The BIG Announcement!

In the spirit of Lebron James’ “Big Decision,”  I thought it would be appropriate to title this post The BIG Announcement.  For those of you who follow my Twitter/Facebook streams, you are aware that I’ve had something to share and I can’t wait to share it.  Well that something to share is a message and a burden that God has laid on my heart for as long as I can remember.

That message, burden and story to share is dealing with the lack of ethnic diversity in the church, and the taboo nature of the overall discussion.  For years as a Prison Warden, I dealt with the tough issues of race, ethnicity and religion behind the walls and razor wire.  As a lobbyist and Political Consultant, I was able to be a part of making some impact in the areas of race and ethnicity at all levels of our political system.

As a pastor, I have been burdened by the fact that a statement Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made over 40 years ago still rings true today, “We must face the sad fact that at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning, when we stand to sing… we stand in the most segregated hour in America, and the most segregated school is Sunday School.”

Let’s cut to the chase.  After months of negotiations and conversations with a number of Christian Publishing Companies, including some of the largest.  I have signed a book publishing deal with New Leaf Publishing Group, for a book that will address the issue of the lack of diversity in the church.  The book will identify the primary reasons why, confront those issues head on and offer practical solutions to address this age-old problem.

More details on the release date, title etc. to come.  For those of you that know me, you probably already know what the title will be. 🙂

I am looking forward to working with the great people at New Leaf, as a matter of fact I have a strategy meeting with them for most of the day today.  They are bringing Jon Dale in to be a part of this meeting and help with the overall strategy.  If you don’t know who Jon is, he was one of the 9 people that was selected to go through Seth Godin’s MBA Program.  I love New Leaf’s commitment to this project.  Again, more info. to come in the near future…

I want to personally thank those whom I’ve worked closely with in ministry, every single person who has ever sent me an encouraging note, read my blog, tweets and Facebook updates. Thanks for listening to the things that I have to share and thanks for being a part of my offline/online family.  Through your engagement, God has given me a platform to share this bold and needed message with the world.

The BIG Announcement… dream BIG. think BIGGER.

(Disclosure)  Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will not be writing the book with me; however it will have some commentary from some super stars.

  • Chadwick

    Congrats Scott!!! I can’t wait to get a copy!!! Thanks for sharing your encouraging words, thoughts, and leadership strategies. I know God will has BIG plans for this project. It is an honor to get to serve alongside you at N-Dub.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. I appreciate the kind words.

  • That is so exciting Scott! You and I have had a conversation about the same issue! I am convinced and convicted that the inside of the church must reflect what is on the outside! That is part of our church planting strategy… “Ethnic Reflection.”

    Proud to be on the same team. God bless, and can’t wait to read!

    • Scott Williams

      Bro. I definitely want to have you be a part of the conversation…

  • Kyshana

    YES!!! Go God and Go Pastor Scott! Congrats, can’t wait!!

    • Scott Williams

      Great meeting you… glad your church embraces such a vision for diversity.

  • congrats bro!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Sprad… We need to get the msg. to Steamboat!

  • Antoinette Robinson

    Congratulations Scott! Diversity is a topic that is heavy on my heart as well. May God grant you wisdom, favor, and insight into His heart on this subject!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. for the well wishes and words of encouragement.

  • Jessica Woods

    So exciting, Scott! Praying for you and this journey. I know that God will speak His truth through you.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. 4 everything you and Nathan do and always having a kind word to share!

  • Congrats! Diversity is is something that definitely weighs upon my heart.

    • Scott Williams

      My heart is heavy as well!

  • Congrats, Scott…this is going to provide a fascinating look at a real issue facing Christ’s church. One thing I’ve found interesting through the years is that, while Dr. King’s statement holds true in the great majority of parishes around the country, it does NOT hold true in many of our military chapels, especially among the National Guard and Reserve.

    In our National Guard unit, we only have resources to offer one worship service on Sundays. During that hour, I am privileged to lead worship for a small congregation of troops that cuts across every ethnic line/boundary imaginable. It is an amazing picture of the true diversity of the body of Christ. “Red and yellow, black and white”…we all are able to gather together under the banner of Christ. It’s truly an amazing thing to witness. It’s unfortunate that this is the exception rather than the rule.

    May God continue to fuel your passion and bless your efforts as you labor!

    • Scott Williams

      Would love to have a conversation w/ you about the military community.

  • Congrats Scott! It’s been an honor to serve with you and learn from you over the years. Diversity within the church is an issue that is close to my heart as well, and I can say without a doubt that you’re not all talk. You truly live out what you believe, and the church you pastor is truly a special place. I know this book will change how many leaders do ministry, and I’m excited to see how this book impacts the way we pastors view the Bride of Christ. We love you and we are praying for you!

    • Scott Williams

      You don’t know how much those words mean… thx for opening my eyes to a side of diversity I didn’t know existed.

  • Contests Scott! Thus is super-exciting news. I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you as well!! Keep it up man!!

    • Scott Williams

      I always appreciate your encouragement!

