The Secure Leader vs. The Insecure Leader

insecureIt’s amazing what the addition or subtraction of two little letters can do to a word.  Let’s look at the word secure defined as sure; certain; assure.  If you add two little letters to the word secure, look how different the definition is.  Insecuredefined as subject to fears, doubts, etc; not self-confident or assured.

There seems to always be a lot of discussion and debate over those two words, especially when you are referring to the Secure and Insecure Leader.  By definition it’s easy to ascertain the difference between a secure and insecure leader; however let’s look at them from a practical standpoint.  Below are some practical bullet points as it relates to the thoughts, mindset, style of The Secure Leader vs. The Insecure Leader in my version of poetry.  I’m not a poet, as if you didn’t already know it. 🙂

The Secure Leader vs. The Insecure Leader

The Secure Leader has an abundance mentality, The Insecure Leader lives with scarcity as a reality.

The Secure Leader leads with boldness and without fear, The Insecure Leader leads out of fear.

The Secure Leader leads by creating consensus, The Insecure Leader leads by finding consensus.

The Secure Leader surrounds themselves with High Level Leaders and such, The Insecure Leader… not so much.

The Secure Leader sees potential, The Insecure Leader sees what could be as inconsequential.

The Secure Leader takes responsibility, The Insecure Leader makes excuses.

The Secure Leader embraces the opinions of others, The Insecure Leader claims to have all the answers.

The Secure Leader encourages their people to fly, The Insecure Leader tells their people to not even try.

The Secure Leader desires to see those around them become great and encourages them to GO, The Insecure Leader desires to see those around them sip from the cup of Status Quo.

The Secure Leader finds their unique leadership voice, The Insecure Leader mimics their leader of choice.

The Secure Leader is focussed on being, The Insecure Leader is focussed on trying.

The Secure Leader knows their confidence comes from Him, The Insecure Leader is too focussed on pleasing them.

Be The Secure Leader!


What do you think?

  • This is Great! thanks for doing this!

  • Succinct and Concise. I love the delineation that you have put forth between the two, you’ve given a real vision of what leading is to be about. Thanks Scott

  • I do not want to offend anyone but I will comment anyways 🙂 .

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the list – pretty comprehensive.

    Thanks for sharing and making me think!

  • I especially like the first one. The abundance mindset goes a long way… most of the time, scarcity really is an illusion.

    Also, you said, “The Secure Leader takes responsibility, The Insecure Leader makes excuses.”

    I’d like to change that slightly to say, “The Secure Leader takes responsibility, The Insecure Leader takes rights.”

    Same idea, but I think it puts it in more perspective. Every leader knows they can’t make excuses (even though we do all the time). What’s not quit so clear is how those excuses look. For me at least, most of those excuses are me trying to claim some right that I think I have. That’s the excuse.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • Insecurity will handicap you as a leader. Not only that, it can really destroy, wonderfully, creative, brilliant people.
    Leaders simply LEAD, they aren’t afraid of the next person ability to rise up, they WANT that for that person because when other’s become better, the team is better, the vision gets accomplished faster.
    A secure leader KNOWS who they are, an insecure leader is still searching….

  • Scott Williams

    estreita & cyndy- thx for the comment
    Jim- LOL
    bondchristian- I hear what you’re saying, I liked my version better. LOL 🙂
    Marc- Amen & Amen… you need to start blogging

  • Henry

    Great stuff Scott!!! There r some things that were brought to my attention. Thanks dude!

  • Dude!

    This is one of the best posts on leadership I have seen in a long time. Well done. Sharing this with our staff this coming week. I love it!


  • Love it!

    I love the validation that each line gives to me personally.

    Keep it up – will be re-tweeting this for a lil’ bit!

  • simply… awesome!!!



    on all levels!!

    thank you

  • Donna Cole

    I confess, I went through each comparison and had to ask I secure or insecure. I’ve never really thought of myself as a “leader” but as I grow and continue to participate in many activities, in many roles,I find myself being called one. Thanks for the eye-opener …and the guidance! I pray to, most of all, continue to grow as a secure leader!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for the comment… That should be all of our prayer, to continue to grow!

  • I agree with this post, it’s great advice.

    But Scott, would you agree that even a secure leader can be wracked by insecurity, even if just occasionally?

    I believe that those feelings of insecurity can be taken as signs or modes to realign a leader’s strategies to fulfill his or her ultimate vision.

    Great post!

  • Scott Williams

    Dave- Yes sir…

  • I thought you would, just wanted to make sure 😀


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  • great post as usual!

  • kinda scary, but you were right.

  • great work!!
    very insightful !!!!
    I put it up on my tumblr, hope u dont mind ..

  • Hi Scott,
    I am studying this topic in my PhD dissertation. I have found so far that effective leaders develop the potential of others, and are open to feedback. They look for what is working with others which helps those around them risk and grow. What I find particularly interesting is that they have thoughts that support their confidence in the midst of adversity, crisis, feedback and change.
    Loved your post.
    Mary-Ann Owens, Calgary Based Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator

  • komal

    its good it helped for my assaignment

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