30 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics

The Twitter profile pic. has become an integral part of an overall Twitter profile.  These pics. take on many different shapes, looks, forms and fashions (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly).  The diversity of Twitter pics. speaks to the diversity of folks in the Twittersphere.  In a previous post titled 6 Ways To Make Your Twitter Profile Work”, I outlined a simple strategy to effectively leverage your overall profile.

The Twitter profile pic. can be broken down into 30 distinct looks.  I’m sure there are more than 30; however in this post 30 will be the definitive number. 🙂

30 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics.

1. Picture Me Rollin‘-  This is the person that uses their vehicle or maybe even a dream vehicle as their profile pic.

2. All Up In Your Face- This is the person whose Twitter profile pic. is extra, extra tight shot.  This is the type of Twitter Profile Pic. that I use (@scottwilliams).  I personally prefer the tight shot because no matter the application you use, the profile pic. is going to be very small.

3. The Rock Star- This is the person who has a microphone, stage, instrument, pulpit or podium somewhere in their profile pic.  This person is saying, watch me do my thang.


4. The Bird The Egg– This is the person who either doesn’t know how or hasn’t taken the time to add a profile pic.  This person is perfectly content with the standard un-hatched twitter bird also known as the egg.


5. The Model- This is the person who looks off into space and has a side-shot photo.  The model means serious business when they strike their America’s Next Top Model super pose, they will even bust out a glamour shot pic.

6. Love Birds- This person is so in love that they cannot be separated from the love of their life.  They can’t even be separated in their profile pic., singing “Just the two of us, we can make it if we try just the two of us… you and I.”

7. Too Cool For School- This person is so cool that they can get away with wearing their sunglasses at night.  Not only do they wear their sunglasses at night, they represent their sunglasses in their profile pic.

8. Show Me The Money- This is the person that has pics. of money or dollar $igns in their profile pic.  Many of the affiliate-network-guru-spammer type folks that claim you can make $5,000 a day roll with this pic.

9. Fantasy Island- is the person who would love to have the little guy named Tattoo from Fantasy Island be their spokesperson.  They are enamored with their ink and represent their tattoos in their profile pic.  If you are too young to know who Tattoo or Fantasy Island is, click here.

10. I’m Too Sexy For My Twitter- This is the person who takes the sexy strike-a-pose pic. for their Twitter profile.  This person’s pic. is not quite inappropriate, but they are darn sure trying to be sexy.  Their theme song is “I’m too sexy for my shirt… too sexy for my…”

11. Read My Lips- This person is so proud of their lips that LL Cool J can’t even compete.  Don’t look into my eyes, Read My Lips.

12. The Porn Star- This is the inappropriate and many times down right vulgar spammer that we all wish would just go away.  Sorry, I can’t give the Porn Star Love, so this profile pic. is from XXX Church.

13. Peta Tweeta- This is the person that loves their pet so much, the pet is front and center on their profile pic.  It’s just kinda weird receiving a tweet, @reply, or DM from Scooby-Doo.

14. Front Page – This person represents their profile pic. as their featured front page magazine article, news paper clip or album cover.  Just a reminder that you can grab a copy in a store near you.

15. Logo No-Go– This person represents their logo instead of a pic.  Often types this person has difficulty distinguishing between their personal brand and their logo brand.  This featured profile pic. brand created my brand, so they’re all good.

16. The Animator– This is the annoying moving motion graphic profile pics.  These profile pics. definitely stand out, although that’s not necessarily a good thing.  I’m sorry but this polar bear eating his fish just cracks me up.

17. The Cartoonist- This person represents a cartoon looking avatar version of themselves.

18. The Little Guy- This person has used a full length pic. or one that is so far away that you can’t tell what or who they are.  This person should invest in a zoom and take some tips from “All Up In Your Face.”

19. The Photographer – There is second guessing that this person is a professional photographer as their Nikon or Cannon is front and center.  It’s the digital camera version of “All Up In Your Face.”

