Promote Your Blog #BIGP

Over the years I have done several versions of Promote Your blog aka BIG Pimpin’. The concept is simple, you get the opportunity to do some BIG Time Blog or Website Promotion.

Remember, we only promote positive and wholesome stuff, so promote your blog, business, website, music site, book site, friend’s site, pastor’s site… (you get the picture).  This handy dandy linking software will add the links to this post for others to easily check them out.  The bonus is that nice people can connect with nice people while promoting their business, product or site all free of charge.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Fill out your info. in this format-  Let me repeat that, Fill out your info. in this format. Your Name: Scott Williams – BigIsTheNewSmall  Your URL:
  • 2. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us about yourself or what you’re Promoting.
  • 3. Share BIG Promote Your Blog Post w/ others via Twitter & Facebook use hashtag #BIGP  This can represent BIG Pimpin’ or BIG Promotion for the more conservative folks. 🙂

We’ll roll this through the weekend, so be sure to check back and find some new peeps to connect with.  Go ahead, get your pimp on!  I’ll go first! I tried to go first, you guys beat me to it. LOL.

  • Scott, thank you. My blog is called “Untitled.” It’s where I type what’s on my heart. Most of it is stuff that happens in my life and how I see God speaking and moving through it.

  • Hi Scott:

    Great work Scott…It’s a reminder to me about the power of making deposits into others by sharing and spreading influence. I did a promote your blog day a few months ago and had great response – I need to do it again in the near future. Thanks again for the reminder Scott…

  • I’m in the middle of starting a non-profit (Hungry for a Day) that seeks to fight the problem of hunger. More details to come! Check the site at or follow us on twitter at @hungryforaday
    Thanks Scott!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to promote my blog! I try to make it a positive, uplifting place for Christian women (and men!) to come together and share ideas and make friends. I hope you’ll stopy by for a visit!

  • Scott, thanks for leveraging your site & your influence to give others a platform to share as well. On my blog I pretty much just share things I’m learning about life, ministry, & leadership. Thanks again bro.


  • My blog is entitled Not a Camouflaged Soul – ministry, technology, randomness, and life lived unashamedly devoted to Christ.

  • Thanks Scott. My blog is just my thoughts on a variety of topics from leadership to book reviews to what I have been thinking about lately. #BIGP

  • A blog on finding purpose, defining your life, love, & business..

  • Hello and Happy Friday!

    Thanks for and foremost for allowing people to share what they do on the web, very nice of you. 🙂

    In a nutshell: a Midwest country boy with a love for instrumental music mostly from the genres of Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic music, digs photography ( My podcast is on iTunes (just copy and paste the rss feed ” ” into iTunes’s ‘subscribe to podcast’) I enjoy promoting new artists in these fields. I’m on twitter, facebook, I love God’s word and write about how His words effect my life.

    I’m a lover of technology, a gadget guru. Trying to cut back on TV but I do dig The Travel Channel/USA Network/The Discovery Channel.

    My main focus is to bring quality music to the masses whether from the past and from new artists and to share my love for places I visited through my lens.

  • My blog is simply me telling the story of leaving the desert and entering into the Garden with my Beloved (<-that would be 'God').

    And Scott, you're the coolest dude on the internet!!


  • Thanks for this opportunity, Scott. I write fiction and I’ve written several books, though I’ve only been able to publish one of them so far. My blogs are about my writing. Find me; I’d love to talk about it all.

  • Thanks Scott! We really appreciate all you do and offer, God bless you man! My blog is called Life.Christ.Music! I leave encouragement, videos and music reviews in the Christian arena

  • Thanks Scott. PassionWind is an ad-free site comprised of free, family-friendly games and interesting stuff people send me. It also has PowerPoint templates and song lyrics we use in our Youth Service.

    The site started as a learning exercise and continues to grow. It is all database driven. My next step is to create user interaction as I learn how to do that.

    Keep you the great work on your blog.

  • Blessings on your weekend!

    My blog is part book reviews, part updates on what’s going on, and mostly sharing what God is doing in my life, with hope and prayer that my challenges, successes, and experiences will benefit others.

  • My blog is titled “Defining the Undefined” aka Defining your life, rather than life defining you.

