5 Ways To Thunder Up

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I am officially on the OKC Thunder bandwagon.  Although they got beat by the mighty Lakers, they put up an outstanding fight and gained a lot of fans along the way.  Which makes me wonder… Can regular people like you and I create a bandwagon for people to jump on?  How can the regular guy/girl win the hearts of so many fans?

I have an idea.  If we simply do what the Thunder did to create such a following, we will be on the right track. Here are 5 things that won me over and how you can apply them to your own life.

1.  ENERGY- When I think of Thunder I think hustle.  They dive for balls, play good defense, look for fast breaks, and always give 110%.  Russell Westbrook does an amazing job of setting the tone and leading by example.

People like hard workers (unless you make them look bad).  Keep hustling and doing your best day in and day out.  People will start to notice and you will gain fans.  Positive energy is contagious!

2.  POSITIVITY – Thunder players stay positive.  Sure they may get frustrated about a call or if they are losing, but it doesn’t last long.  They consistently stay alert and look for the next opportunity to make a play.  You don’t hear negative news about them on Sportscenter or read about character concerns in the paper.

Negative people are unattractive.  Whether it’s a negative attitude or a negative light being shed people respond better to positive attitudes and stories.  Be Positive!  Always look for ways to positively respond to adversity.

3.  UNDERDOG – There is something appealing about winning when you aren’t suppose to.  The Thunder were playing beyond their years and above their expectations.  It’s hard not to root for people that defy odds.

The only way you can become an underdog is by attempting to do something that most would deem highly unlikely.  The keys to becoming a successful underdog are out-working, out-smarting, out-preparing, or out-willing your opponent.  Sure you may be too young/old/inexperienced for that new job/life change/big step but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it.

4.  GRATITUDE – The Thunder players and management do an excellent job of showing appreciation to fans.  Players are constantly thanking fans during interviews and press conferences.  This pleases the fans even more and in turn, increases support.

When you express your gratitude to someone, they will continue their behavior.  Be appreciative.  Gratitude is one of the least expensive yet most valuable gifts you can give.

5.  LEADERSHIP – Thunder Coach Scott Brooks was named the NBA Coach of the Year.  He is a big reason for the ENERGY, POSITIVITY, and GRATITUDE of the young Thunder team.  His leadership allowed the Thunder to believe they could achieve something that most deemed impossible.  He took their weaknesses (youth and inexperience) and developed them into strengths (energy and positivity).

In order to reach your full potential, you need a leader like Scott Brooks in your life.  Find someone that you look up to and develop a mentor/mentee relationship with them to learn how to become a better spouse, friend, worker, leader, etc.

Learn from the success of the OKC Thunder.  THUNDER UP!!!

What do you think?

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  • Great post I just found 5 new steps to improving fans and effecting lives. I appreciate this post

  • Chadwick

    EXCELLENT post by an incredible guy!!! There are few people I look up to more than Brett Bradley, he is an amazing man of God who has a passion to teach.

    Good call on featuring Brett as your guest blogger.

  • Agree on all. Love the “positivity” one. Colin Powell says “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier”. I’ve seen that to be true over and over.

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