What Did You Learn This Weekend?

Simple Question: What did you learn this weekend? At church, vacationing, from your kids, reading, working, hanging with friends…

I’ll Go First!

I learned that “A little poop goes a long way.”  Be sensitive to the things that you consume and watch your toxic influences.

Now it’s your turn…  What did you learn?

  • I learned that God’s saving ability is part of his creative ability… He can recreate us when we mess it up.

  • Never despise small beginnings. Sometimes things may not appear successful at first glance but don’t give up. Take a step back and analyze with your team. Also, take steps of faith with your finances. Trust the one who owns it all anyway. We are managers not owners.

  • I learned the importance of having good friend in your life to encourage you.

  • I learned that God likes to show up when we go off the beaten path.

  • Erin

    Found people find people.

  • I learned that sometimes biting my tongue when I’d rather go off on someone is a much better practice!

  • I learned about the poop too, good message! I also learned about the power of the spoken word, that our words have the power to give life or death.

  • A little poop goes a long way? I gotta call you on that one. I learned from reading strength finders how important it is to work on your strengths because that is how God wired us, these are the areas we excel in. Surround ourselves with people who have “strengths” in the areas where we are weak to complete the task ahead.

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