    It’s a blog on purpose, love, entrepreneurialism, links, creativity, sports, music, & passion..

  • Thanks Scott. Reading my blog is better than smoking crack, riding wild mustangs through the mountains or snorkeling around an oil spill. Posts topics include leadership, family, faith, social media, creativity and culture.

  • Tried to leave my comment before but it didn’t go through!

    My blog is entitled Not a Camouflaged Soul. Living life unashamed of Christ.

    (Btw, Scott, gotcha on my blogroll)

  • is a blog about the grace of God. We are all abnormal in comparison to the perfect creation God made. Sin makes us abnormal, Jesus makes us normal-the way God intended. Thank you for letting me share a little about my blog.

  • Thanks, Scott. My blog is a collection of my newspaper columns, “The View From The Pew,” sermon audio and other assorted rants and random thoughts.

  • I’m the Kids Ministry Director at People’s Church in Oklahoma City. My life is about following God and loving my family. I enjoy creating, learning, and helping others.

  • Thank, Scott. I use my blog to share on communications and technology in and for churches.

  • Hello Scott ! My blog is about every news that I like the world to know about in a different way. Social Media, Breaking News and all about the gadgets and tech stuff. I want people to see things differently through my blog ! Thanks !

  • I’m Nicole Cottrell, The MODERN REJECT. I am one righteous (or at-least trying to be righteous) babe writing about Culture, Dying Daily, and the Unpopular(the stuff we Christians shy away from).

    People describe Modern Reject as controversial, provocative, fresh, edgy, and thought-provoking. I couldn’t have described it better myself.

    Thanks Scott for the opportunity to pimp myself! (I guess I fall into the not too conservative category)

  • I run a non-profit called Dad the Family Shepherd and have written a book called “Dad Cents”. The book is to help dads and moms teach their children biblical principles of money. I also write a blog on the called Making Cents with Money.

  • Thanks for letting me link to Mission Lawrence in Lawrenceburg TN.

  • Thanks for the great opportunity! My site is about Faith, Family, Fitness and Leadership.

  • Jay is, simply put, People in Communities Helping Each Other. We’ve created an easy framework for churches and other organizations to improve the process of connecting their people by creating an ecosystem for Needs and Abilities. You’re no longer have to be a Project Manager–you can focus on creating the culture and let people manage their own activity.

    When leaders get out of the way and provide an easy way to get connected, incredible and inspirational things happen.

    Come join the story!

  • I just started following you on twitter; it’s good to connect with you. My blog is primarily to promote the discipleship-type devotional book I’ve been writing. My vision is to help others grow spiritually. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Thanks for the opportunity. The site I’m promoting is my book website. I write poetry and fiction, with a gritty, yet realistically optimistic feel. Basically, life isn’t all about pretty flowers; but there’s beauty in even the ugliest events. I try to capture and expose this hideous beauty.

    *Side note: I follow you on twitter (@ajh_writes).

  • Cool idea! Thanks for including my blog and for sharing your home with all of us!

  • Thanks Scott for the opportunity!

    My blog is called Mom With A Minivan :

    Faith is central to who we are as a family. I am reminded everyday as I parent my children that I am such a work in progress and I’m grateful that God still uses me, regardless of my imperfections. I love the church and the movement within it and culture, to fight for the Family. I bleed Orange. Some will know what that means. If you don’t, just ask.

  • Thanks for doing this Scott! I am a seasoned ministry leader (thats slang really for mid life) who has seen the ups and downs of ministry leading to kids and families. I believe you never stop changing,invading culture– not backing away from to present the Word which never changes! Leaning in to change and embracing is SO important! Leveraging leadership to think a new way as Children’s/Families leaders are in the trenches of life in ministry.

  • is where I share encouragement and help for Children’s Ministry. Children’s Ministry leaders can find practical help and ideas for Children’s Worship, Leadership, Orange Strategy principles, and Family Ministry thoughts.

  • Thanks Scott, I’m new to the world of blogging and I really appreciate this opportunity to share how I am leveraging life better now than before.

  • This is awesome Scott! Great way to discover new blogs and make new connections. Keep up the good work.

