Why” Questions with “Who” Answers

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Why” Questions with “Who” Answers

God often answers our “Why” questions with “Who” answers. Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? The millennial generation is asking this and other difficult questions – and expecting answers.

Tragedy and crisis are not foreign concepts to this generation. From disappointment to terrorism, they are confronted with the “new norm” in the world in which they live. They are genuinely concerned about the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. They care about third-world countries whose people are starving. This global sensitivity has left many of them with empty answers or complicated questions.

They are not content to leave their questions about life, death, pain, and injustice unanswered. When Millennials are not taught how faith intersects with real life they often abandon faith in search of satisfactory answers.

This generation wants more than clique Christianity.  The need is clear for a more comprehensive, no-expense answers to difficult complexities of life.  Boldness is required to answer the “Why” questions in the same way God does in scripture — by turning attention to the character and nature of Himself.

After being a believer for many years, I came to a startling realization: I knew very little about the nature of God. This led me to a study of God’s attributes and an aggressive search through the scriptures and other classics like The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer and The God You Can Know by Dan DeHaan.

I determined to record my observations and thoughts on the Attributes of God for six months – which led to another six months which led to… Well after twenty years, I still begin my mornings meditating on one of His attributes and feel I continue to occupy a seat in the remedial class.

I am not an authority on this topic but I can tell you that it gives stability in crisis. My moment of truth came after my twenty-four year old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident. As I walked in utter desperation, crying out to God, I came to embrace a pivotal concept for my life, “My world had fallen apart but everything I knew about God was still true.”

Why do we fear answering the “Why” questions with “Who?” Perhaps it is because we are uncomfortable with the answer ourselves. Our finite minds find it hard to comprehend a God who is Sovereign when we hear about the realities of earthquakes, tsunami’s or a life cut short by a drunk driver. God does not fit neatly into our cliché Christianity or utopian worldview.

It is natural to struggle with answering questions about tragedy and God. We must unapologetically offer authentic Biblical answers gleaned from the anvil of our own lives. Millennials can handle and will embrace authentic truth.

What Do You Think?

  • We ask “Why?” in pride, wanting to see the big picture. We want to understand things before we trust God. We want to know all of the details so we can decide for ourselves what to think and feel about situations. For example, “If 10 people trusted Christ because of my best friend’s death, then I cam ok with it.”

    Answering that question with a “Who” answer refocuses back on trust without complete understanding of the situation. It doesn’t matter if I have the big picture or not because I trust the one who does have the big picture. This kind of trust requires a close-knit relationship that can’t be faked.

    “Why” says, “I know what’s best.” “Who” says, “God knows what’s best.”

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