Are You Bothered by 666?

Everyone has a different opinion about the sequence of numbers 666.  Often times people will change their hotel room, phone number or a host of other things if the number 666 is anywhere within.  As a matter of fact just recently I had a family in my church that had to ask me to write a letter to the Social Security Administration on behalf of their young child who was issued a Social Security number ending in 666.

Here is the context from scripture in the book of Revelation.  “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.” Revelation 13:18

Again, there are some people who are not bothered at all by the number…  I have a pastor friend whose mobile number ends in 666.  On the other hand there are people who are really bothered and the thought of the number causes them mental discomfort.

Where do you fall?  Are you bothered by the number 666.  Are you the person who will change your numbers and such or do you simply say no big deal?

Share your thoughts!

  • Funny, my son’s SSN also ends in 666. It freaks Megan (my wife) out. She keeps claiming that she is going to have it changed, but 18 months in, it’s still ending in 666. It doesn’t bother me too much. At the end of the day my kid is a child of a King that I believe is bigger than the symbolism of any number.

    • Scott Williams

      That’s exactly how old this kid was… If it causes someone mental anguish then uhh…

  • Those numbers don’t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, some of the older mss have “616”. The number is symbolic of imperfection; something that falls short of the Lord. The numbers remind us that we are in a war with the kingdom of darkness, but that the Kingdom of Light has already won the victory. The number represents a defeated foe. So no, I am not bothered by the number 666 any more than I am any other number.

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for sharing, I think it’s about half and half.

  • I had an experience as a fireman I thought I’d share. We came in off a call & the engineer came in & said he was going to run the truck b/c the last digits on his mileage was 666. A few minutes later a call came in for a body that had been found. That night was the coldest night of the winter & we were called out very early in the morning to a blazing fire & the address was Route 6 Box 66. We all tripped out of course. That night while I was at home & was channel surfing before crashing after a hard shift the last commercial I saw was for a psychic hotline & the 900# (remember those?) ended in 666. Well you know they say things happen in 3’s. Approx 2am, I heard my parents hollar b/c our house was on fire. True story! I’m a pastor now & while I know who’s authority I walk in, I always think of this wild 48 hour period.

    • Scott Williams

      Wow! LOL

    • vivian-li

      Save your chain spam stories for the comments section on Youtube.

  • Not bothered, though I admit to noticing it everytime I see it. But not bothered, primarily because the numbers cryptically referred to some dead guy named Nero in the first century, who in turn symbolized the worldly powers who stood in opposition to the one true God at that time.

    • Scott Williams

      I think everyone has o admit that they notice the sequence… bothered or not.

  • I’m not bothered by it at all. Unless, of course, someone is wanting me to get it tattooed on my forehead! 🙂

    • Scott Williams

      LOL! I almost choked laughing!

  • Not bothered by it by any means…but if it was somehow integrated into my daily life (such as in my phone number, ssn, etc.) I may consider having it “deleted” somehow. You never know when one of those days it may creep in, and let a “foothold” form! :o)

    • Scott Williams



    Back in the 80s I worked in a small store that sold a lot of beer.
    There was a popular combination of six pack and pack of cigs that rang up to $6.66 Interesting that whenever that came up people would reach for a banana or something to get a different sales price.

    It may be funnier that Christians would have the same superstition.

    • Scott Williams

      I can picture the guy grabbing a banana, that’s funny!

  • It would be interesting if you got 666 responses to this post!!!

    • Scott Williams

      we are a long ways off, we don’t have to worry about that

  • Okay maybe it’s because I’m a chick but I am totally freaked out by 666. Hate it. I didn’t even like typing it just then…

    My church history started in a more charasmatic atmosphere where things like numbers were important. Scripture is full of numbers and patterns of numbers which our pastor discussed from time to time. So maybe that is where my distress partly comes from.

    Plus, I just find it plain creepy. No thank you.

    • Scott Williams

      Many people think just like you do… no thank you! lol

    • vivian-li

      It’s not because you’re a chick. It’s because you’re a superstitious pansy.

  • Jimmy Hankins

    The boogie man is real. Y’all call him SATAN! BOO! (grin)

    Seriously, this is why there’s more than one episode of Ghost Hunters.

  • Scott Williams

    LOL (grin)

    • Definitely no bothered. Would probably just laugh about it and then forget about it.

  • After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him.
    (John 6:66 ESV)

    Interesting, huh? – Not a Camouflaged Soul

  • April

    Not bothered by it. But worked fast food for years & people would always add something when the total was $6.66 Its just a number to me.

  • It doesn’t bother me. When I was in my 20’s I spent 6 months in New Mexico and Arizona. When I first saw a road sign with 666 I was ecstatic. I drove up and down the road whenever I got a chance looking for Satan. I took a 12 exposure roll of film and sent copies to friends. Satan does not live on route 666 only a few old Indian guys and some barrel cacti. Sadly I have no pictures of that fun road sign left.

  • BOB

    I have 666 in  my social security number, i kinda like it..

    • discostarr

      Mine too

  • discostarr

    its n my social security sent me a letter askin if i wantd ta change it…

  • Jayboneo

    My SSN ends in 666 never thought much about it one day an AT&T customer service lady brought it up and was like he’s following you… U should change that. My 6 digit H.S. I.d. Card ended in 666 as well. I do believe in spirits n shit

  • Jake

    My SSN card ends in 666. Funny story, I brought my original SS card to my new job and they made a copy of it. They left it in the copier on accident. They call me the next day saying they have it. I go into pick it up and they won’t even make eye contact with me. It turns out they’re all very religious, and they think i’m associated with satan xD. I find that hilarious, it’s just a number!!!

  • lucifer

    all ssn that end with 666 are part of a greater picture when the time comes my army will have no choice but to obey


    how many 666 are in a SS cards?…..

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