa and write about what we do to connect with and encourage supporters (as well as try to find new ones!)

  • Thanks Scott! I linked to my photography site…love being a part of your moments, big or small. Brownhouse photography: capturing beauty in ordinary & extraordinary moments, based out of Edmond, OK. Check it out!

  • Not a Camouflaged Soul is my blog. Ministry, music, the Gospel, general observations, etc. Thanks for the plug!

    Not a Camouflaged Soul

  • Thanks Scott!

    We are a family on an open ended ,non-stop world tour since 2006 living large on just 23 dollars a day per person even in “expensive” Europe & showing others how to do that do as we share our story.

    Join us as @soultravelers3 on Twitter or join the 3 million others who have viewed our Youtube videos!

  • What a great idea…thanks for the opportunity.

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for the opportunity to be pimped (in a good way)!

    My Lonely Place is where you can find all of my thoughts, inspirations, reflections, humor, and even the occasional fiction story.

    Thanks again!

  • We have Soler Powered Solutions for you! Small Business & Creative Artist Consulting, Web Solutions, Product Brokerage, Internet Marketing, Independent Market America UnFranchise Owner. Market America – Built on Product, Powered by People. Check out our Facebook page too!

  • Becky

    Pimpin is cool

  • My site has officially been pimped 😉

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