20. The Kid- This person allows their children the opportunity to be front and center in the profile pic. Sometimes the twitterer themselves are in the pic. with their kid(s) and other times it’s the kid(s) are all by themselves.

21. Weirdo- Some Twitter profile pics. can only be summed up by calling them weird.  Weird is not necessarily a bad thing, just a weird thing.  The profile pic featured here is my man @crazie_eddie, I mean the name Crazie Eddie puts him in the weirdo category.  I happen to like Eddie, he retweets my posts on a regular basis.  Everyone has some  weirdos on their list, just scroll through your followers and you will find a weirdo. If you don’t find a weirdo by scrolling through your list, take a look at your personal profile pic.  You may just be that weirdo.

22. The Half-Face- This person is a kissing cousin to “All Up In your Face” but they are so cool that they will only show you half of their face.  I guess if your name is LeBron James, you can sport The Half-Face and you can even hold a 1hr. event to let everyone know about your decision to do so.

23. Six Pack Jack – It’s all about representin’ the six pack and we are not talking about beer.

24. Say What! – When you look at this profile pic. the only thing that you can say is “Say What!”

25. Handyman – This person represent had motions that consume the profile pic.  Talk to the hand!

26. Get Your Grub On – This person not only tweets about their frequent stops at various eating places, they represent the vittles in their profile pic.

27. Red Bull – This person has more energy in their profile pic. than most of us will ever have in real life. Their profile pic inspires you to drink a Red Bull.

28. I’m Smarter Than You – The pondering and contemplative ruminations in this profile pic are enough to intimidate Albert Einstein.  Hmm, I bet you wish you knew what I’m thinking, but you don’t. I know what you’re thinking!

29. Sports, Sports and More Sports – All things sports, jersey’s, logos, names, players, fields, trophies… you name this profile pic. represents it.

30. I’m Not On That List- The person that says “This list is funny, but I’m nowhere on the list.”  This ones for you! Feel free to insert your 30th Type of Profile Pic. in the comment section.

Where do you fall on the list?  What’s missing?  Share your thoughts on any of the Types Of Twitter Profile Pics. above or add additional to the list.

  • Fun Read. I may change my avvie every two seconds but I’m always up in your face. LOL. Beats being a weirdo. I think. hmm.

    • Scott Williams

      Gotta be up in your face, I have only had 2 pics. I don’t change often.

  • These are some good ones, I actually follow some on your list.
    The ones I didn’t see there are the ones that say
    “Love” “Happy” & the ever so popular TWEET Bird pic, which means you don’t even have a profile pic up yet.

    • Scott Williams

      The bird is #4. Love and Happy could be a good one.

  • What about the socially conscious person who uses the space to get across a message? Pink ribbons, rainbow banners and green peace signs are all in my followers list.

    • Scott Williams

      Thats a great one, I was gonna do it…

  • Great read… got to go with keeping it All Up In Your Face.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for the comment Ronnie

  • The goofy photo! Someone, like me, who has a silly photo of themselves… Usually a self portrait.

    • Scott Williams

      Goofy would be good… you see your husband & child made the ist. 🙂

  • Nicely done.

    • Scott Williams


  • MisterHash

    U forgot the photoshopped picture !

  • Scott, I believe God inspired you to write this post so that you could model each one of those profile pics. (except the porn/6pack one, no one wants to see that) 🙂

  • LOL I love this list, and the polar bear eating fish too!

    I am Little Guy at the moment but I usually have the All Up In Your Face avatar.

    What about those who put their hobbies on their avatars? I’ve seen booklovers piling books on their icons. Kinda like the extension of Picture Me Rolling perhaps.

  • My avatar is “All Up UP UP In Your Face!” 🙂

    “Up in my face” is actually my main Twitter List. Ha!

  • More about this analyse :


  • Michelle c

    I didn’t have a photo on the computer I was using to set my profile up, random clipart from the web works for me. I don’t think about changing it, after all it is better than. The no photo loaded bird.