  • Musings of a Captivating Woman doesn’t promote anything, but I talk about personal things, life, and Christianity. I’ve just joined so I’ll be reading books and posting reviews of them on the blog. I don’t post daily, but I’d love you to follow.

  • Thanks Scott for helping us all Dream Big & Think Bigger!

  • I’ve had the privilege of working with Scott on a couple projects lately, including some Church Marketing Sucks blogging and the book project that’s hopefully coming out soon.

    My life is a little insane lately because we just adopted an 11-year-old, but that fits nicely because I’d like to promote another one of my book projects, Addition by Adoption: Kids, Causes & 140 Characters. It’s a collection of Twitter posts about kids, causes and life, following the adoption of our son. It also raises money for a well in Ethiopia through charity: water, so check it out.

    Thanks Scott!

  • Thanks Scott! My blog is “Oxidizable” and it covers everything related to web design, graphic design, blogging and photography.

  • Thanks Scott! My blog is about bring photography to scripture – and maybe having people look more at scripture because they want to see the pretty pictures 😀

  • A fantastic idea! Well done Scott. My blog is about my random thoughts. It is a plethora of real life, social media, resources, etc. Thanks for providing the opportunity to advertise.

  • Found the link here when @SeanSabourin tweeted about it. Neat concept. The infocarnivore blog focuses on information security. Working on a new project that will launch in the fall as well… thebloggingdream dot com

  • Thanks a bunch scott this is a great idea. Started following your tweets on twitter and retweeted this post for you 🙂

  • A little late to the party tonight…

    My blog is about influencing and developing others to make a difference in their world….

    thanks for ALL you do Scott

    • Appreciate the generous opportunity. My website includes my blog where I yammer about writing, teaching and mothering. It also provides information about my novels, Walking on Broken Glass (published 2/10) and Edge of Grace (10/11).

  • Thanks for this opportunity! Urban Arts is a fairly new organization who work with at-risk kids in the city of Detroit. I started it because I have a passion for youth, God and the arts. Now, we are just praying for people to seed into it through volunteering, supporting and praying!

  • I’m a junior in high school with a heart to share Christ with my peers. I launched the Jesus Loves Project to make the name of Jesus famous, one life at a time. We exist so that generations and cultures far from God may be filled with life in Christ. and We love building partnerships with like minded individuals, musicians, and other non-profits, so contact us and let’s work together! 🙂

  • It’s very nice of you to do this Scott!

    My site is about my concept called the Loop of Confidence. I served for 12 years in the Marine Corps on active duty to include a tour in Iraq…and I also started three businesses which have all failed so my confidence and faith have been repeatedly tested; however, I will never quit and I want to teach people they can also have that kind of confidence and faith.

  • Scott, thanks for this opportunity to link up with inspired bloggers spreading the word!

    GoingByFaith is about keeping the faith in everyday life… slice of life topics through a faith-based lens.

  • Thanks for the opportunity! My website is only a blog, but it has a great community that visit there daily. 🙂

  • Thanks Scott!
    I’m promoting my blog. I blog about almost anything – life; what I’m learning; blogging and WordPress tools; and anything that fits the categories of “Christ, Church, Change, Community, and Children.”

  • Love staying connected!

  • My blog is simply thoughts on life, leadership, and randomness in the life of a church planting pastor.

  • Thanks for this opportunity! My blog is “The Legacy of Home” and I write for homeschooling mothers and encourage them to have a godly, peaceful family life.

  • Hey Scott! Thanks. We’ve done things like this periodically on our Christian Web Trends blog too. It’s a good way for your blog readers to get to know one another a little better.

    I hope you don’t mind I put up 2 links…

    OurChurch.Com – we provide help Christian churches, schools, ministries and businesses communicate more effectively by helping them with web design, hosting, search marketing (SEO) and advertising.

    And the my personal blog,, which is all about helping people make the most out of life.

    Thanks for all you do, man!

  • I’m a young entrepreneur, designer and blogger. AntwonDavisDotCom™ is my CRUSH IT zone where I showcase past and present projects, ideas and random thoughts.

    I’m a graduating senior at Georgia State University and I’m closing in on a BBA in Marketing. Ask me what I’m gonna do with that, and I’ll tell you, “Change the world!”

    How’s that for a job interview or resume! lol.

