You Are Not Seth Godin!

You Are Not Seth Godin! Some of you are probably reading this post and thinking, “Duh, state the obvious!”  Seriously, You Are Not Seth Godin and neither am I.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely consider myself to be a student of the Seth Godin School of Thought.  As a matter of fact, this little ol’ blog is an Arkansas Kissin’ Cousin of Seth’s book Small Is The New Big.

I think one of the key leadership/life/marketing lessons that we can learn from Seth Godin, is simply this, “You Are Not Seth Godin.” Instead of learning from Seth Godin or learning from [fill-in the blank], people try to be a copy-cat of that person.   Just because Seth Godin has recently Given Up On Traditional Book Publishing, doesn’t mean every other author should.  Instead authors should learn from Seth’s decision and apply those learning’s to their situation.

What makes Seth Godin remarkable is the fact that he’s Seth Godin.  He’s a bald-headed, almost action-figure-looking, brilliant, thought leader and marketer that challenges us to dream BIG. think BIGGER. Seth takes the most simple concepts and makes them profound. He states in 300 words what most people can’t state in 300 pages. He doesn’t Twitter or Facebook in the same fashion that most people do; however in his book Tribes he defines leveraging Social Media as we know it.

What makes Seth Godin remarkable is that he learns from everything and he applies those learning’s through the Seth Godin filter.  He doesn’t learn from so and so and try to become so and so.  Seth learns from so and so and through his God-Given Seth Filter, he makes concepts remarkable.  Who else can make a statement like “Very Good Is Bad” and make it make sense. You might ask, How can very good be bad?   According to Seth in one of the old TED talks, “The trouble with very good is that it’s not remarkable enough and people don’t talk about it. They tune it out.”

You Are Not Seth Godin!  That’s the point…

Focus on becoming the best “You,” because “You Are Remarkable!”

  • josh

    Great post. Always a big fan of being yourself and learning from others.

  • Mason Stanley

    So what you’re say’n is that Seth Godin is the white, bald, not as cool, but still awesome in is own right Bruce Lee?

  • Great post Scott,

    Good reminder to always do your best work and let your redeeming qualities shine through!

    Sarah Wallace

  • and all this time, i thought i was the black seth godin. lol… i love the post sir. i think we all need to be reminded of this at times because it is easy to try to copy someone than to be the unique us. if you’re looking to be the best start with being YOU, and perfect it. go win!

  • me like!

  • Jimmy Hankins

    Traditional Book Publishing is very quickly going to be in the same position that Traditional Record Selling got into not that many decades ago. For decades, if you wanted to listen to music any other way than on a radio, you listened to a record.

    As they become less expensive, lighter, and better, what we don’t read on our PC’s, Laptops, Netbooks and Smartphones, we’ll read on our ebook readers. And just as music evolves to mostly being listened to on our smartphones(even FM Radio is trying to mandate it’s inclusion on them to keep from dying) so reading will continue to evolve to mostly being done electronically. Us few old geezer hold outs will point to our CD players and hardback books and rant at the younger generation for not having to slog through 10 miles of snow every day for their downloads.

    Besides, who wants to be Seth Godin? I wanna be famous like Scott Williams! (grin)

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  • Excellent point. I love Seth Godin and he and his books have inspired me to think differently but it has to be me thinking differently, doesn’t it?

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