  • Nice one scott! My Twitter pic falls in the #2 category. And my Gravatar, I guess, falls in #5.


  • I’m all up in your face… and a lot of those other ones are pretty annoying actually. Up in your face is the best.

    *arrogant sarcasm*

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • Hahahaha, I love this list, I’m #19 The Photographer, I guess!! Love my category!!!

    PS. I love how when I inserted my email, my avatar changed to the one I’m using on twitter!!

  • @samtitle

    Not sure if this was up there…mine is the “how I looked in my prime 17 years and 30 pounds ago” pic…often used on dating sites…I don’t use mine on dating sites…my wife doesn’t like it.

  • Mine would be a combo I guess. Wierdo meets cartoon meets all up in your face. Oh well, noone knows who the guy is that I use for a pic anyways and if you do, your a better Baptist than I am. 😉

  • John

    I guess I would be the number 1 type since that is my profile pick! But ur right, that’s my dream vehicle! Thanks for the blog it’s way kewl.

  • jenjen

    Variant of up in your face is the tilted head. Like you’re leaning into the shot.

    An additional type could have started out as anything but now has so many cause-related twibbons and twap on it that you don’t know what it is. Save libraries! Free elections! Save the tatas! Down with DRM!

  • Love this post, funny! And, interestingly, I think I may fall under a couple categories…

  • This post is clever and funny. I retweeted it! Thumbs up!

  • Meg

    I’m using a wedding picture, so I guess that could fall under the “love birds” category. 🙂

  • Love it! You are writing what we are all thinking!!!!

  • Tab

    What about the profile pics that just shows their EYES? (i guess they want people to think they’re mysterious)

  • that was amazing. thanks bro!

  • I’m up close (took it myself) but posing with my favorite book in the background so kind of a combo between #2 & a geeky #1. It was also the unfortunate outcome of my one-and-only time to dabble in Photoshop trying to cut out a weird plant behind my head. I accidentally turned it red but then liked it and left it that way. Never changed it since. (I only got a Twitter account because you talked me into it BTW.) 🙂

  • The upside down profile pic?

  • I wish that I could be “six-pack jack.” Sadly, I’m more “bean bag brad” or “one keg carl.”

  • You forgot the “All Seeing Eye” This pic is just yhe tweeter’s eye. it says “Look into my eyes and see how deep and intense I am.”

  • You forgot the “Family Guy” profile which requires a picture of you making crazy faces with your kids, preferably taken by “photo booth” on Mac. This tells the world you’ve got your priorities straight….or that you can’t keep your kids away from your computer.

  • nat

    What about “rep your favorite band via t-shirt”

  • Did you mention “THE CAUSE” Twibbon or Banner. And, what about “FAMILY DUDE?” or “COUPLES” or “MOTHER/DAUGHTER” etc. Did you mention “LANDSCAPE” ?

  • ;” I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information *~-

  • You can squeeze in there the caricature – a representation of the real you. Better than some of the damned awful pictures you see….

  • Love your list. It makes me want to explore my followers. There is a new one I have been noticing lately and that is those who are using instagram to create there twitter profiles. These are the blurry, cloudy, artsy profiles. Instagram makes a quick photoshop effect that can be added to any of the other categories you mentioned.

  • I have been using twitter for about 2 or more years now and I must say I love personalizing it, putting my face on it so other people will recognize me in a nice way!

  • Love the list! I don’t think my type is listed. If I had to pick one that’s close, it would be #2 (yours). 

  • Wow, I didn’t think there could be 30 different kinds…but you proved me wrong.  Not sure where my profile pic fits.  Somewhere in between I’m smarter than you and The wierdo.  

  • Nicely done!  Great list.  1, 6, 18, and 23 are hilarious highlights.

  • The Twitter profile pic. has become an integral part of an overall Twitter profile.

  • Shurikenkitty13

    the Pixel Artist- these profile pics are usually hand pixelled artwork and are used to represent the user

  • LOVE how you dropped a little XXXChurch in there. #FistBump

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