  • Scott, fantastic news! This is much-needed. In the last church I pastored, I tried to hammer some biblical truths home about diversity and still had church members sometimes make inappropriate remarks or assume I might laugh at a racist joke. I find it infuriating and am so glad you’re addressing it.

    When the time comes, please let us feature you, your story, your book, and your passion at!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. bro. consider it a date at

  • @Michele07

    Awesome!! ‘Church Diversity Sucks’ I sooo can’t wait! Enjoy the journey and make sure we know when the first pre order date is 🙂 lovely meeting you and Lakendria finally, at Flamingo. Appreciate all you do!

    • Scott Williams

      Great meeting you and your mom… You are awesome and I’ll make sure you are the 1st to know on the pre-order.

  • Congatulations, Scott! Sounds loke you will be addressing some things that are desperately needed. Go!

    • Scott Williams


  • This is exciting! I look forward to getting a copy and helping spread the word. This is a tough topic to address; however, it needs to be addressed. I’m thanking God for providing great wisdom as you bring this material together. Go Win!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Heady for being one of the 1st readers around here… I appreciate all that you do!

  • Esther Rennick

    Congratulations Scott! I am so proud of you – proud that you go for your God given dreams!! You are a change agent for God!

    • Scott Williams

      God wants change… Thx. for the kind words. I’m honored that He has chosen to use me.

  • Congratulations my friend. Looking forward to reading it. You know how much I love books!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Cyndi!

  • So exciting. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Pete, that means a lot and Congrats on Plan B… Unfortunately Church Diversity is often times a plan D.

  • Awesome. This is a book the church needs. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Geoff, I remember your encouragement to me when we talked about this a couple of years ago.

  • All the best brother. May Christ’s church be one ;D

    • Scott Williams


  • So excited for you bro! Proud to call u one of my greatest friends and mentors.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. for your inspiration and your wife’s help.

  • So cool. Hope you bring it, cuz we need it!

    • Scott Williams

      Praying… I definitely need to talk w/ you!

  • Scott, you know you and I have spoken on several occasions on this topic, I’m extremely excited for you and what God will say through your voice and influence with this book. No doubt, I’m looking forward to getting it in my hands and making it available to every team member I meet or lead.

  • Very excited to read it. We have been intentional about diversity since te beginning of our church. Currently we r 40%black 40%white and 20%other with well over 30 nations. I know that geographical diversity or lack of has a lot to do with a churches diversity. But I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and the discussion that will ensue. Good stuff!

    • Scott Williams

      That’s awesome, excited to share!

  • Dude! This is huge. I thank God for the opportunity He has provided you. Diversity in churches is one of the top 5 questions I get asked in EVERY leadership meeting I attend. May God’s wisdom and knowledge guide every word, sentence, paragragh, and chapter. Miami has their “Big 3”, and we have ours! The TRINITY!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Tim, I know your heart on this matter. I still remember our discussion in Dallas. We need to pick it back up.

  • Kevin Bailey

    That’s awesome! The diversity at NW is one of the things that has drawn me to that campus. I love reading your blog and learning from your awesome leadership ideas. I’ll be praying for you as I can imagine there will be many attacks and distractions to try and throw you off course.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. that truly, truly means a lot. Thx for noticing and I’m glad it resonates with you.

  • Alyson

    Congrats Scott!!! I can’t wait until the release, as this topic is near and dear to my heart as well…but honestly, I never thought much of it when it comes to diversity and the church.

    • Scott Williams

      I’m glad that you are sensitive to diversity in general. Maybe this will be a new and different perspective.

  • Super awesome Scott…totally excited for you.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Jason, I always appreciate you kind words and what you do for the kingdom.

  • So excited for you Scott…thank you for tackling this subject! I can’t wait to read it!!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. Brian, good hearing from you!

  • Chuck Salser

    Scott, so excited for you…Enjoyed sitting next to you on the plane ride home yesterday! Can’t wait to see what you can teach us, God has gifted you so tremendously!!!

    • Scott Williams

      Great re-connecting w/ you as well. It was no accident that we sat next to each other on the plane.

  • Well, you KNOW I’m not surprised! (Do I get a special prize for calling this years in advance?) 🙂 I am blessed to have been one of many people who worked alongside such an amazing leader and visionary, and it’s a joy to call you my former boss and my friend. Congratulations!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. for seeing it before I did… Yes you will get a special prize!

  • tsanchez

    Can’t wait to get this book in my hands! Thanks for being such a great leader!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx. can’t wait to get it in your hands

  • Dewitt

    Awesome Scott! I look forward to the conversation here on your blog about the project.

    • Scott Williams

      Keep checking back, we will keep the conversation going.

  • Awesome! I have said for years that god doesn’t get any glory out of a black church, or a white church or a pink with purple polkadots church. God gets glory from a door that is open and tells the people in the neighborhood it serves, “Ya’ll come.” I find it amazing that in the year 2010 we are still so segregated. I pray this books rips the face off of pastors of all colors who don’t feel the need or the burden to minister outside their skin color or comfort zone!

