Step Up 3D Review

The fam. and I went to see Step Up 3D tonight, as it was just released today.  My two boys 7 and 11 years old absolutely love these types of movies.  They enjoy watching “So You Think You Can Dance” and like “America’s Next Best Dance Crew” even better.  Any time they watch these type of shows you can count on our living room turning into their own street dance studio.  Suburban studio that is!

I really didn’t know what to expect with a dance movie in 3D, so I thought I would share my impressions of the movie overall.  Here are my bullet point impressions of Step Up 3D:

  • Family friendly in my opinion and was on the more appropriate end of a PG-13.
  • Predictable but still captured your attention throughout the movie.
  • Love story intertwined with understanding for the passion for dance.
  • 3D experience was well done, smooth, not over the top and effective.
  • Featured several all-stars from “So You Think You Can Dance.”
  • Best Quote – “To travel is better than to arrive.”
  • The closing credit experience definitely is worth staying for.
  • Overall good movie and worth the price of admission. Not amazing, but really good.

We had a good time at the movies and be warned your kids will come out of the movies wanting to do flips and dance moves.  My youngest son was flipping, spinning and jumping on the concrete in the shopping mall parking lot.  Not to mention trying out some of his new moves as soon as we got on the elevator.

My wife would have preferred to not see in 3D, however the rest of us definitely think 3D is the way to go.  My boys said it was better than The Karate Kid, however I believe that is the result of the “What have you done for me lately” syndrome.  Nonetheless, it gets a positive review form the Williams’ Family.

Are you planning on going to see Step Up 3D? If you have seen the movie, or plan on seeing it, please share your thoughts on my review or your personal thoughts on the movie.

  • Jimmy Hankins

    Cool. be on Jesus’ dance crew. Young barely legals, barely dressed, barely appropriate coming out of the screen at you in all their sweaty, youthful, 3D glory. That’s so sick it’d be ill! If they could come up with a pill for this, it’d be the Fountain Of Youth and Fame version of Viagra.

    Anything that offers an alternative route to “happiness, self esteem and love” is off the mark of a jealous God. IMHO, as always.

    Gotta give props to the PTB’s for this one. (grin)

  • have yet to see it but definitely will. doubt i go the 3d route because it bothers my eyes for some reason. thanks for the review.

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