Are You A Doubting Thomas?

Marcco Belluci

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Are You a Doubting Thomas?

Most of us know the story of Thomas the Apostle and how he refused to believe the resurrection story without personal evidence. We can shake our heads or raise our eyebrows at his lack of faith, but how many of us turn skeptic when it comes to putting our complete and total trust in God on a daily basis?

Sure we believe, but sometimes that belief is restricted to certain areas of our life – areas we think God is more likely to work. Church is in; career is out. Family life is in; social life is out. We go on and on with these lists in our mind. But we mature in faith when we let God into the areas we resist most … or where we doubt his existence at all.

Confronting Doubt

Which areas of your personal life are you still keeping in the dark? And … why? If you doubt that God can work in those areas – they’re too worldly, out of control, shameful, etc. – then it’s time to confront those thoughts in His presence. It’s time to admit there is doubt and stay open to how He can work it out or turn it around. We know that what is sometimes meant for evil, God can use for good.

Pray for wisdom and openness in the hardest areas. Pray that He will help you live more by faith and less by limitation. Pray that He gets in your face, that He shows Himself, and helps you to see that it’s not by the work of man but through His grace that anything good gets accomplished. It may sound like a small prayer, but the results could change your life in big ways.

Confirming Faith

We don’t know where the road will lead, but God does. Having faith that He’s in charge, and that He knows what’s best for us even when we can’t see it, is the first step to facing our doubts. It also confirms our faith and supports our spiritual growth.

Once Thomas saw the wounds, he professed his faith. In John 20:29, we’re told that Jesus said to him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”  We can all change doubt to belief, but it doesn’t always come by our own works. Sometimes we need to cultivate a deeper faith by asking for God’s help to diminish doubt, trusting completely that He will deliver. We do the best work of our lives when we grow in faith, and like Thomas, who was later called “Thomas the Believer,” realize that there is something much greater happening than can be seen.

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  • Thank you for this post. I’m just so amazed on the things God does to people who step in faith. I wonder what name God would give me, “Michelle the ________.” This thought just excites me and inspire me to run and finish the race while still having that faith in God that He’s the only One able for anything and everything that might seem impossible to people.

  • I recently read Christina Atheist, pastor Craig from shared that he was addicted to working all the time and needed counseling, he felt he was born like that until God helped him believe he could change with God’s help. THis helped me understand things in my own own that I could surrender over to Christ as well, I doubted myself that I could change in these areas, I literally was living as if God was too small to help me change. No longer, I believe no matter what it is god can make the difference. do doubt, let him work it out.

  • I’ve found much faith in times of doubt. It helps us remember to let go and let God.

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