The Church Has A Blindside

blindside 2Most of us know all to well that most communities are separated by a set of train tracks.  I’m referring to the tracks that divide the area that looks like this, from the area that looks like that.  Although some communities might not be divided by physical train tracks, they are divided by invisibly visible barriers of community landscape.  Drive far enough one direction and you will see what I’m talking about.  When we get out of our comfortable little circles and go across the tracks, we begin to change from the inside out.

I thought the blockbuster movie “The Blind Side” provided an excellent illustration of the outreach that happens when people go across the tracks.  When Christians get out of their comfort zones, their eyes are opened wide. “The Church” truly becomes the hands and feet of Christ in a community that’s less than a 20-minute drive from their suburban utopia.

In the movie The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock plays the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy.  The Tuohy’s are a Christian family led by wealthy restaurant chain owner Sean Tuohy, played by Tim McGraw.  The short and skinny on the movie is the fact that a kid from the other side of the tracks got a shot to attend a rich private school, the Tuohy’s adopt him, he learns how to read, gets his grades up, becomes an excellent right tackle, learns to protect the quarterbacks Blind Side, goes on to play college ball at Ole Miss and eventually gets drafted in the 2009 NFL by the Baltimore Ravens.  There were several scenes in the movie where Lee Anne Tuohy was heart broken by what she experienced in “The Hood” only 20 minutes from her beautiful suburban home in an area that she never realized existed.

She began to have a real desire to reach out and give to a need that she was totally unaware of.  She even confronted some of her rich swanky girlfriends about their negative stereotypes as she had a desire to connect with and change a community that she never knew existed.  Her perspective had changed, Change Your Perspective, Change The Game. The Blind Side has changed the game for the millions of people.   The movie will continue to impact future generations, as it reminds us that Small pushes over time will result in Big Changes.

The Church Has A Blind Side and it’s time to face that blind side with boldness.  The Church is called to love people and we are called to love our neighbor.  That neighbor we are called to love is not only the one that lives next door or in the impoverished community over seas.  We are called to love that neighbor that lives across the tracks, no matter which side of the tracks you are on.  The Church Has A Blind Side and it’s the comfortable recliner of a pew called comfortable familiarity.  It’s Time To Cover The Church’s Blind Side!

We don’t have to go across the world to provide for those in need… sometimes we need to simply Reach Across The Tracks!

What Do You Think?

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  • AMEN!

  • my wife and i were recently discussing how we could reach out to our neighbors on our street. we have a plan set to reach out to each one of our neighbors in hopes of letting them know we love them and we are here if they need us. with that being said, we only have about 5 neighbors. we live in the country so… but we are on a mission to reaching out to our neighbors. we want to share the GOD we love with them through our actions. LOVE WINS.

  • Dona Pugh

    Thanks for the push, Scott! We always pray for the Lord to enlarge our borders, and at the same time are reluctant to go beyond our tight,little comfort circles. This is a good reminder that I need to look for ways to be intentional in my approach to ministering to people that are be beyond my “neighborhood”.

  • jimmy hankins

    Gentrification is the organic opposite of getting outside of your comfort zone. As the US continues to balkanize, those who refer to themselves as the church will parallel that with their choices. It’s the scale of your gentrification activities that make this all amusing. But please, continue to pick the low hanging fruit. Otherwise, it just falls to the ground and rots.

  • Awesome post! Thanks for the reminder of what ministry really looks like. God doesn’t want or deserve excuses from us as to why we’re not reaching certain people. This is the exact mindset of people where I’m serving now while in seminary. While a few people go, most don’t know there’s a world outside their gated neighborhood. I pray that God will keep working on the hearts of all of us!

  • Estreita- & Amen
    Heady- Love Wins! that sounds like @revrunwisdom
    Dona- Enlarge our borders… Well Said!
    Jimmy- I have not heard the word gentrification since my days as a lobbyist. I always appreciate your comments.
    @JohnsonStephenM- I pray that God will keep working on the hearts of all of us, also!

  • The invention of the automatic garage door opener has killed community. We must take responsibility for sharing our faith wherever our feet may take us! Awesome reminder! Thanks!

  • sveselak

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been feeling the same thing stir within me for a while now. How can everyone on the of the largest churches in our area just sit in church and not feel the heart of God to reach out to others that are hurting in our town. To take care of those around us that need God and need love and need food and clothing. There is so much need and I really think the church has a huge blindside that needs to covered. Great post! I am so glad you are a pastor!!!

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comments and perspective!

  • jimmy hankins

    Hah! Nice save. (grin). Yeah, “christian” gentrification is my latest hobby horse. What? A guy can’t have a hobby? Unfortunately, there is no nice way to approach this one. The most visible example of this is being played out in OKC’s skid row on California street. Don’t think I’m letting the owners of church buildings off the hook tho. Y’all were there first. (grin)

  • jimmy hankins

    Oh, and my favorite scene in The Blind Side is when he hugs his brother. And we never see or hear about him again, in the movie. But check out the photos in the credits. (grin)

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