Creating A Culture Of Simplicity

I learned very early on as a leader the importance of simplicity.  When I was a Warden in the Prison system, I would periodically have meetings with my key staff to discuss what could be done to simplify their job.  Many times the answers to the simplicity question would be things such as: minimizing paperwork, reducing bureaucratic log jams, freedom (not inmate freedom, but freedom from their immediate supervisor), streamlining of central office vs. prison facility processes etc.

I’ve always valued simplicity and have embraced the gravity of creating a culture of simplicity; both at home and at work.  A culture of simplicity can include but is not limited to:

  • Stop trying so hard and making everything a “Big Deal.”
  • Avoiding knee jerk reactions.
  • Embracing the “5 Minute 5 Phone Calls” concept.
  • Outline clear expectations and expect things do be executed. (Follow-up, Don’t follow around. See Next Bullet point)
  • Allowing your team to have some space, allowing your team to do their job. (Avoid Micromanagement)
  • Reducing the amount of paperwork, steps, hoops, processes…
  • Realize that “Meetings Don’t Make You Better.”
  • Creating a culture of healthy conflict and the minimization of drama.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)…  Stop trying so hard and embrace “Simplicity.”

Simple People+Simple Culture+Great Leadership=Colossal Results!  BigIsTheNewSmall

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions on the importance of Simplicity or the lack of.  What are you doing or what have you seen done to create a culture of Simplicity?

  • I’ve always liked the ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ idea. Nevertheless, I think meetings can make us better if we embrace the good in them.

    • Scott Williams

      I think the action is what makes you better, often times think that an osmosis approach of meetings makes people inevitably better.

      don’t get me wrong, you can gain some excellent morsels of goodness to go carry out from a meeting. Ultimately it’s the application that makes us better.

  • Definitely believe in keeping it simple. I think keeping it simple allows for more productivity out of our team. The vision is better captured without all the clutter. Go Win!

  • Scott Williams

    Amen & Amen…

  • Great thoughts. I have learned the more simplicity an organization is, the more creative, innovative and effective they are.

  • Stop Trying So Hard – I needed that kick in the pants. Thanks!

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