    I’m very passionate about life and I’m a big proponent of the idea of *doing what you love*.

  • Thanks for the time. My blog is thoughts on what it looks like to live like Jesus 24/7. Trying to apply the bible to everyday life.

  • Love it! BITNS is a great blog.
    My link is to my “Carrie Burgan Massage” website. Massage is my occupation–giving and teaching. I have a fully-featured site with links to articles, resources, and study tips for massage students. I try to keep both knowledge and myself accessible for students and clients. I also have a page of personal development resources (links, non-affiliate) for consumers, not just students. 🙂

  • good idea Scott, blessings to you. My blog is my attempt to draw closer to Jesus. We touch on all kinds of subjects:-) hope you and others check it out. receive a blessing and give a blessing!

  • My Blog has two parts–1) photography, interior design, cooking, and crafty solutions to everyday problems 2) short devotionals that help my readers develop their spiritual life through down-to-earth examples that relate to them (via me) on a personal level

  • Thanks for the opportunity, Scott.

  • I actually was just incredibly excited about a book that I just finished, and wanted to share it. It is a book titled, “Principled Centered Living” by Rev. Dr. Sheldon E. Williams, which helps people overcome bad habits and obstacles. It even uses daily reminders to create better habits and stay on track.

  • Scott,

    Great idea! Really opens up the world around us to see others who are thinking and writing. So often I get tangled up in my own stuff and the bloggers that I already know that I don’t take time to find new ones! I’ll be perusing these over the next few!

    Big Pimpin’!



  • Great idea!

    I’m #83 on the list. I’m a pastor who writes a little about leadership and life (including our recent international adoption experiences). Hope it adds value! (But it does need an overhaul!) 🙂

  • My basic perspective is that there is a unifying mystical perspective that connects all spiritual viewpoints. In that pursuit, all of life’s activities (should) be able to be connected into a single spiritual pursuit. I explore many of these activities, with a lot of focus on running, and now triathlons as a spiritual practice.

  • life in the in between from a worship pastor- personal, encouraging, leadership stuff, it’s just me.


  • A little late to this incredible #BIGP partay but yo, I’m here. Always trying to grow, learn and share what I come clear on Life + Love + Music.

  • John Carroll – ReThink Normal

    Leadership & Organizational consultant. Director of City Leadership. Former Politcal Consultant, Realtor, pastor for 5 years.

  • Thanks, and great idea! Thin Difference is about choices, leadership, and faith. The last two help the first in many, many ways. The blog considers the choices made and their inflection points and lessons learned.

  • Scott,
    When it comes to Kingdom use of social media, you are THE connector to the current of the power of Christ.

    Appreciate Your Friendship,
    Jim Botts

  • I agree with Jim. My blog is about helping people overcome insecurities and live in freedom.

    Thanks! That link thing is pretty cool!

  • Thanks, Scott – this is a great idea! My blog is BrownHouse Photography “capturing beauty in ordinary & extraordinary moments”. Check it out!

  • Thanks for the opportunity. I write about life from the perspective of being a coach’s wife for 26 years and a sports mom for 16.

  • Hello!
    My small little blog is mostly about family life with thoughts about being a dad and serving others. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Ours is a grassroots music review blog.

  • Thanks for this opportunity Scott!!

    My name is Josh, I’m the pastor of a California mountain church called The Outpost, and my blog is about all the quirky, fun and life-changing ways the grace of God intersects with our everyday lives.

  • Thanks for this opportunity! I write about what’s going on in my life with a strong focus on Third Culture Kids—especially missionary kids. Thanks again for doing this!

  • Thanks to the blog is really nice

  • Thank you very much Scott.

    This is really cool.

  • Hi SCOTT!!! thank you so much. I have a beauty blog that discusses makeup, makeup reviews, beauty and fashion. Please stop by anytime and leave a comment.

  • I am a young pastor and my blog is information that I share with other pastors. I share information on Leadership, being a pastor, a follower of Jesus Christ and much more.

  • Humans have 60,000 thoughts per day. Theres so many fantastic ideas in these thoughts and most of them never get shared. That’s why I write.

    I’ll be sharing my thoughts, I want to hear your thoughts and maybe we’ll come up with some great ideas in the process.

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