    • Scott Williams

      Wow.. that is an excellent prayer/quote.

      I pray this books rips the face off of pastors of all colors who don’t feel the need or the burden to minister outside their skin color or comfort zone!

  • Got my blog up and running Scott! Check it out:

  • I am so glad you are stepping up and addressing this issue, Pastor Scott. I am praying foe a powerful annointing on every word to bring about the necessary growth needed to bring about the change God is wanting to bring about. I have a vision of the beautiful Bride of Christ with multi-textured hair with skin of color walking on a beach, representing her international orogins and journey.

    • Scott Williams

      Amen & Amen Naomi

  • Tim Stone

    Congratulations on the book project. I would love to pick your brain someday about this topic. I dream of planting a church that busts through the barriers to reach everyone. And, as with most things, I want to seek out the counsel of others more knowledgeable than I.

    God bless,
    Tim Stone

    • Scott Williams

      Anytime, lets get together.

  • Kendra M.

    Wow Scott!! Congratulations. This IS a very important issue. Diveresity is ONE reason why I love People’s Church!!! You ROCK dude!!!

    • Scott Williams

      I Love Peoples Church as well… Herbert is a great man of God and his vision is spot on as it relates to diversity.

  • Scott this is so exciting! You are the man!!!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Ken…

  • Hi, Scott!

    This is great! I am a member at and PBS did a documentary about the diversity of the church. We’re almost at 50/50 with 3k members! This is going to be a great book!


    • Scott Williams

      Thx. for sharing Tina, I’ll check it out!

  • Dave Marrett

    Hey Scott, this is awesome man! I loved your heart and passion when I attended your church last year when I was visiting from Australia. Sadly, the diversity in the Aussie church is about as limited as it is in the USA. Your book will blow the lid of this way beyond the borders of the United States.

    • Scott Williams

      Dave, thanks for sharing, I’d love to talk more.

  • jimmy hankins

    It’s a step. Take your time. Get comfortable with the idea. Write a book. And then as you say; Think Bigger! Take Action! And when it gets uncomfortable, you’re probably moving in the right direction. And think outside the race box. What? (grin)

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comment Big Jimmy… I always appreciate your thoughts. (grin)

  • Oh man those who know me have heard me say this time and again…I recently left a predominately black church I had been a member of for over 13 years. I’m currently attending a predominately white church plant. To say you want Diversity is not enough you must be intentional. There’s a way to do this without losing your mission and vision. This plays into conferences, mission, and youth organization. Oh their is so much to say on this topic. I can’t wait to read your book. Not sure if you know Milan Ford but he is a great resource…He spent 13 years a New Birth (Eddie Long) and now attends Northpoint here in Atlanta area.I will definitely follow your blogs on this subject. I think we believe when we get to heaven there will be a white, black , Asian, Hispanic or Indian side…we are sadly mistaken! United we can achieve so much more. More and more blacks are beginning to attend predominately white churches…looking for something different.

    • Scott Williams

      Tasha… I def. Know Milan, he’s a great guy. Wevdo talk.

  • Adam Swedenburg

    Congrats bro! After traveling the world over as an officer in the Army, I sat in 100’s of churches that were more segregated than day and night. Down here in Lawton, Oklahoma, I attend The Christian Center, which has as many blacks as whites, as hispanics, Koreans, Germans, Phillipinos, etc. The mix of 1,200 is a direct reflection of the leadership. A white Pastor, black Director of Operations, 3 white Elders, 3 black Elders and a mixed staff of both paid and volunteer that would make M&M’s jealous. After being here 8 years, I would argue without an interracial congregation, could the true definition of “Church and Family” ever be achieved. Can’t wait for the read. 🙂

    • Scott Williams

      Couldn’t agree more, I’ve heard about this churchn in Lawton… I need to check it it out.

  • Congratulations!! Go for it!!

    • Scott Williams


  • Awesome bro. You should connect with John Perkins and Paul Louis Metzger in regards to your book…AMAZING RESOURCES.

  • Scott Williams

    I’ll check em’ out!

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity to impact the Kingdom. I myself am biracial with a black father and a white mother. I have always struggled with the lack of, not just racial diversity, but also cultural and socioeconomic diversity, within the church.

    I think this is an important and often overlooked topic within the church. Thank you for having the heart and vision to address such a crucial issue.

  • Scott Williams

    Amen… I agree, I have some thoughts on exactly what you just mentioned. Let’s Go! 🙂

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  • Jimmy Hankins

    And another thing!(grin) Diversity, like everything else, starts in the heart. I’m sure it’d be all nice and pretty to have graduated shades of sheep in the same pen, but really, what would be the difference otherwise?

    If you want real diversity, you should practically ache with the desire to fellowship with those who for whatever reason, are almost exactly like you. The key being the word “almost”. Baby steps, I know, but in this case, it’s like two toddlers fighting over the same toy. Or maybe Daddy’s approval? (grin)

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  • This bold and needed message with the world.

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